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skills and were
In an article he submitted for the medical journal The Lancet during World War I, Fleming described an ingenious experiment, which he was able to conduct as a result of his own glass blowing skills, in which he explained why antiseptics were killing more soldiers than infection itself during World War I. Antiseptics worked well on the surface, but deep wounds tended to shelter anaerobic bacteria from the antiseptic agent, and antiseptics seemed to remove beneficial agents produced that protected the patients in these cases at least as well as they removed bacteria, and did nothing to remove the bacteria that were out of reach.
Skills, using a d100, rather than the D & D d20, were used to simulate the way that people learn skills.
Community colleges carry on the tradition of adult education, which was established in Australia around mid 19th century when evening classes were held to help adults enhance their numeracy and literacy skills.
However, Thebes produced Pelopidas, her first great cavalry commander, whose tactics and skills were absorbed by Phillip II of Macedon when Phillip was a guest-hostage in Thebes.
They were valued for their skills in hunting, herding, butchering, and making of leather, common skill sets among nomads.
* In the first episode of the second series of James May's Man Lab, James May and Oz Clarke were demonstrating map-reading skills by pretending to escape from Dartmoor prison and cross Dartmoor to their escape car ( although they had to start their escape from outside the prison grounds as they were not allowed permission inside the prison ).
The word dragoon originally meant mounted infantry, who were trained in horse riding as well as infantry fighting skills.
Some of the workers were highly skilled-the lightermen had their own livery company or guild, while the deal porters ( workers who carried timber ) were famous for their acrobatic skills.
In order to meet this new job demand, high schools were created and the curriculum focused on practical job skills that would better prepare students for white collar or skilled blue collar work.
In Japan, Samurai and Zen monks were often required to build decorative gardens or practice related skills like flower arrangement known as ikebana.
In 1860, Cantor graduated with distinction from the Realschule in Darmstadt ; his exceptional skills in mathematics, trigonometry in particular, were noted.
Ogilvie ( 2008 ) argues that their long apprenticeships were unnecessary to acquire skills, and their conservatism reduced the rate of innovation and made the society poorer.
By the time the Marxes made their first movie, they were major stars with sharply honed skills, and when Groucho was relaunched to stardom on You Bet Your Life, he had already been performing successfully for half a century.
Gardner himself admitted that the rituals of the existing group were fragmentary at best, and he set about reconstructing them as a basis of his tradition, drawing on his skills as an occultist and amateur folklorist.
In the northern-most part of ancient Greece, in the ancient kingdom of Macedonia, technological and organizational skills were forged with a long history of cavalry warfare.
The most skilled craftsmen were especially hard hit, because there were few alternative uses for their specialised skills.
Apart from learning these, the student of Āyurveda was expected to know ten arts that were indispensable in the preparation and application of his medicines: distillation, operative skills, cooking, horticulture, metallurgy, sugar manufacture, pharmacy, analysis and separation of minerals, compounding of metals, and preparation of alkalis.
In 2011 evidence was uncovered in neighbouring East Timor, showing that 42, 000 years ago these early settlers had high-level maritime skills, and by implication the technology needed to make ocean crossings to reach Australia and other islands, as they were catching and consuming large numbers of big deep sea fish such as tuna.
A Barter Potluck was held at GIAC on November 12, 1991, the first of many monthly gatherings where food and skills were exchanged, acquaintances made, and friendships renewed.
Vocational centres were established to help equip children with necessary life skills which make decent incomes in the future viable.
As a Chief Qadi, his skills were highly desirable in the formerly Buddhist nation that had recently converted to Islam.

skills and highly
He was known to have good organisational skills and for selecting highly competent subordinates, such as Reinhard Heydrich in 1931.
To achieve these types of results, highly skilled members are more effective than teams built around those with lesser skills, and teams that include a diversity of skills have improved team performance ( Guzzo & Shea, 1992 ).
German social scientists Gunnar Heinsohn and Otto Steiger theorize that midwifery became a target of persecution and repression by public authorities because midwives not only possessed highly specialized knowledge and skills regarding assisting birth, but also regarding contraception and abortion.
Strong sense of order and values, struggle against limits, steady growth, highly practical, scientific mind, attention to detail, foundation for achievement, a genius for organization, fine management skills.
His highly developed computer skills enable him to use any public telephone to punch in a new identity, thus reinventing himself, within hours.
However, the mastery of such skills are highly exaggerated in wuxia tales to superhuman levels of achievement and prowess.
In inland Australia, the skills of Aboriginal stockmen became highly regarded and in the 20th century, Aboriginal stockmen like Vincent Lingiari became national figures in their campagins for better pay and conditions.
Jeremiah Black had taken him in as a junior partner a year before, and assigned the case to him in light of his highly reputed oratory skills.
Some superheroes, such as Batman, Green Arrow, Hawkeye and the Question possess no superhuman powers but have mastered skills such as martial arts and forensic sciences to a highly remarkable degree.
The film was highly acclaimed with critics, such as Jay Cocks in Time, Andrew Sarris in the Village Voice, and Archer Winsten in the New York Post all praising the film, as well as Eastwood's directorial skills and performance.
Individuals with more successful experiences are naturally regarded more highly than the inexperienced, and those with rare talents are valued more highly than those with common skills.
In the 1960s, the competitions manager of BMC, Stuart Turner, hired a series of brave and gifted young Finns, skills honed on their country's highly competitive gravel or snow rallies, and the modern professional driver was born.
Muybridge had left San Francisco in 1860 as a merchant, but returned in 1867 as a professional photographer, with highly proficient technical skills and an artist's eye.
Delilah is a master waffle-maker, and Bea capitalizes on Delilah's skills to open first a single " B. Pullman " waffle restaurant, from which she eventually builds a nation-wide and then international chain of highly successful restaurants.
His managerial skills together with wise investment made Jastrzębie-Zdrój a highly appreciated and fashionable health resort inside the German Empire and the interbellum Poland.
His manual skill was highly regarded, but his mathematical skills were not made use of.
Tenages was the most highly endowed of the Heliadae, and was eventually killed by Macareus, Candalus, Triopas and Actis who were jealous of his skills at science.
The internationality together with the gained scientific skills completes the profile of a highly educated graduate of Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
Taylor is highly regarded for his songwriting skills.
In the Zoutpansberg region in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Lemba were so highly esteemed for their mining and metalwork skills that surrounding tribes regarded them as an almost alien ( but very welcome ) community.
The young diplomat's essay in international statecraft proved personally successful, bringing him into contact with William, Prince of Orange, who was highly impressed by the shrewdness and courtesy of Churchill's negotiating skills.

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