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skinny and little
Toyotomi Hideyoshi had been given the nickname Kozaru, meaning " little monkey ", from his lord Oda Nobunaga because his facial features and skinny form resembled that of a monkey.
He meets a skinny little guy called Pretzie ( Arnold Stang ).
* Colin often refers to Frank as a " stupid little skinny man ".
The blood would drain from the face of Pelaco shirt-wearing executives in television, advertising and business until they realised that instead of televisual suicide, this skinny little wiseguy was commercial gold.

skinny and figure
Chespirito noticed the tall, skinny figure of Aguirre ( therefore, the last name " Jirafales ", derived from " jirafa ", giraffe in Spanish ) and asked him to play Professor Jirafales, to which Aguirre agreed.
A small, skinny player at 5 ft 10 in ( 1. 78 m ) and 160 pounds ( 73 kg ), the Cuban-born Campaneris was a key figure on the A's of the 1960s and 1970s.
The album features one of the most shockingly unusual Prince songs: " Bob George ", in which he assumes the identity of a profane, gun-wielding alter ego who murders a woman and dismisses the figure of Prince as " that skinny motherfucker with the high voice " ( later used as the title of an album of lo-fi Prince covers by Dump ).
Kurniawan is known by his nickname kurus ( literally means " skinny " or " slim ") because he cuts a slender figure.

skinny and was
Charles, also fifteen, was tall and skinny, scraggly, with straight black hair like an Indian's and sharp brown eyes.
The covers slid down his skinny neck so I saw his head, fuzzed like a dandelion gone to seed, but his face was turned to the wall -- there was the pale shadow of his nose on the plaster -- and I thought, Well you don't look much like a pig-drunk bully now.
At one point in the game when the skinny old man in suspenders who was acting as umpire got in the way of a thrown ball and took it painfully in the kidneys, he lay there unattended while players and spectators wrangled over whether the ball was `` dead '' or the base runners were free to score.
She was pale and skinny ; ;
He held his long clenched foot in both hands, and this and his contorted face -- he was trying heroically not to cry out -- made him look like a large skinny old monkey.
In 2011, for New York Fashion Week, Diet Pepsi introduced a " skinny " can that is taller and has been described as a " sassier " version of the traditional can that Pepsi says was made in " celebration of beautiful, confident women ".
It is also noted for its long, skinny ballroom, a " hyphen " Tyler had added to the house to accommodate the style of dancing popular then-what is today called " line dancing " but was then the " Virginia reel.
* Bill " Sticks " Downey ( Jack Baker )-African American friend of Richie, Potsie and Ralph and drummer for their band, hence his nickname " Sticks ", though he claimed he got the nickname because he was skinny.
In his first year at the helm, he was credited with putting the glamour back into fashion introducing Halston-style velvet hipsters, skinny satin shirts and car-finish metallic patent boots.
Lawrence had been written as a ' skinny ignorant redneck ', however, Kubrick believed the role would have more impact if the character was big and clumsy.
Steven Spielberg was also impressed by his performance, but thought he was too skinny and discounted him from casting considerations for Saving Private Ryan until he met Damon during the filming of Good Will Hunting when he was back at his normal weight.
You're never skinny or perfect enough, and it was difficult mentally making the transition to acting.
The result was a very tall and skinny rocket, quite different from the Saturn that eventually emerged.
He got the DJ nickname from his older sister, because he was so skinny.
Instantly recognisable as the " tall skinny guy with glasses ," Martin was one of the most valuable members of the D-Gen as a writer and performer on The Late Show ( 1992 – 1993 ).
At the age of 13, Meazza admired AC Milan, but was rejected by them for being too skinny.
Iyall was originally hesitant to perform because she was overweight: " After seeing Patti Smith, I still had it in my mind that you had to be skinny to be up there stage, but after going to the Mabuhay [...] you just do whatever you want, be whoever you want, just make it happen.
As a kid I was very small and thin, almost skinny ( Hebrew: דק, dak ; daq ).

skinny and when
He goes to invite everyone, but he is sidetracked when he meets a boy named Romeo — nicknamed Lampwick because he is so tall and skinny.
It occurs when someone wears skinny jeans too long.
It was one of the first theatrical movies to show male genitals, when Gerald Crich ( Oliver Reed ) and Rupert Birkin ( Alan Bates ) wrestle in the nude in front of a roaring fireplace, in addition to several early skinny dipping shots and an explicit sequence of Birkin running naked in the forest after being hit on the head by his spurned former mistress, Hermione Roddice ( Eleanor Bron ).
The voluminous, layered Victorian petticoats were fashionable in the eras when " full-bodied " was associated with health, wealth, and belonging to a higher class in the social structure, while " skinny " was associated with sickness, poverty, and belonging to a lower class.
She appears in Wintersmith as a tired, skinny woman wearing a bedsheet and smoking a cigarette that sparks like a volcano ( she began smoking when the Storm God kept raining on her lava ).
Robot Pasha, the green coloured military Robo was a skinny fool who, when the other Robos were hiding from the Wrigglers would jump up and shout " Attack!
British actress Keira Knightley raised some controversy, when she arrived for the European premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ( on July 3, 2006 ) wearing a figure-hugging Gucci dress which was revealing her skinny body and when she commented the fact that her breast was enlarged on film posters: " I don't have any tits, so I can't show cleavage.
Television reporter Kylie steps into The Koala Bay Bares and is reminded of her brutish past experience with nakedness-being blatantly taunted when caught skinny dipping in a creek.
A kind of Laurel and Hardy pairing, Bruno is short, chubby, and very anal about all kinds of laws and regulations, while getting Werner and Andi locked up for any of their various misdemeanors ( such as speeding, drunk driving, and illegal vehicle modifications ) is his eternal dream, whereas Helmut is tall, skinny, and asinine, usually helpless when he is not ordered around by Bruno.
With schooling in mechanical / aeronautical engineering, he rode a modified skinny tire ten speed bicycle up and down Mt Tamalpais, valuing nimbleness and gear selection ( aided by toeclips — when platform pedals were the norm ) over the ungainly 1930s ballooners then in vogue.

skinny and began
Cavy fanciers then began acquiring hairless breeds, and the pet hairless varieties are referred to as " skinny pigs ".
Many of these bands, such as The Cars, The Runaways and The Go-Go's can be seen as pop bands marketed as New Wave ; other existing acts, while " skinny tie " bands exemplified by The Knack, or the photogenic Blondie, began as punk acts and moved into more commercial territory.
In the late 1970s, Disco acts helped bring flashy urban styles to the mainstream, while Punk groups began wearing mock-conservative attire, ( including suit jackets and skinny ties ), in an attempt to be as unlike mainstream rock musicians, who still favored blue jeans and hippie-influenced clothes.

skinny and at
They are skinny down near the ground and widen at the top.
In general, planes with higher aspect ratios — long, skinny wings — will have less induced drag, which dominates at low airspeeds.
In his 1991 autobiography Wouldn't It Be Nice, Wilson gives his first impressions of Parks being " a skinny kid with a unique perspective ", and that he " had a fondness for amphetamines " at the time.
The differences between them is that Oscar is tall and skinny and Felix is short and overweight, and Felix is also richer and more successful than Oscar at everything yet that does not affect their friendship.
Gradable opposites lie at opposite ends of a continuous spectrum of meanings ; examples are hot and cold, slow and fast, and fat and skinny.
[...] an old hag of fifty years, lonely and outstretched, bleating at the moon, poised on her skinny shins [...] smashing the skin of her bones to a point ( transl.
Several changes were made to the system, but the basic design remained the same: a long and skinny rocket stabilized with fins at the extreme rear.
* A very skinny pencil ( similar to those provided at banks )
As the Atlas and Titan were both built at 120 " diameters it would make sense to build Titan C at this diameter as well, but this would result in an unwieldy tall and skinny rocket with dubious strength and stability.
Through the early 1940s, Funès continued playing piano at clubs, thinking there wasn't much call for a short, balding, skinny actor.
Recalling Alkan at his mid-sixties with " skinny, hooked fingers " in an empty room with an Erard pedalier playing Bach, Vincent d ' Indy said, " I listened, rooted to the spot by the expressive, crystal clear playing.
Pass protection is critical to success because at least two of the five receivers will run a deep in, skinny post, comeback, speed out, or shallow cross.
Roland Goubert, nicknamed The Goober, is a tall and skinny freshman, good at running.
The RD had twin exhausts and the Indian models had only 150 mm drum brakes at both ends. Coupled with the skinny tires the RD had scary high-speed handling and braking control characteristics.
A 2006 Roper poll showed that 25 % of all American adults had been skinny dipping at least once, and that 74 % believed nude swimming should be tolerated at accepted locations.
Tim Minogue, who was one of her first co-editors before becoming a journalist at Private Eye magazine, recalled a “ likeable, skinny, hollow-eyed girl who was very ambitious ”.
McManaman made history by becoming the first player without first team experience to play for the England Under-21 team, being handed a debut call-up by Lawrie McMenemy against Wales at Tranmere in October 1990, two months before he debuted for the Liverpool first-team, famously quoting in the process that he had seen " more fat on a chip " in reference to McManaman's skinny physique.
On 19 June 2011, almost four hundred people attempted to break the world record for the largest number of people skinny dipping at one time in the sea at Rhossili.

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