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successor and Jackie
The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion logo was made with " Slats " ( 1924 – 1927 ), and his lookalike successor " Jackie ".
According to court testimony, Bill Presser and the Cleveland mob agreed to nominate Jackie as Bill Presser's successor.
In 2006, former World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart stepped down from his role as the club's president and his successor, Damon Hill, was elected by the board on 28 April.
Jackie Chan played Lung, a successor to Chen Zhen.

successor and Maxwell
The present-day successor to the Maxwell company is Chrysler Group.
Tom Maxwell was voted in as his successor, and he would remain at the helm for the next ten years.
Both General Ridgway, who retired as Army chief of staff in June 1955, and his successor, General Maxwell D. Taylor, believed that the Army was receiving too small a share of the military budget.
Given the apparent impracticality of massive retaliation strategy, Army Chiefs of Staff Matthew Ridgeway and his successor Maxwell Taylor argued within JCS that deterrence, instead of the " worst case " scenario of a full-scale nuclear war, should be the focus.
In Animal Man # 13 ( July 1989 ), also written by Grant Morrison, Maxwell decides to retire and performs a ceremony to find a successor.

successor and has
His successor, Secretary Goldberg, also has been guessing wrong on a drop in the unemployment rate which has been holding just under 7 per cent for the last 11 months.
Ambassador Stevenson yesterday described the U.N.'s problem of electing a temporary successor to the late Dag Hammarskjold as `` the gravest crisis the institution has faced ''.
Mr. Sulzberger's successor as publisher is Mr. Orvil E. Dryfoos, who is president of the New York Times Co., and who has been with the Times since 1942.
Revenue Ruling 54-17 provides that if the corporation against which a tax was assessed has since been liquidated by merger with a successor corporation, a claim for refund should be filed by the successor in the name and on behalf of the corporation which paid the tax, followed by the name of the successor corporation.
His successor President Barack Obama has expressed his desire to recognize the Armenian Genocide during the electoral campaigns, but after being elected, has not used the word genocide in his first annual April 24 speech in 2009.
" Ever since the time of my ancestor Ali, the first Imam, that is to say over a period of thirteen hundred years, it has always been the tradition of our family that each Imam chooses his successor at his absolute and unfettered discretion from amongst any of his descendants, whether they be sons or remote male issue and in these circumstances and in view of the fundamentally altered conditions in the world in very recent years due to the great changes which have taken place including the discoveries of atomic science, I am convinced that it is in the best interest of the Shia Muslim Ismailia Community that I should be succeeded by a young man who has been brought up and developed during recent years and in the midst of the new age and who brings a new outlook on life to his office as Imam.
As of 2010-01-10, the successor organization to the New Alchemists has a web page up as the " New Alchemy Institute ".
From the time of the end of the Seven Years ' War in 1763, Great Britain and its successor the United Kingdom has been one of the leading military and economic powers of the world.
The most recent Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of All Africa on the Holy See of Saint Mark was Pope Shenouda III, who died on March 17, 2012, for whom a successor has not yet been chosen.
# Each natural number has a distinct successor, such that:
The language of arithmetic has symbols for 0, 1, the successor operation, addition, and multiplication, intended to be interpreted in the usual way over the natural numbers.
During this transition, production was also moved from Düsseldorf to Ingolstadt where the successor company Audi still has its production.
E. g., it was his successor Archimedes who proved that a sphere has 2 / 3 the volume of the circumscribing cylinder.
His successor at the see of Caesarea, Acacius, wrote a Life of Eusebius, but this work has been lost.
Originally researched by Dr. Jon Parmentola for the U. S. Army, it has grown into a very plausible successor to a standard solid propellant tank gun.
" Moore saw Forth as a successor to compile-link-go third-generation programming languages, or software for " fourth generation " hardware, not a fourth-generation programming language as the term has come to be used.
The Chancellor cannot be removed from office during a four year term unless the Bundestag has agreed on a successor.
Benedict's successor, Clement XII ( elected 1730 ), named him legate of Ravenna, where he erected the Porta Alberoni ( 1739 ), a magnificent gateway that formerly provided access to the city's dockyards, and has since been moved to the entrance of the Teatro Rasi.
Coolidge had been reluctant to choose Hoover as his successor ; on one occasion he remarked that " for six years that man has given me unsolicited advice — all of it bad.
It also has ties with the leadership in Syria, specifically with President Hafez al-Assad ( until his death in 2000 ) and his son and successor Bashar al-Assad.

successor and program
Early planning and research were carried out by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics ( NACA ), but the program was officially conducted by its successor organization, NASA.
The PRGF was the successor program to the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility ( ESAF ), which Tanzania also participated in from 1996-1999.
# When you lose interest in a program, your last duty to it is to hand it off to a competent successor.
Not only was a major restructuring program organized ( the Vuskovic plan ), he had to make it a success if a Socialist successor to Allende was going to be elected.
In addition to those departures, regular panelist Caroline Rhea also left the program in order to host her short-lived successor program to The Rosie O ' Donnell Show and Bruce Vilanch, who was also one of the show's writers, left with Goldberg ( who had hired him ) and made several infrequent appearances throughout the rest of the series.
If the owner is unable to care for him and a successor dog at the same time, he may be returned to the program for " re-homing.
The initial mission demonstration in 2009 was preparatory to the more-advanced cryogenic fluid management experiments planned for the Centaur-based CRYOTE technology development program in 2012-2014 and to a higher-TRL design for the Advanced Common Evolved Stage Centaur successor.
The aim of the program was to find a new star, skilled in acting and martial arts, to become Chan's " successor ", the champion being awarded the lead role in a film.
Under the direction of Josephine Blackstock and her successor Lilly Ruth Hanson, it embarked on a vigorous program of recreation for villagers.
A common misconception is that Larry Gelbart wrote for Your Show of Shows ; he in fact wrote for its successor program, Caesar's Hour, which ran from 1954 to 1957.
This type of kumite, and its successor — free sparring, have been documented extensively by Nakayama and are expanded upon by the JKA instructor trainee program, for those clubs under the JKA.
After setting up Saskatchewan's medicare program, he stepped down as premier and ran to lead the newly formed federal New Democratic Party, the National CCF's successor party.
* the creation of the publicly owned Saskatchewan Power Corp., successor to the Saskatchewan Electrical Power Commission, which began a long program of extending electrical service to isolated farms and villages ;
The Saskatchewan program was finally launched by his successor, Woodrow Lloyd, in 1962.
Project Coast was the successor to a limited post-war CBW program which mainly produced the lethal agents CX powder and mustard gas ; as well as non-lethal tear gas for riot control purposes.
While some analysts argue that Getty's fiscal program laid the groundwork for Ralph Klein's later balancing of the provincial budget, on Getty's departure from office the government's debt had reached $ 11 billion, setting the stage for his successor to characterize the Getty years as an era of wasteful and excessive spending.
From 1956 through 1970, he co-anchored NBC's top-rated nightly news program, The Huntley – Brinkley Report, with Chet Huntley and thereafter appeared as co-anchor or commentator on its successor, NBC Nightly News, through the 1970s.
The successor to direct recording voting machines, a direct-recording electronic ( DRE ) voting system records votes by means of an electronic display provided with mechanical or electro-optical components that can be activated by the voter ; that processes voter selections by means of a computer program ; and that records that processed voting data in memory components.
As a successor to the HSEES program, ATSDR launched the National Toxic Substance Incidents Program ( NTSIP ) in 2009.
However, Playfair's successor Hymn ( a backronym for " Hear Your Music aNywhere ") has become JHymn, a Java variant of the program, and iOpener, a Windows variant.
Moore's successor S. Davis Wilson instituted numerous programs financed by Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal's Works Progress Administration, despite condemning the program during his mayoral campaign.
Following an investigation, the NCAA placed the Terrapin Men's basketball program on a three year probation due to academic and recruiting violations by both Lefty Driesell and his successor, Bob Wade.
But Bob Jones, Sr. had died three years earlier, and his son and successor, Bob Jones, Jr., objected to the inclusion in the conference program of two Southern Baptists, W. A. Criswell and R. G. Lee, whom Jones considered " compromisers and traitors to the cause of Scriptural evangelism.

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