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superiors and again
Once again Eugene's courage earned him recognition from his superiors who granted him the honour of personally conveying the news of victory to the Emperor in Vienna.
Whatever the cause, Patton found himself once again in trouble with his superiors and the American people.
Hastings once more established a good relationship with the new Nawab and again had misgivings about the demands he relayed from his superiors.
Despite his superiors ' warnings, Leclerc did not consolidate his victory by disarming L ' Ouverture's old officers and they and the black and Creole population rose up again when news reached the island of the reestablishment of slavery on Guadeloupe, bringing the prospect of a similar restoration on Saint-Domingue and swinging the tide inexorably against French hopes for reimposing control.
In another world, Urkonn's superiors state that he will be stricken from history for his failure to kill her after she stopped Harth, and start to discuss their plans for when Harth tries something again.
At the outbreak of World War II he again flew ground attack missions before he persuaded his superiors to allow him to become a fighter pilot.
In a running gag, Dr. Bellows tries over and over to prove to his superiors that Tony is either crazy or hiding something, but he is always foiled (" He's done it to me, again ") and Tony's job remains secure.
Thanks to praiseworthy reports from his superiors, he was once again seen as a reliable indigenous element on which the colonial administration could rely on.
However, he did not participate in frontline British politics again, and was given a life peerage by John Major in 1992, becoming Baron Gilmour of Craigmillar, of Craigmillar in the District of the City of Edinburgh, of which his family were, for several hundred years, the feudal superiors.
The Doctor is horrified at this act of genocide, but Liz guesses that the Brigadier was acting on orders of his superiors, who obviously did not want to take the chance of this alien and openly hostile power threatening Humanity again.
However, the department that bought it had created a program called Metrosexuality that was received so poorly that the department was informed by its superiors that the network would not make any other project commissioned by that department again, thus cancelling Sikesides development.
Hoping his performance will pick up again with the return of his hand, Lindsey's superiors arrange for him to receive a mystical transplant, but the new hand acts up, writing " kill " whenever Lindsey doesn't concentrate.
After a subsequent failed punitive expedition carried out by Rear Admiral Henry H. Bell of the United States Navy, Le Gendre again returned to Formosa — this time without any reference to his superiors.
Though Bullski enjoyed working as a sanctioned agent once again, he longed to return to the Soviet Union, and devised a new plan to win his superiors ' favor.
Once again, Smith's inability to avoid offending his superiors caused him to be replaced as commander of the land forces despite his success.
After Pius V ( 1568 ) had put the whole Third Order again under the care of the Minister-General of the Friars Minor, the superiors of the three provinces constituted in Spain could, after 1625, partake at the General Chapters of the Friars Minor and since 1670 they have had even a definitor-general to represent them.
However, this was again opposed by Wiles ' superiors.
In a repeat of events just prior to the December 7 attack, American codebreakers warned that the Japanese were preparing for reconnaissance and disruption raids, refueling at Kānemilohai, and again were largely ignored by their superiors.

superiors and ignored
In 1868, A. G. Horne, the manager of the Hudson's Bay Company post, recommended that a lot be purchased from James Robb close to where a wharf would likely be built, but he was ignored by his superiors.
Their superiors at Justice ignored their analysis.
Unfortunately, Al-Baghdadi ’ s discovery was ignored by any medical superiors or literature after his time.
Lois, receiving the messages, attempts to convince her superiors that it is not Matty's ' touch ' but her warning is ignored.

superiors and him
Historian Brian Loring Villa concluded that Mountbatten conducted the raid without authority, but that his intention to do so was known to several of his superiors, who took no action to stop him.
Barzun states that, contrary to myth, Rousseau was no primitivist ; for him: The model man is the independent farmer, free of superiors and self-governing.
Not wanting to seem ignorant, his superiors kept giving him commendations and promotions, until he reached the dizzy heights of commodore.
He was removed both times when his superiors found him incapable of command.
His superiors did not want to make him an officer because they suspected he had communist leanings.
His scandalized superiors ordered him out of Zealand and held him in the priory at Viborg under close confinement until he should come to his senses.
Groves ' superior wrote a critical report on him, but the Chief of Engineers, Major General Edgar Jadwin, interceded, attributing blame to Groves ' superiors instead.
Stockdale said his superiors ordered him to keep quiet about this.
In late January, unable to obtain funds from his superiors, Dake went to San Francisco where he persuaded the Wells, Fargo & Co. to loan him $ 3000, assuring them that the Department of Justice would honor the loan.
During the war, Rathbone displayed a penchant for disguise ( a skill which he coincidentally shared with what would become perhaps his most memorable character, Sherlock Holmes ), when on one occasion, in order to have better visibility, Rathbone convinced his superiors to allow him to scout enemy positions during daylight hours instead of during the night, as was the usual practice in order to minimize the chance of detection by the enemy.
Sobinski's superiors send him to Warsaw to warn the resistance.
During basic training, his superiors find out that he is a phenomenal marksman and decide to promote him to corporal.
Woolley is sympathetic towards Hacker but as Appleby reminds him, his civil servant superiors will have much to say about the course of his future career, while ministers do not usually stay long in one department.
Mar-Vell eventually wearies of his superiors ' malign intent and allies himself with Earth as the Kree Empire brands him a traitor.
Two journeys to Rome on business of the Order afforded him the opportunity of traveling over most of Italy ; and after his final return he saw much of France, while acting as secretary to various provincial superiors of his Order.
Each employee receives a salary and enjoys a degree of tenure that safeguards him from the arbitrary influence of superiors or of powerful clients.
Thompson, who handed the cashier a note, gave the cashier an hour to get approval from superiors to give him keys to the vault.
To facilitate this Harlan's superiors in Eternity allow him to pursue his study of " prehistory ", which is history prior to the Eternity's creation that, because Eternity had not yet been created then, cannot be traveled to nor changed.
He argued with superiors who he felt were discriminatory against him, and refused to fight exhibitions when he was told African American soldiers were not allowed to watch them.
There is also usually another main character who is on a par with him in terms of intelligence and serves as someone for him to play games of one-upmanship with, such as Lord Melchett and Captain Darling, but these characters are typically sycophantic toadies who suck up to their superiors like Queenie and General Melchett, whom Blackadder himself is also forced to reluctantly serve.
It is hinted in several books that the deals done by Williams were responsible for him being overlooked for promotion and that Williams was unhappy his efforts were not recognised by Butler, but were instead hidden from superiors.

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