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superiors and had
His superiors had emphasized that marines tortured others for the sheer pleasure.
His superiors had said that all marines were depraved.
The people, who felt the severity of his laws, at the same time acknowledged their justice and found themselves protected from the rapacity of their superiors who had grown corrupt under the safety and opulence of Manuel I rule.
With the promotion came greater recognition ; he received good evaluations from his superiors and had few problems with other crewmen.
The foreign secretary of the British Indian government, Henry McMahon, who had drawn up the proposal, decided to bypass the Chinese ( although instructed not to by his superiors ) and settle the border bilaterally by negotiating directly with Tibet.
While the report was critical of the overall situation, the committee noted that subordinates had failed to pass on important information to their superiors, including Marshall.
His superiors did not want to make him an officer because they suspected he had communist leanings.
A commander named Hu ordered his men to attack peasants, in an attempt to increase the number of " bandits " he had killed ; his superiors, likely eager to inflate their records as well, allowed this.
On the night of 2 December 1577, John was taken prisoner by his superiors in the calced Carmelites, who had launched a counter-program against John and Teresa's reforms.
John had refused an order to return to his original house, on the basis that his reform work had been approved by the Spanish Nuncio, a higher authority than John's direct superiors in the calced Carmelites.
One explanation is that he had alienated certain of his superiors, particularly fra Vincenzo Bandelli, or Bandello, a professor at the studium and future master general of the Dominicans, who resented the young friar ’ s opposition to modifying the Order ’ s rules against the ownership of property.
Having entered the Police Academy by age 24, Wiggum managed to work around his many shortcomings by providing superiors with wonderful back rubs using the handle of his gun, and finally become a full fledged officer and by 32, he had managed to work his way up to the position of Police Chief of Springfield.
In August 1896, the new chief of French military intelligence, Lt Colonel Picquart, reported to his superiors that he had found evidence to the effect that the real traitor was a Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy.
In August 1896, the new chief of French military intelligence, Lt Colonel Picquart, reported to his superiors that he had found evidence to the effect that the real traitor was a Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy.
Private John G. Burnett later wrote, " Future generations will read and condemn the act and I do hope posterity will remember that private soldiers like myself, and like the four Cherokees who were forced by General Scott to shoot an Indian Chief and his children, had to execute the orders of our superiors.
The margraves had acquired the area when Mestwin II accepted them as his superiors in 1269, confirmed in 1273, and kept it after Mestwin II's death while leaving local rule in the hands of the Swenzones dynasty, whose members were castellans in Stolp.
More than the Peace of Westphalia, the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 is thought to reflect an emerging norm that sovereigns had no internal equals within a defined territory and no external superiors as the ultimate authority within the territory's sovereign borders.
For example, in 1940, Gerald Gallagher, a British colonial officer and licensed pilot, radioed his superiors to inform them that he had found a " skeleton ... possibly that of a woman ", along with an old-fashioned sextant box, under a tree on the island's southeast corner.
By definition, the selection of poorer houses for dissolution in the First Act minimised the potential release of funds to other purposes ; and once pensions had been committed to former superiors, cash rewards paid to those wishing to leave, and appropriate funding allocated for refounded houses receiving transferred monks and nuns, it is unlikely that there was much if any profit at this stage.
Continuing his study of the humanities, he became in 1628 professor of rhetoric at Innsbruck, and in 1635 at Ingolstadt, whither he had been transferred by his superiors in order to study theology.
To facilitate this Harlan's superiors in Eternity allow him to pursue his study of " prehistory ", which is history prior to the Eternity's creation that, because Eternity had not yet been created then, cannot be traveled to nor changed.
Brian Urquhart — who had done so much to warn his superiors about the dangers of Arnhem and later became Undersecretary-General of the United Nations — described the British general's actions as both grotesque and shameful.
He made a good impression on his superiors, since he was academically gifted, spoke French and English, was a fine horseman and a talented draftsman, and had excellent manners.

superiors and also
Qi Jiguang's doctrine was based on Neo-Confucian ideas of binding troops ' loyalty to their immediate superiors and also to the regions in which they were raised.
Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social superiors, such as the murder of a husband by his wife.
Unfortunately, their superiors have also traveled back in time and won't rest until they get the couple back to the future.
The experience of two dictatorships in the country and, after the end of such regimes, emerging calls for the legal responsibility of the “ aidees of the aidees " ( Helfershelfer ) of such regimes also furnished calls for the principle of personal responsibility of any expert for any decision made, this leading to a strengthening of the bottom-up approach, which requires maximum responsibility of the superiors.
As those superiors also require consultation, this consultation is provided by members of a cabinet, which is distinctive from the regular ministry staff in terms of staff and organization.
Sybil also criticizes Eva for appearing proud and putting on airs and graces, and for being “ impertinent ” rather than being meek and grateful to her social superiors.
Note, however, that the young gentlemen might also be rated as seamen rather than midshipmen on the ship's books ; though they were still considered the social superiors of the seamen, petty officers ( excluding other young gentlemen ) and most warrant officers and could be given authority over them.
The participants uniformly praised the " strong collegial sense " at the meetings and the opportunity for " extraordinary candor ," but subordinates often complained that the secrecy and informality that encouraged candor also made it hard for them to prepare their superiors properly for the meetings and implement the decisions that were reached.
Blackadder is also usually one of the few intelligent people present at any given time and usually is surrounded by incompetent, stupid and at times mad servants, equals and superiors.
There is also usually another main character who is on a par with him in terms of intelligence and serves as someone for him to play games of one-upmanship with, such as Lord Melchett and Captain Darling, but these characters are typically sycophantic toadies who suck up to their superiors like Queenie and General Melchett, whom Blackadder himself is also forced to reluctantly serve.
In doing so, he satisfied the needs of his superiors and also accumulated significant wealth for himself.
Through " Rocks and Shoals ", Deep Space Nine also revisits themes of the war conduct as Sisko considers the morality of ambushing soldiers whom superiors have forsaken, only for events to force his hand.
He also suffered from pneumonia, leaving his state of health so poor that his superiors wanted him to leave the North American College.
Erica herself would face an uphill struggle with untenable directives from her superiors at the Department of Corrective Services, represented by bigwig Ted Douglas ( Ian Smith ; who was also the show's script editor for most of its run and often contributed scripts ).
Today, in Portugal and Brazil, Dom is ordinarily employed only for higher members of the clergy, and for superiors of religious orders, such as the Order of Saint Benedict, wherein it is also associated with the status of Dom Frater.
Unless solicitation in connection with Confession was involved, not only the local bishop but also superiors of religious orders exempt from the jurisdiction of the local bishop could proceed, either by formal trial or non-judicially (" modo administrativo "), against members of those orders who had committed such crimes ; superiors of non-exempt religious orders could also do so, but only non-judicially ( 74 ).
Being based on the work of two widely respected experts, these theories also had the advantage-from a European settler view-of presenting a neat progression of waves of migration and conquest by increasingly more civilised and technically able peoples, and therefore justifying racist stereotyping and colonisation by cultural " superiors ".
In religious orders with a hierarchy above the local community, there will also be superiors general and possibly provincial superiors above the local abbot, prior, or Mother Superior.
# Better communication and coordination – Frequent reviews and interactions between superiors and subordinates helps to maintain harmonious relationships within the organization and also to solve many problems.

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