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television and roles
Quite evidently, careers within the sports and entertainment sphere such as being an elite professional athlete on a sports team, or an entertainment figure such as a pop singer that dominate the pop music charts frequently, or a television actor with lead roles on prime-time shows have strong likelihood to become celebrities.
* Prominent socialites, elite aristocrats and royal families, top level professional athletes, chart-topping musicians and pop singers, television and film actors with lead roles on prominently scheduled television shows and hit box office movies, internationally recognized supermodels and models are almost invariably celebrities.
Charles first appeared on television as a performance poet, which led on to minor presenting roles.
He has had recurring roles in television series such as The X-Files playing Brad Follmer and Psych playing Pierre Despereaux.
He also appeared in a series of television roles, some of which ( such as A Tale of Two Cities in 1980 ) mirrored his affinity for the classics.
During the next 10 years, Hopper appeared frequently on television in guest roles, and by the end of the 1960s had played supporting roles in several films.
as well as roles in The Brady Bunch film and television show ; Love, American Style ; and My Two Dads.
After filing for bankruptcy, Gracen was given a few television guest roles, as well as a supporting role in the made-for-television movie Interceptor Force 2, before taking a long leave of absence from her acting career in 2002.
Except for Chandler, the entire radio cast of Arden, Gordon, Richard Crenna ( Walter Denton ), Gloria McMillan ( Harriet Conklin ), and Jane Morgan ( landlady Margaret Davis ) played the same roles on television.
After the success of King Kong, Wray appeared in many major movie roles and on television, finishing her acting career in 1980.
However, due to financial exigencies she continued in her acting career, and over the next three decades, Wray appeared in certain film roles and also frequently on television.
Busey continued to play several small roles in both film and television during the 1970s.
Once the actors are onboard the Protector, they finally realize the truth, but Sarris prevents them from leaving, so they assume their television roles in order to save the Thermians, who have very little concept of deception, or the art of acting / theater.
He has appeared in primetime television and in over 32 film roles.
In 1956, Cagney undertook one of his very rare television roles, starring in Robert Montgomery's Soldiers From the War Returning.
His most famous television roles are those of the colorful attorney Alan Shore in The Practice and its spin-off Boston Legal, for which he won three Emmy Awards, and Robert California in The Office.
His television series roles include Orson Hodge on ABC's Desperate Housewives from 2006 to 2012
He grew up in California, and began his career as a stage actor during the 1980s, before being cast in supporting roles in film and television.
Some of Spacey's early roles include a widowed eccentric millionaire on L. A. Law, the television miniseries The Murder of Mary Phagan ( 1988 ), opposite Lemmon, and the Richard Pryor / Gene Wilder – starring comedy See No Evil, Hear No Evil ( 1989 ).
Kimberly Beck ( born January 9, 1956 ; Glendale, California ) is an American actress with over sixty television and film roles to her credit.
After supporting roles in the television series ER ( 1996 ) and films such as Wag the Dog ( 1997 ), Small Soldiers ( 1998 ) and The Virgin Suicides ( 1999 ), Dunst transitioned into romantic comedies and comedy dramas, starring in Drop Dead Gorgeous ( 1999 ), Bring It On ( 2000 ), Get Over It and Crazy / Beautiful ( both 2001 ).
All in all, he is credited with 90 movie roles and 109 other television appearances over a 38-year span.
He was also cast in several television roles, often playing tabloid TV hosts or other obnoxious media types.

television and have
Years ago this was true, but with the replacement of wires or runners by radio and radar ( and perhaps television ), these restrictions have disappeared and now again too much is heard.
Only recently, and perhaps because a television debate can so effectively dramatize President Kennedy's extraordinary mastery of detail, have the abilities on which the capacity for making distinctions depend begun to be clearly discernible at the level of politics.
We feel uncomfortable at being bossed by a corporation or a union or a television set, but until we have some knowledge about these phenomena and what they are doing to us, we can hardly learn to control them.
Should Rousseau have been able to leave room in his social theory for the advent of television, atomic energy, and IBM machines??
Catholic priests have frequently appeared on television programs, sometimes discussing the Christian faith on an equal footing with Protestant clergymen.
In recent days there have been extensive lamentations over the absence of original drama on television, but not for years have many regretted the passing of new plays on radio.
Until recently, androids have largely remained within the domain of science fiction, frequently seen in film and television.
Several biographical programs have been made, such as the 2004 BBC television programme entitled Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures, in which she is portrayed by Olivia Williams, Anna Massey, and Bonnie Wright.
Additionally, there have been fictional astronauts in film, literature and television who have been described as " the last man to walk on the Moon ", implying they were crew members on Apollo 17.
They have been translated into over 35 languages and are performed on stage and television throughout the world.
Plasma screens and LCD screens have been used in analog television sets.
Many dual system television receivers, equipped to receive both analog transmissions and digital transmissions have analog tuner ( television ) receiving capability and must use a television antenna.
There have been several television versions.
Co-op City was the first area in the Bronx, and the first in New York beyond Manhattan, to have its own cable television provider.
The mother later claimed that her son had watched one of the fire-related segments shortly before he burned down the home, although, according to an article in the March 24, 1994 issue of Rolling Stone, neighbors claimed that the family did not have cable television.
The characters have made cameo appearances ( either visually or only voices ) and have been referenced in numerous television shows, such as Friends, Two and a Half Men, Celebrity Deathmatch, Robot Chicken, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Saturday Night Live ( TV Funhouse ), in films such as Airheads, Clueless, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Jackass 3D, and even parodied in children shows such as Tiny Toon Adventures, Regular Show and Arthur.
Both Nassau and Freeport have a television station.
The situation is complex, however, because the relatively free Russian media is allowed to transmit television programming, sell newspapers and conduct journalistic activities in Belarus ( though some Russian journalists have been expelled by the Belarusian government ) thus giving some members of the public, typically those in large cities with many Russian residents, access to an alternative point of view in the Russian language ( nearly all Belarusians understand and most of them speak Russian ).
The film would not be a sequel or prequel to the existing film or television franchise and Joss Whedon would have no involvement in the project.
The idea for Big Brother is said to have come during a brainstorm session at the Dutch-based international television production firm Endemol, on March 10, 1997.

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