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thesis and Effects
In 1973, Suplicy concluded his PhD at Michigan State University with the thesis " The Effects of Mini devaluation in the Brazilian Economy ", published in 1975 by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas.
The title of his thesis was " The Effects of Fixed Action Patterns and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Determining Outcomes in Human Behaviour ".

thesis and European
In his thesis paper " Reawakening Pride Once Lost ": Indigeneity and European Folk Metal, Aaron Patrick Mulvany says that while much of the thematic history of heavy metal uses parodies of the occult in an incongruous fashion, Viking metal bands use " a very specific mythology which controls not only textual choices, but also the imagery used on albums and frequently the kind of music composed.
A thesis, sometimes referred to as a ' Multi-speed Europe ', envisions an alternative type of European integration, where the EU countries who want a more integrated EU, can accelerate their own integration, while other countries may go at a slower pace or cease further integration altogether.
His primary thesis in regards to this theory was that European civilizational flowering from Greece to Rome and Germanic to contemporary sprang from, and corresponded to, the ancient Indo-European culture, also known as " Aryan ".
T. E. Lawrence, who would later be known as Lawrence of Arabia, celebrated his 20th birthday at the former Grand Hôtel du Midi, Place de la Fountain, on August 16, 1908, whilst tracing the route of Richard I of England, on a cycling tour of France in preparation for his thesis: The Influence of the crusades on the European military architecture at the end of the XIIth century.
) The thesis of the book was that the integration of the economies of European countries had grown to such a degree that war between them would be entirely futile, making militarism obsolete.
In the thesis, the frontier established liberty by releasing Americans from European mind-sets and ending prior customs of the 19th century.
The early European history of the Canadian economy is usually studied through the staples thesis which argues the Canadian economy developed through the exploitation of a series of staples that would be exported to Europe.
In 1887, using results obtained during his European trip, he prepared and defended the habilitation thesis titled " Neue Bestimmung der Constante der Precession und der eigenen Bewegung des Sonnensystems " ( New determination of the constant of precession and of the motion of the Solar System ).
The thesis of Servando Teresa de Mier was opposed to dividing the territory into independent states, considering that this would weaken the nation, which needed unity to counter any attempted reconquest by Spain, which would be supported by other European nations.
As European Bologna process directs, in order to get a MEng degree, B. Sc engineers have to additionally study full time one or two years and finalize a Master's thesis.
He argued that the medieval Catholic Church was an essential factor in the rise of European civilization, and wrote extensively in support of that thesis.
Jared Diamond's thesis that Easter Island society collapsed in isolation entirely due to environmental damage is contested by some ethnographers and archaeologists who argue that the introduction of diseases carried by European colonizers and slave raiding, which devastated the population in the 19th century, had a much greater social impact than environmental decline and that introduced animals, first rats and then sheep, were greatly responsible for the island's loss of native flora which came closest to deforestation as late as 1930 – 1960.
He then studied for an MPhil on central place theory and the work of the early economists, completing his formal education in 1970 with a PhD from the University of Nottingham with a thesis on the post-war changes in retailing in selected European regions.
Having passed his master's exams, Danilevsky was preparing to defend his thesis on the flora of the Black Sea area of European Russia when in 1849 he was arrested for his membership of the Petrashevsky Circle.
In 2004 he began writing his PhD thesis at the Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet in Freiburg, Germany ( mentor Prof. Dr. Angeli Janhsen ), where he defended it successfully in 2006, becoming the youngest Doctor of Philosophy in the humanities in Germany and the South-East European region.
thesis in library science was published by the University of California as A Seventeenth Century View of European Libraries.
From 1962, with Perry Anderson in New Left Review, he developed a thesis ( the " Nairn-Anderson thesis ") to explain why Britain did not develop in a ' normal ' way, which was defined as the continental European movement to anti-clericalism and Republicanism since the 1789 French Revolution.

thesis and Culture
In 2005, he defended his PhD thesis at the Lithuanian Culture, Philosophy, and Art Research Institute.
This thesis was expanded upon in " Aztec Thought & Culture: A Study of the Ancient Nahuatl Mind "
Her thesis investigated gender politics in art and Culture, cultural mores and taboos surrounding the representation of the male body.
His Ph. D. was awarded in 1943 for a thesis, supervised first by Arlin Turner then by Cleanth Brooks, titled The Confederate South, 1865-1910: A Study in the Survival of a Mind and a Culture.
The monastery was also the home of Alessio Cassani ( subject of the University of Pisa thesis of Sandro Bondi, previous Mayor of Fivizzano and former Minister of Culture ), a friar accused of heresy for hiding within the monastery numerous writings favorable to Luther.
In 1991, she received a Masters of Arts degree in anthropology ; her thesis was " The Holistic Alternative: A Symbolic Analysis of an Emergent Culture.
* " The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception " ( in which they prefigure Marshall McLuhan's thesis that " the medium is the message ")
Culture, explained Lévi-Strauss, is a dialectic process: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.
An important example of macro-historical memetic engineering analysis explaining how domination, patriarchy, war and violence are culturally programmed is Riane Eisler's The Chalice and the Blade ( San Francisco: Harper SanFrancisco, 1988 ), which outlines her Dominator and Partnership Culture thesis.

thesis and Contact
* The Motif of First Contact in Arthur C. Clarke's SF Works, an excerpt from Zoran Živković's Master's thesis at Fantastic Metropolis

thesis and upon
In Fiefs and Vassals: The Medieval Evidence Reinterpreted ( 1994 ), Susan Reynolds expanded upon Brown's original thesis.
He was awarded the requisite habilitation for his thesis, also on number theory, which he presented in 1869 upon his appointment at Halle.
The integration of research and education is an important component of the educational experience at Harvey Mudd College ; upon graduation, every student has experienced some kind of research, usually in the form of a senior thesis or a Clinic Program.
Outside of works that predate the publication of Murray's thesis, horned god motifs and characters appear in fantasy literature that draws upon her work and that of her followers.
The history of any such human endeavor, moreover, not only builds upon but also reacts against what has gone before ; this is the source of Hegel's famous dialectic teaching usually summed up by the slogan " thesis, antithesis, and synthesis ".
In 1891, Steiner earned a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Rostock in Germany with a thesis based upon Fichte's concept of the ego, later published in expanded form as Truth and Knowledge.
While working in West Germany, Foucault had finally completed his doctoral thesis, Folie et déraison: Histoire de la folie à l ' âge classique ( Madness and Insanity: History of Madness in the Classical Age ), a philosophical work based upon his studies into the history of medicine.
Expanding upon his thesis in Hitler's War about the lack of a written Führer order for the Holocaust, Irving argued in the 1990s that the absence of such an order meant that there was no Holocaust.
Generally, subsequent historians have either followed Erdmann, with further expansions upon his thesis, or rejected it.
From 1883-85, he worked in the laboratory of Hermann von Helmholtz and, in 1886, he received his Ph. D. with a thesis on the diffraction of light upon metals and on the influence of various materials upon the color of refracted light.
In total, the typical doctoral degree takes between 4 and 8 years from entering the program to completion, though this time varies depending upon the department, thesis topic, and many other factors.
Among the other works of Griesbach ( which are comparatively unimportant ) may be mentioned his university thesis De codicibus quatuor evangelislarum Origenianis ( Halle, 1771 ) and a work upon systematic theology ( Anleitung zur Kenntniss der populären Dogmatik, Jena, 1779 ).
Much of the coding logic within the application was based upon the research by Pearce for his BSc thesis: ' Point of Information Systems ' undertaken at Sheffield Hallamshire University in 1992.
Studies involve two years of coursework, including rigorous on-line writing requirements based upon a structured reading list, and two three-week summer seminars in Switzerland, during which students are evaluated for their active participation in nine hours of seminars and lectures each day with visiting professors, philosophers, filmmakers, and artists and spend their final three years writing a thesis or dissertation, followed by a traditional oral defense.
She was particularly attracted to intelligence-testing in children " and quite early decided upon that as the subject for the thesis she would be writing.
Maslow, upon the recommendation of Professor Hulsey Cason wrote his master's thesis on ' learning, retention, and reproduction of verbal material.
Beard expanded upon Becker's thesis, in terms of class conflict, in An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States ( 1913 ) and An Economic Interpretation of Jeffersonian Democracy ( 1915 ).
J. P., who had read Lenin ’ s famous “ Colonial thesis ” calling upon the communists in the “ Slave ” countries to take active part in the national freedom struggle, was not convinced of Dutt ’ s argument.
In total, the typical doctoral degree takes between four and eight years from entering the program to completion, though this time varies depending upon the department, thesis topic, and many other factors.
While Kant claimed that phenomena depend upon the conditions of sensibility, space and time, and on the synthesizing activity of the mind manifested in the rule-based structuring of perceptions into a world of objects, this thesis is not equivalent to mind-dependence in the sense of Berkeley's idealism.
Jacobsen's main thesis, inspired by the theories of the German theologist Jakob Wilhelm Hauer, was the total refutation of Christianity in favour of a new heathen system based upon Norse mythology and the Edda poetry.
While the staples thesis originally described the evolution of the Canadian state, it has since been used to study the economies of many nations that are dependent upon resource-extraction and primary industries.
in English upon submission of his third volume of poetry in lieu of a thesis.
Cicero was a master of digression, particularly in his ability to shift from the specific question or issue at hand ( the hypothesis ) to the more general issue or question that it depended upon ( the thesis ).

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