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whistle and playing
Replays clearly showed the whistle blew before the play's onset, plus most of the players pulled up and stopped playing after a whistle sounded, but Henderson claimed, " I didn't hear a whistle until after I had knocked Bradshaw down.
As the penny whistle was generally considered a toy it has been suggested that children or street musicians were paid a penny by those who heard them playing the whistle.
Like many old whistles, they had lead fipple plugs, and since lead is poisonous, caution should be exercised before playing an old whistle.
Traditional Irish whistle playing uses a number of ornaments to embellish the music, including cuts, strikes and rolls.
For example, a player playing a low D on a D whistle can cut the note by very briefly lifting the first finger of his or her lower hand.
For example, if a player is playing a low E on a D whistle the player could tap by quickly lowering and raising his or her bottom finger.
Thus a D whistle is fairly apt for playing both G and A, and a C instrument can be used fairly easily for F and G.
Bob Hallett of the Canadian folk rock group Great Big Sea is also a renowned performer of the tin whistle, playing it in arrangements of both traditional and original material.
Workshops are held for teaching dances and the playing of instruments such as the bodhran and the tin whistle.
The album features Cooke playing jazz standards on piano with accompanying whistle, and talking about his life in America.
The son of a professional violinist, Brant played violin, flute, tin whistle, piano, organ, and percussion at a professional level and was fluent with the playing techniques for all of the standard orchestral instruments.
In both kinds of music the low whistle is often used for the playing of airs and slow melodies due to its haunting sound.
However, it is also becoming used more often for the playing of Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes, it being easier to produce some ornametations on the whistle, due to the size of the finger holes.
The Nottingham Forest account book of 1872 apparently recorded the purchase of an “ umpire ’ s whistleand in 1928 an article by R M Ruck about his playing days in the early 1870s referred to the use of a whistle by umpires to indicate an infringement.
On his way he meets three beggars to whom he gives the biscuits ; in return one gives him a beautiful whistle, one the jolliest dance, and the final man, who gets the last biscuit despite the soldier being hungry himself, in return gives him a pack of magic playing cards and a musty sack that has the power to trap anything ordered into it.
On Standards, the album he jointly produced with Ivan Zagni for Propeller Records in 1982, he is credited as playing bass guitar, horn, whistle, percussion, marimba and vocals.
Born in Bury, Greater Manchester, England, Lindsay joined the Anfield club in the March 1969 for £ 67, 000 from his hometown club Bury, His debut was a night to remember, The Reds were playing host to FAI side Dundalk in a European Fairs Cup 1st round 1st leg tie, the Irish side were ' like lambs to the slaughter ,' and it took just 1 minute for the flood gates to open through a goal from youngster Alun Evans, free scoring full-back Chris Lawler made it 2 in the 10th and it was 3-0 by the 24th minute when the man nicknamed Anfield Iron, Tommy Smith, scored, before the referee could sound the half-time whistle and give the Dundalk team a rest Liverpool found net 2 more times with goals from Bobby Graham and a 2nd from Evans scoring in the 36th and 38th minutes respectively.
Alan began playing concerts at eleven years and studying traditional Breton, English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh folk music, also learning the drum, Irish flute, and tin whistle.
This has been achieved by the playing of traditional music, particularly ballads, jigs and reels with rock instrumentation ; by the addition of traditional Celtic instruments, including the Celtic harp, tin whistle, uilleann pipes ( or Irish Bagpipes ), fiddle, bodhrán, accordion, concertina, melodeon, and bagpipes ( highland ) to conventional rock formats ; by the use of lyrics in native Celtic languages or dialects and by the use of traditional rhythms and cadences in otherwise conventional rock music.
Billy Ross left the band and was replaced by Tony Cuffe as lead vocalist also playing guitar and whistle.

whistle and can
After they had finished eating, Melissa took Sprite the kitten under her arm -- `` so that Auntie Grace can teach it about the whistle '' -- and climbed into the station wagon beside her mother.
This is why a police whistle, a form of flute, is very wide for its pitch, and why a pipe organ can be far louder than a concert flute: a large organ pipe can contain several cubic feet of air, and its tone hole may be several inches wide, while a concert flute's air stream measures a fraction of an inch across.
As with the petition, the more people who get involved, the more powerful the message to governments: “ We are no longer willing to accept the fact that hundreds of millions live in chronic hunger .” Groups and individuals can also decide on their own to organize an event about the project, simply by gathering friends, whistles, t-shirts and banners ( whistles and t-shirts can be ordered, and petition sign sheets downloaded, on the endinghunger. org website ) and thereby alert people about chronic hunger by using the yellow whistle.
Many guitarists also can sing or whistle.
Anti-SLAPP ( strategic lawsuit against public participation ) laws can be applied in an attempt to curb alleged abuses of the legal system by individuals or corporations who utilize the courts as a weapon to retaliate against whistle blowers, victims, or to silence another's speech.
This is why a dog whistle can be heard by a dog.
The resulting overlap forms the high pitched whistle ( about 10 Kilohertz ) that can often be heard behind an AM station at night when other carriers from adjacent channels are traveling long distances due to atmospheric bounce.
The next most common whistle tuning is a C whistle, which can easily play notes in the keys of C and F major.
On most tin whistles the leading tone to the lowest tonic can be played by using the little finger of the lower hand to partially cover the very end opening of the whistle, while keeping all other holes covered as usual for the tonic.
There is also a more diverse type of whistle used for giving commands to sheepdogs at work, which can emit almost any tone the shepherd wishes, in order to signal different commands.
A steam whistle works the same way, but using steam as a source of pressure: such whistles can produce extremely high sound intensities.
A common one is the opened sunroof of a car: air passing over the top of the vehicle can, at certain speeds, strike the back edge of the sunroof, creating a very low frequency whistle which is resonated by the closed interior of the car.
This whistle is used at basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, American football, soccer football, water polo, and numerous other games, since it can be readily heard over the noise of the spectators and players.
He can be called from a very far distance by the whistle, unless there are ladders or doors in the way.
It can also whistle, especially when disturbed while breeding and nesting.
The tin whistle and flute, can be found in such bands as Cruachan, Waylander and Eluveitie.
The tin whistle and flute can be found in such Celtic metal bands as Cruachan, Waylander and Eluveitie.
Milhaud told Bacharach, " Don't be afraid of writing something people can remember and whistle.
The modern slide whistle is perhaps most familiar in its use as a sound effect ( as in the sound tracks of animated cartoons, when a glissando can suggest something rapidly ascending or falling, or when a player hits a " Bankrupt " on Wheel of Fortune ), but it is also possible to play melodies on the slide whistle.

whistle and be
* A whistle shall be blown to indicate one lap to go before a sprint.
If the signals are close but not exactly on the same frequency the mix will not only include the audio from both carriers but depending on the carrier separation a whistle might be heard as well representing the difference in the carrier frequencies.
Joshua C. Stoddard of Worcester, Massachusetts patented the calliope on October 9, 1855, although it is based on previously known concepts, as in 1832, a musical instrument designer made a " steam trumpet " later to be known as a train whistle.
The whistle is tuned diatonically, which allows it to be used to easily play music in two major keys and their corresponding minor keys and modes.
Some whistle designs allow a single fipple, or mouthpiece, to be used on differently keyed bodies.
For a D whistle, this includes notes from the second D above middle C to the fourth D above middle C. It is possible to make sounds above this range, by blowing with sufficient force, but, in most musical contexts, the result will be loud and out of tune due to a cylindrical bore.
While the tin whistle is very common in Irish music to the point that it could be called characteristic of the genre and fairly common in Scottish music, it is not a " required " instrument in either one.
The tin whistle is used in many other types of music, though not to the extent that it could be called characteristic as with Irish music and kwela.
The tin whistle is not a transposing instrument-for example, music for the D tin whistle is written in concert pitch, not transposed down a tone as would be normal for transposing instruments.
Nevertheless, there is no real consensus on how tin whistle music should be written, or on how reading music onto the whistle should be taught.
However, when music is scored for a soprano whistle it will be written an octave lower than it sounds, so avoiding use of ledger lines and making it much easier to read.

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