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words and opinions
" was conceited, not only about his own learning but also about the opinions held of him as commander both by the Galileans and by the Romans ; he was guilty of shocking duplicity at Jotapata, saving himself by sacrifice of his companions ; he was too naive to see how he stood condemned out of his own mouth for his conduct, and yet no words were too harsh when he was blackening his opponents ; and after landing, however involuntarily, in the Roman camp, he turned his captivity to his own advantage, and benefitted for the rest of his days from his change of side.
General Staal comments that " words are the weapons of womenfolk " and that the clone of Martha Jones performed well " for a female " as opinions on the sexuality inequalities in other species.
These words ( above all other ideological and religious considerations, political opinions and debates and economic interests ) are not written in the Belgian constitution: nevertheless, they conform with the spirit of this Constitution.
We, however, who are followers of the word of Jesus, and have exercised ourselves in thinking, and saying, and doing what is in harmony with His words, ' when reviled, bless ; being persecuted, we suffer it ; being defamed, we entreat ;' and we would not utter'all manner of things shameful to be spoken ' against those who have adopted different opinions from ours, but, if possible, use every exertion to raise them to a better condition through adherence to the Creator alone, and lead them to perform every act as those who will ( one day ) be judged.
His face is Rouher's, like his build and his favorite gesture ; but with Rouher's words, actions, opinions, and experiences are blended those of half a dozen other personages.
Honne and tatemae are Japanese words that describing the contrast between a person's true feelings and desires () and the behavior and opinions one displays in public (, literally " façade ").
In other words, if you took two pianists with the same amount of practice, but different levels of working memory capacity, it ’ s likely that the one higher in working memory capacity would have performed considerably better on the sight-reading task .” Based on the research and opinions of multiple musicians and scientists, the take home message about one ’ s sight-reading ability and working memory capacity seems to be that “ The best sight-readers combined strong working memories with tens of thousands of hours of practice .”
The maxims and decisions of the Geonim are frequently presented with the introductory phrase " The Geonim have decided " or " There is a regulation of the Geonim ", while the opinions of Isaac Alfasi and Alfasi's pupil Joseph ibn Migash are prefaced by the words " my teachers have decided " ( although there is no direct source confirming ibn Migash as Maimonides ' teacher ).
They must be encouraged to use cue words such as " I think " and " I feel " to help distinguish between factual information and opinions.
These measures, however, did not moderate his opinions, nor diminish his popularity ; his words had a considerable effect in fomenting a riot which broke out in June 1381.
She has the ability to speak, though her words are not quite discernible ; she usually is heard echoing Bobby when she agrees to his opinions.
The stridency of his essays and opinions have caused some to call him a fanatic ; others find him annoying, cloying, and childish, particularly when he throws around words like " idiot " to describe his fellow scholars, critics, and film professionals.
In political discourse, if-by-whiskey is a relativist fallacy where the response to a question is contingent on the questioner's opinions and use of words with strong positive or negative connotations ( e. g., terrorist as negative and freedom fighter as positive ).
Along similar lines, Gumbel said of Rush Limbaugh, " I find him someone whose words and opinions I can do without.
In 1899, Pope Leo XIII sent Gibbons a letter, known by its first words in Latin Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae, concerning new opinions on virtue, nature and grace, religious life and other matters, with regard to so called " americanism ".
Although events can be read separately on the timeline, the KMVS broadcasts are typically parodies, gross understatements, or exaggerations of the event or opinions at the time regarding the event ( for example, when the news broadcasts about the computer arrive, they state optimistically that by 2050 computers will be no bigger than a car and be able to store about 5000 words ), and the various Red Scare broadcasts claim that communism is literally a viral infection ( a man is reported to catch it from a toilet manufactured in a communist country ).
Scholars of 19th-century American feminism, as well as pro-choice activists, countered what they considered a co-opting of Anthony's legacy as America's most dedicated suffragist, saying that the pro-life activists are falsely attributing opinions to Anthony and also that applying words from the 19th century to the modern abortion debate is misleading.
* or in his own words in The Power Elite ," In a public, as we may understand the term, ( 1 ) virtually as many people express opinions as receive them, ( 2 ) Public communications are so organised that there is a chance immediately and effectively to answer back any opinion expressed in public.
According to his bio, Snarl is an Autobot of few words and fewer opinions, Snarl grudgingly follows the orders of Dinobot leader Grimlock and leaves the thinking to others.
In his own words, he is able " to maintain with perfect unenthusiasm contradictory, or at least polarized, opinions at once on a given subject ".

words and carry
The name Carboniferous means " coal-bearing " and derives from the Latin words carbo ( coal ) and ferre ( to carry ), and was coined by geologists William Conybeare and William Phillips in 1822.
Buses can be parallel buses, which carry data words in parallel on multiple wires, or serial buses, which carry data in bit-serial form.
The Old English word for carry was dragen which developed into a series of related words, including drag, draw, and draught.
Similarly, the second syllable of the words urbem and Romam carry the metrical ictus even though the first is naturally stressed in typical pronunciation.
Different accounts on how " Please, Please, Please " came together vary, one story from Etta James stated that during her first meeting with Brown in Macon, Brown " used to carry around an old tattered napkin with him, because Little Richard had written the words, ' please, please, please ' on it and James was determined to make a song out of it ...".
And if you are in an airliner, you can still carry on a conversation with the person beside you because the sound of your words is traveling along with the air inside the aircraft.
Franklin's writings on American Indians were remarkably free of ethnocentricism, although he often used words such as " savages ," which carry more prejudicial connotations in the twentieth century than in his time.
Critics argued that Stein was killed because she was Jewish by birth, rather than for her later Christian faith, and that, in the words of Daniel Polish, it seemed to " carry the tacit message encouraging conversionary activities " because " official discussion of the beatification seemed to make a point of conjoining Stein's Catholic faith with her death with ' fellow Jews ' in Auschwitz ".
The words of the amendment survive in modified form in the Bill's Conference Report and do not carry the weight of law.
Because the vitamin activity was first identified in 1936 from a dietary fertility factor in rats, it was given the name " tocopherol " from the Greek words " τόκος ", and " φέρειν ", bear or carry meaning in sum " to carry a pregnancy ," with the ending "- ol " signifying its status as a chemical alcohol.
Just before he had left Korea, Choi apparently had a disagreement with a wrestler named Hu, and the possibility of a future confrontation inspired him to train ; in his own words, " I would imagine that these were the techniques I would use to defend myself against the wrestler, Mr. Hu, if he did attempt to carry out his promise to tear me limb from limb when I eventually returned to Korea " ( Park, 1993, p. 242 ).
The words which the initials " S. C ." represent are held secret by its members, and there are currently more than one hundred living members of the Order who guard its traditions and carry out its work.
In Dutch adjective words carry a schwa at their ending ' rood ' becomes ' rode '.
Since 2002, bottles that carry the words " bottle matured " must have enjoyed at least three years of bottle maturation before release.
* bi-directional, or full duplex, voiceband path with limited frequency range of 300 to 3400 Hz: in other words, a signal to carry the sound of the human voice both ways at once ;
Since in isolating languages words are not subject to morphology, and in analytic languages they are not marked with morphology showing their role in the sentence, word order tends to carry much importance.
In other words, it is a special feature that a corporate bond may carry.
Once a girl was chosen to be a Vestal, the pontifex pointed to her and led her away from her parents with the words, " I take you, Amata, to be a Vestal priestess, who will carry out sacred rites which it is the law for a Vestal priestess to perform on behalf of the Roman people, on the same terms as her who was a Vestal ' on the best terms '" ( thus, with all the entitlements of a Vestal ).
For speakers of English who are learning Welsh, certain programmes, particularly children's programmes and, carry subtitles on page 889 of Teletext, featuring Welsh subtitles with additional English translations in brackets next to more difficult Welsh-language words.
With the notion being that Spanish words such as La Chingada carry more context then aggressively, or intensely.
Content words, or lexical words, ( including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and most adverbs ) are words that carry the content or the meaning of a sentence and are open-class words.

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