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Historian and Avril
Historian Avril Powell notes that none of the contemporary reviews commented on Muir's view that the Muslim society was stationary and incapable of reforms, perhaps because it was quietly assumed as indisputable by most of Muir's Victorian co-nationals.

Historian and Cameron
Historian Kenneth Cameron has written that Perkins ' accomplishment was to " define the look of contemporary fly fishing and the entire social universe in which it fits, no small achievement.
Historian Paul Bew, Baron Bew, writing in The Daily Telegraph, summed up the length of the inquiry as follows: " It is astonishing to think that when the tribunal, chaired by Lord Saville, began its work in 1998, David Cameron was not even in Parliament.

Historian and explains
Historian David B. Danbom explains, " The Physiocrats damned cities for their artificiality and praised more natural styles of living.
Historian Geoff Andrews ' explains ‘ it was the role of the shop stewards in organising the Broad Lefts and influencing trade union leaders that was the key rather than organising the rank and file in defiance of leaderships ’ and so the party withdrew from rank-and-file organisations like the Building Workers Charter, and attacked " Trotskyist " tactics at the Pilkington Glass dispute in 1970.
Historian Leszek Pietrzak explains the propaganda strategies from the 1950s.
Historian Sean Wilentz explains the widespread opposition to these resolutions:
Historian Henry Brooks Adams explains that the anti-slavery North took a consistent and principled stand on states ' rights against Federal encroachment throughout its history, while the Southern states, whenever they saw an opportunity to expand slavery and the reach of the slave power, often conveniently forgot the principle of states ' rights — and fought in favor of Federal centralization:
Historian Bosworth explains: " In fact with the adoption of Persian administrative and cultural ways the Ghaznavids threw off their original Turkish steppe background and became largely integrated with the Perso-Islamic tradition.
Historian Mark Paul explains that Arad ( then Rudnicki, aged 18 ), belonged to a partisan unit which was part of the Voroshilov Brigade based in Narocz forest, involved in punitive missions against other partisan groups whom they considered as enemies.
Historian Gaines M. Foster explains how the South became known as the " Bible Belt " by connecting this characterization with changing attitudes caused by slavery's demise.
Historian John Andrew III explains how Evarts hoped to defeat the Indian Removal Act: " Evarts ' tactics were clear.
Historian Nicholas Campion has discussed the roots of the notion that celestial and psychological realms are connected, which can be traced to the sixth century BC, and in Ptolemy's case presents a mixture of Aristotelian and Stoic philosophy, resting on the Platonic view that " the soul comes from the heavens " which explains " how human character comes to be determined by the heavens ".
As an article in The Age explains, " By the time it arrived in the bookstores, The Historian had already made the news several times ".

Historian and what
Historian Patrick O ' Farrell noted in The Irish in Australia ( 1987 ) that the term " Australia first " became " what amounted to the Australian Irish Catholic slogan ".
Quoting Gérard de Nerval Art Historian Jean-Yves Heurtebise has further proposed that Dutch mannerism would typically use an otherwise general principle of Art History consisting of " the ability to capture what is different and to become different itself in this process "
Historian Barry Adam notes, " Every social movement must choose at some point what to retain and what to reject out of its past.
Military Historian Paul Davis argued in 1999, " had the Muslims been victorious at Tours, it is difficult to suppose what population in Europe could have organized to resist them.
Historian Ed Kirby tells us that traces of iron were discovered in what was to become Salisbury in 1728, with the discovery of the large deposit at Old Hill ( later Ore Hill ) in 1731 by John Pell and Ezekiel Ashley.
Historian David McCullough wrote what is widely regarded as the city's definitive history, The Johnstown Flood, in 1968.
Historian Lillian Faderman declared, " Its very establishment in the midst of witch-hunts and police harassment was an act of courage, since members always had to fear that they were under attack, not because of what they did, but merely because of who they were.
There was less emphasis on the Great Apostasy and a growing belief that the First Vision itself was not necessarily identical with Joseph Smith's later reconstructions and interpretations of the vision, what one RLDS Church Historian has called " genuine historical sophistication.
" Historian Truesdell S. Brown asserts that what Dionysius ' describes in this quote about the logographers should be categorized not as a true " history " but rather as a gazetteer.
Historian Robert C. Fuller, a professor of religious studies at Bradley University, wrote that Seth filled the role of guide for what Fuller called " unchurched American spirituality ", related to concepts of reincarnation, karma, free will, ancient metaphysical wisdom, and " Christ consciousness ".
Historian Gary B. Nash wrote of what was called the “ General Terror of November 1 – 4 ”:
Historian of Rome Erich Gruen believed that Crassus's purpose was to enrich the public treasury, since personal wealth was not what Crassus himself most lacked.
Stephen was buried on the south hill above the cave in what became known as “ The Old Guides ' Cemetery .” According to Mammoth Cave Historian Harold Meloy (“ Stephen Bishop: The Man and the Legend ”, in Caves, Cavers, and Caving, Bruce Sloane, Editor, 1977, pp 290 – 291 ), James Ross Mellon, president of the City Deposit Bank, Pittsburgh, PA, visited the cave for one week in November, 1878.
Historian Claude Bowers said that the worst part of what he called " the Tragic Era " was the extension of voting rights to freedmen, a policy he claimed led to misgovernment and corruption.
Historian Bruce Cumings noted that when Chinese soldiers and officers saw how Americans fought the war, they were surprised by how freely the Americans would resort to what they considered to be excessive and unnecessary force.
" Reviewer Julie Robertson wrote, “ I don ’ t know what I love best about Gerald Haslam ’ s writing: the validation of his own turf, his marvelous sense of history and metaphor, or his zany and poignant characters .” Historian Kevin Starr observed, “ for Haslam the Great Central Valley offers a profound and dynamic probe, an axis of approach, a metaphor, into the human condition itself .” Professor David Fine asserts, “ He writes with tolerance about intolerance, with a sense of justice about injustice and with humor that doesn ’ t stoop to condescension .” The Long Beach Press-Telegram called him simply “ the writers ’ writer .”
Historian Karin Feuerstein-Prasser has pointed out on the basis of evaluations of the correspondence between both fiancées, what different expectations Wilhelm had of both marriages: Wilhelm wrote to his sister Charlotte, the wife of Nicholas I of Russia, with reference to Elisa Radziwill: " One can love only once in life, really " and confessed with regard to Augusta, that " the Princess is nice and clever, but she leaves me cold.
Historian Paul Fussell refers to what he calls a " top out of sight " class in the United States.
Historian Eric A. Johnson used Löffler as an example of what he called " local Eichmanns " in his book, Nazi Terror: The Gestapo, Jews, and Ordinary Germans.
It is important to note, however, that few scholars today believe that Sima Qian's account of the book-burning in the Records of the Grand Historian -- the source of our knowledge about this event -- reflects what actually happened.

Historian and Council
* Elizabeth Kostova, former AUBG Board Member, AUBG University Council member since 2011, author of the bestselling novels The Historian and The Swan Thieves
The launch of a professional journal, The Public Historian, in 1978, and the founding of the National Council on Public History in 1979 further served to give public-minded historians in the academy and isolated practitioners outside of it a sense that they shared a set of missions, experiences, and methods.

Historian and meant
" Historian Richard Ellis ( 1998 ) says that the SDS's search for their own identity " increasingly meant rejecting, even demonizing, liberalism.
Nowadays, many Sinologists argue that the “ burying of scholars ”, as recorded in Grand Historian, is not literally true, as the term probably meant simply " put to death.
Historian Jackson Turner Main wrote that, " to them, the man of ' federal principles ' approved of ' federal measures ,' which meant those that increased the weight and authority or extended the influence of the Confederation Congress.
Historian Tim Judah notes that in the early stage of the war the initial preponderance of Serbs in the Partisans meant in effect a Serbian civil war had broken out.
Historian John Birkenmeier notes that: " Byzantium's lack of a navy [...] meant that Venice could regularly extort economic privileges, determine whether invaders, such as the Normans or Crusaders entered the Empire, and parry any Byzantine attempts to restrict Venetian commercial or naval activity.
Historian John T. Alexander argues that these raids, though not directly meant to help Pugachev, ultimately did help by adding to the chaos that the Imperial forces had to deal with.

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