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Historically and large
Historically, the size of farms and landed estates in the United Kingdom was usually expressed in acres ( or acres, roods, and perches ), even if the number of acres was so large that it might conveniently have been expressed in square miles.
* Historically, valve amplifiers often used a class-A power amplifier simply because valves are large and expensive ; many class-A designs use only a single device.
Historically, in the warm Middle Eastern and Mediterranean climates, the courtyard served to accommodate the large number of worshippers during Friday prayers.
Historically, Sicily was a large source of sulfur in the Industrial Revolution.
Historically, Samaritans were a large community — up to more than a million in late Roman times, but were then gradually reduced to several tens of thousands a few centuries ago — their unprecedented demographic shrinkage has been a result of various historical events, including, most notably, the bloody suppression of the Third Samaritan Revolt ( 529 CE ) against the Byzantine Christian rulers, and mass conversion to Islam in the Early Muslim period of Palestine.
Historically, large sacks often contained grains ; thus the association of these knots with the miller's trade.
Historically agarics and boletes ( which bear their spores on a hymenium of gills or tubes respectively ) were classified quite separately from the gasteroid fungi, such as puff-balls and truffles, of which the spores are formed in a large mass enclosed in an outer skin.
Historically, Hinduism has only recently had a large influence in western countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada.
Historically, tree farming, trucking, and pulp production have characterized a large portion of the local economy.
Historically, attendee lists have been weighted towards bankers, politicians, and directors of large businesses.
Historically, the purpose of covering a bridge was to protect the large timbers and trusses from the elements.
Historically there was a large Pennsylvania Dutch ( from Pennsylvania Deutsch or German ) population.
Historically, Sassenheim had a large bulbflower industry but this has now all but disappeared, only a few fields remain.
Historically there is a large Pennsylvania Dutch population.
Historically there is a large Pennsylvania Dutch population.
Historically, a farad was regarded as an inconveniently large unit, both electrically and physically.
Historically, the city was previously known for its two large flour mills.
Historically Thornhill ( St. Michael ) was a large ecclesiastical parish in the wapentake of Agbrigg, West Riding of Yorkshire which joined the Dewsbury Poor Law Union in 1837.
Historically, because large groups of people have been able to bring about dramatic and sudden social change in a manner that bypasses established due process, they have also provoked controversy.
Historically, however, Almaty does have a record of some large destructive earthquakes.
Historically, it was also the name of a large Wyandot town along the river.
Historically in Europe, Lobaria pulmonaria was collected in large quantities as " Lungwort " and, due to its lung-like appearance, was sold as a cure for lung diseases.
Historically, in telephone switches, connections between callers were arranged with large, expensive banks of electromechanical relays, Strowger switches.
Historically, in the British Empire ( most of which would become the Commonwealth ) High Commissioners were envoys of the Imperial Government appointed to manage protectorates or groups of territories not fully under the sovereignty of the British Crown, while Crown colonies ( which were British sovereign territory ) would normally be administered by a Governor and the most significant possessions, large confederations and the independent Commonwealth Dominions would be headed by a Governor-General.

Historically and Irish
Historically, Newfoundland was also home to unique varieties of French, and Irish, as well as the now-extinct Beothuk language.
Historically, the counties of Meath, Westmeath and small parts of surrounding counties constituted the province of Mide, which was one of the " Five Fifths " of Ireland ( in the Irish language the word for province, Cuige, from Cuig, five means " a fifth "); however, these have long since become the three northernmost counties of Leinster province.
Historically, it was anglicised as Tirowen or Tyrowen, which are closer to the Irish pronunciation.
Historically, the principal ministers for Irish ( and subsequently Northern Ireland ) affairs in the UK Government and its predecessors were:
Historically, the prefixes Mc and M in Irish and Scottish surnames were taken to be abbreviations for Mac, and alphabetized as if they were spelled out as Mac in full.
Historically in old Irish, as a rule, syncope happened whenever the addition of an ending gave rise to syncope.
Historically the premier banking organisation in Ireland, the Bank occupies a unique position in Irish banking history.
Historically, Irish Guards officers were often drawn from British public schools, particularly those with a Roman Catholic affiliation, such as Ampleforth College, Downside School and Stonyhurst College.
Historically, much of the population of Miles Platting was of Irish Catholic or Italian descent, as evidenced by the large Corpus Christi Priory on Varley Street.
Historically the largest party in the Republic, and the governing party for most of the last 80 years, Fianna Fáil has supported reunification since its foundation, when it split from Sinn Féin in 1926 in protest at the party's policy of refusal to accept the legitimacy of the partitioned Irish state.
Historically within Lancashire, it then runs south of Formby and empties into the Irish Sea, near the edge of the Mersey estuary at Hightown.
Historically it was called Cuan Snámh-Aighneach, Snámh-Aighneach or Cuan Cairlinne in Irish.
Historically, the people of Lahardane and the surrounding area helped the French army under General Humbert during the 1798 uprising when the local priest, Fr Andrew Conroy, led French and Irish forces to Castlebar though the Windy Gap, a passage though the Mountains.
Historically, the name " St Georges Channel " was used interchangeably with " Irish Sea " or " Irish Channel " to encompass all the waters between Ireland to the west and Great Britain to the east.
Historically, Hyde Park's residents were people from Polish, Italian, and Irish ethnicities similar to South Boston, Charlestown, and Dorchester, Massachusetts.
Historically, the shipping services were exclusively an " extension " of the railways across the English Channel and the Irish Sea in order to provide through, integrated services to Europe and Ireland.
Historically, various substances such as egg whites, blood, milk, fish swim bladder derivatives and Irish moss have been used as finings.
Historically, after the enactment of Catholic Emancipation in 1829, a great number of Catholics served in senior positions in the British empire of the 19th century, some of whom supported various forms of Irish home rule, while others did not.
Historically it was called Keerhannaun or Keerhanaun, which are anglicisations of its Irish name.
Historically, relations between French and Irish have been generally positive, as both peoples shared a common religion, Roman Catholicism, and a more powerful common Protestant enemy, England ( later the United Kingdom ).
Historically, the settlement is linked with St. Máelrubai ( Old Irish form ) or Maelrubha, who came to Scotland in 671 from the major Irish monastery of Bangor, County Down.
Historically it was associated with the Jacobite movement until 1766, and with Irish nationalism after Catholic emancipation was secured in 1829.

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