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Historically and Northern
The latitude of the North Pole is 90 ° N, and the latitude of the South Pole is 90 ° S. Historically, mariners calculated latitude in the Northern Hemisphere by sighting the North Star Polaris with a sextant and sight reduction tables to take out error for height of eye and atmospheric refraction.
Historically, the Arapaho had assisted the Cheyenne and Lakota people in driving the Kiowa and Comanche south from the Northern Plains, their hunting area ranged from Montana to Texas.
Historically, Hutto was not established until 1876 when the International-Great Northern Railroad passed through land owned by James Emory Hutto ( 1824-1914 ), for whom the community is named.
Historically it was an important destination for pilgrims coming from all of Northern Europe.
Historically, Trimble and Mason counties have also been included in " Northern Kentucky ".
Historically, the principal ministers for Irish ( and subsequently Northern Ireland ) affairs in the UK Government and its predecessors were:
Historically, Eastern Catholic Churches were located in Eastern Europe, the Asian Middle East, Northern Africa, and India.
Historically, immigrants who came from the Christian provinces of Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon tended to settle in the Northern part of Lanao while the Maranaos inhabited the south.
Historically, various Gallo-Romance languages were spoken in France, except for some outlying regions ( Corsica, western Brittany, French Basque country, French Flanders, Alsace and part of Lorraine ); the Wallonia region of Belgium ; the Romandy region of Switzerland ; the Channel Islands ; portions of the Spanish Pyrenees ; and in Northern Italy.
Historically the grant for the Northern Neck included all land between the Rappahannock and Potomac rivers including far upstream of King George.
Historically the role of Queen's King's Printer extended to other official publishing responsibilities, e. g. the rights to print, publish and import the King James Bible and Book of Common Prayer within England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Historically, the Pamir Mountains were considered a strategic trade route between Kashgar and Kokand on the Northern Silk Road and have been subject to numerous territorial conquests.
Historically, Ardrossan has been part of the UK parliament constituencies North Ayrshire ( 1868 – 1918 ), Bute and Northern Ayrshire ( 1918 – 1983 ) and Cunninghame North ( 1983 – 2005 ).
Historically, social informatics research has been strong in the Scandinavian countries, the UK and Northern Europe.
Historically, the Sami inhabited all of Northern Russia, Finland, and Eastern Karelia for a long time, though the Eastern Sami became assimilated into Finnish and Karelian populations after settlers from Häme, Savo, and Karelia migrated into the region.
Historically, the La Spezia-Rimini Line marked a series of isoglosses that distinguished Northern Italian speech from that of Tuscany, home of the standard Italian language.
Historically, social informatics research has been strong in the Scandinavian countries, the UK and Northern Europe.
Historically, Ardrossan has been part of the UK parliament constituencies North Ayrshire ( 1868 – 1918 ), Bute and Northern Ayrshire ( 1918 – 1983 ) and Cunninghame North ( 1983 – 2005 ).
Historically the Chaco has been divided in three main parts: the Chaco Austral or Southern Chaco, south of the Bermejo River and inside Argentinian territory, blending into the Pampa region in its southernmost end ; the Chaco Central or Central Chaco between the Bermejo and the Pilcomayo River to the north, also now in Argentinian territory ; and the Chaco Boreal or Northern Chaco, north of the Pilcomayo up to the Brazilian Pantanal, inside Paraguayan territory and sharing some area with Bolivia.
Historically, Campanário was referred to as the celeiro das conquistas (), due to its importance in the cultivation of cereals that were exported to Northern Africa.
Historically, Northern Portugal had been the southern realm of Galicia ( see Gallaecia ), which up to the 12th century formed part of the combined Kingdom of Galicia and León, being this southern area known as the County of Portugal.
Historically, turf mazes were confined to Northern Europe, especially England, Germany and Denmark.
Historically, they comprised three territories: the Northern Lau Islands, the Southern Lau Islands, and the Moala Islands.

Historically and other
Historically, religion has also functioned as a tremendous engine of vindication, enforcement, sanction, and perpetuation of various other institutions.
Historically abscesses as well as boils and many other collections of pus have been treated via application of magnesium sulfate ( Epsom salt ) paste.
Historically, a great number of coinage metals ( including alloys ) and other materials ( e. g. Porcelain ) have been used practically, artistically, and experimentally in the production of coins for circulation, collection, and metal investment, where bullion coins often serve as more convenient stores of assured metal quantity and purity than other bullion.
Historically, other groups of people have also been excluded from voting.
Historically most of the music published in Esperanto has been in various folk traditions ; in recent decades more rock and other modern genres has appeared.
Historically, several number bases have been used for representing floating-point numbers, with base 2 ( binary ) being the most common, followed by base 10 ( decimal ), and other less common varieties, such as base 16 ( hexadecimal notation ), as well as some exotic ones like 3 ( see Setun ).
Historically, some ideas have been advanced to explain the apparent hairlessness of humans, as compared to other species.
Historically, hedge funds have been exempted from certain registration and reporting requirements that apply to other investment companies, because in most jurisdictions regulation permits investments in hedge funds by only " qualified " investors who are able to make an informed decision about investment decisions without relying on regulatory oversight.
Historically, IP was the connectionless datagram service in the original Transmission Control Program introduced by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn in 1974, the other being the connection-oriented Transmission Control Protocol ( TCP ).
Historically, Jordan has had relatively warm relations with Israel compared to other Arab nations.
Historically, the original Macrovision technology was considered a nuisance to some specialist users because it could interfere with other electronic equipment.
Historically very car-dependent, as of 2010, transport funding in New Zealand is still heavily dominated by money for road projects – the National government proposes to spend $ 21 billion on roading infrastructure after 2012, yet only $ 0. 7 billion on other transport projects ( public transport, walking and cycling ).
Historically, both peaceful and violent competition and integration between Oromos and other neighboring ethnicities such as the Amhara, Sidama and the Somali had an impact on politics within the Oromo community.
Historically other reference media ( e. g., air at a standardized pressure and temperature ) have been common.
Historically, in the far North, meats such as reindeer, and other ( semi -) game dishes were eaten, some of which have their roots in the Sami culture, while fresh vegetables have played a larger role in the South.
Historically, France has been Togo's principal trading partner, although other European Union countries are important to Togo's economy.
Historically, a number of other units existed.
Historically, many Canadian private sector business scandals had come to light only through the intervention of the US SEC or other regulators ( Garth Drabinsky, Conrad Black, Steven Bingham being three notable examples ), due in part to the lack of whistleblower protections, plaintiff-friendly libel laws and a lack of investigative journalism due to these.
Historically the country had farming and tourism as its other main industries.
Historically, the relationship between CVS and the GNU project could appear somewhat ambiguous: the GNU Web site distributed the program, labelling it " GNU package " on one page and " other GPL-licensed project " on another.
Historically, Europe's deer species shared their deciduous forest habitat with other herbivores such as the extinct tarpan ( forest horse ), extinct aurochs ( forest ox ), and the endangered wisent ( European bison ).
Historically, local governments have exercised authority over the grid and have significant disincentives to take action that would benefit states other than their own.
Historically they have often taken the form of anagrams, Graecisms, and Latinisations, although there are many other methods of choosing a pseudonym
Historically, the salivary glands probably evolved from the waste-elimination organs known as nephridia, which are found homologously in the other body segments.

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