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Historicism and with
Historicism may be contrasted with reductionist theories, which suppose that all developments can be explained by fundamental principles ( such as in economic determinism ), or theories that posit historical changes as result of random chance.
In his Poverty of Historicism, he identified historicism with the view that there are " inexorable laws of historical destiny ", which view he warned against.
Historicism is also meant to refer to the belief and practice associated with academic art that one should incorporate and conciliate the innovations of different traditions of art from the past.
It is related with what he called the ' logic of the situation ' in an Economica article of 1944 / 1945, published later in his book The Poverty of Historicism.
In its tendency to see society as consisting of texts relating to other texts, with no ' fixed ' literary value above and beyond the way specific societies read them in specific situations, New Historicism also owes something to postmodernism.
New Historicism shares many of the same theories as with what is often called cultural materialism, but cultural materialist critics are even more likely to put emphasis on the present implications of their study and to position themselves in disagreement to current power structures, working to give power to traditionally disadvantaged groups.
The Secession artists objected to the prevailing conservatism of the Vienna Künstlerhaus with its traditional orientation toward Historicism.
Klapwijk's title for this work was Between Historicism and Relativism: A Study in the Dynamics of Historicism and the Philosophical Development of Ernst Troeltsch ( with a German summary ).
The centre of the town is dominated by the building of the new town-hall, erected in 1911-1914 according to a project by prof. K. H. Kepka, replacing former military barracks, designed in the style of Historicism, with elements of Art Nouveau in the interior.
Just as New Historicism repudiated the New Critics ' rejection of historical context, so reader-response criticism arose partly from dissatisfaction with the concept of the text as icon.

Historicism and broad
" Elsewhere, Paglia has suggested that New Historicism is " a refuge for English majors without critical talent or broad learning in history or political science.

Historicism and view
In this view, grand theories are unprovable, and instead intensive field work would determine the most likely explanation and history of a culture, and hence it is named Historicism.

Historicism and history
* Karl Popper, The Poverty of Historicism, attacks the notion that the study of history can be used to predict the future.
Karl Popper used the term historicism in his influential books The Poverty of Historicism and The Open Society and Its Enemies, to mean: " an approach to the social sciences which assumes that historical prediction is their primary aim, and which assumes that this aim is attainable by discovering the ' rhythms ' or the ' patterns ', the ' laws ' or the ' trends ' that underlie the evolution of history ".
Although some critics believe that these former philosophers have made more of an impact on New Historicism as a whole, there is a popularly held recognition that Foucault ’ s ideas have passed through the New Historicist formation in history as a succession of épistémes or structures of thought that shape everyone and everything within a culture ( Myers 1989 ).
Harold Bloom criticizes the New Historicism for reducing literature to a footnote of history, and for not paying attention to the details involved in analyzing literature.
Harnessing the work of the earlier New Historicism, this emergent field of historiography began to challenge the hegemony of Medieval historians over the history which they narrate, and opens the door for new modes of thinking by the proposition that " we cannot interpret medieval culture, or any historical culture, except through the prism of the dominat concepts of our own thought worlds.
* Historicism, the Holocaust and Zionism: critical studies in modern Jewish thought and history ( New York University Press, 1992 )

Historicism and significance
Historicism is a mode of thinking that assigns a central and basic significance to a specific context, such as historical period, geographical place and local culture.

Historicism and historical
New Historicism is claimed to be a more neutral approach to historical events, and to be sensitive towards different cultures.
* Historicism: the chief goal of linguistic investigation is the description of the historical change of a language.

Historicism and .
Historicism therefore tends to be hermeneutical, because it places great importance on cautious, rigorous and contextualized interpretation of information, and / or relativist, because it rejects notions of universal, fundamental and immutable interpretations.
Post-structuralism uses the term New Historicism, which has some connections to both anthropology and Hegelianism.
This school of thought sometimes goes by the name of New Historicism.
In Popperian terms, the " New Historicism " is an example of historism rather than of historicism proper.
The Poverty of Historicism.
* Historicism vs. Art Nuoveau in architecture: Lithuanian case-True Lithuania website
Like Gloria Steinem, Faludi has criticized the obscurantism prevalent in academic feminist theorizing, saying, " There's this sort of narrowing specialization and use of coded, elitist language of deconstruction or New Historicism or whatever they're calling it these days, which is to my mind impenetrable and not particularly useful.
In total, Wuppertal possesses over 4, 500 buildings classified as national monuments, most dating from styles as Neoclassicism, Eclecticism, Historicism, Art Nouveau / Jugendstil and Bauhaus.
" The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association 24. 1, Cultural Studies and New Historicism ( 1991 ): 39-49.
The more recent influence of New Historicism and post-colonial studies have yielded readings of Shakespeare that typify the play as subversive, or challenging the status quo of Western imperialism.
Historicism considers that most prophecy has been or will be fulfilled during the present church age.
There are also villas, particularly in the city's villa districts such as Kamienna Góra where Historicism inspired Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque architecture.
Cultural Materialism and New Historicism.
* Howard, Thomas Albert, Religion and the Rise of Historicism: W. M. L.
However more ambitious movements also developed from this insight into human culture, initially Romanticism and Historicism, and eventually both the Communism of Karl Marx, and the modern forms of nationalism inspired by the French Revolution, including, in one extreme, the German Nazi movement.
There are also villas, particularly in the city's villa districts such as Kamienna Góra where Historicism inspired Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque architecture.

says and Biblical
Christian author and counselor Joe Dallas says that the Biblical passages relating to homosexual acts uniformly prohibit that behavior.
Ruth A. Drayer's book, Numerology, The Power in Numbers ( Square One Publishers ) says that around the turn of the century ( from 1800 to 1900 A. D .) Mrs. L. Dow Balliett combined Pythagoras ' work with Biblical reference.
Wanting to establish a " Second Garden of Eden " in this part of the Santa Clara River Valley, Cook specified, tradition says, that the acreage be planted with fruits identified with the Biblical garden — apricots, dates, figs, grapes, olives and pomegranates.
There is a Biblical source for this idea in Deuteronomy ( 31: 18 ), where God says that " I will surely hide My face on that day " (" Hester Panim " in Hebrew ).
As a Biblical critic he is sometimes classed with the destructive school, but, as Otto Pfleiderer says ( Development of Theology ), he " occupied as free a position as the Rationalists with regard to the literal authority of the creeds of the church, but that he sought to give their due value to the religious feelings, which the Rationalists had not done, and, with a more unfettered mind towards history, to maintain the connection of the present life of the church with the past.
Again using a Biblical example, the female speaker says to her lover, “ Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth …” ( Song of Solomon 1. 2 ).
The Talmud often says of the interpretations of a baraita: " The Biblical passage should be merely a support.
The tanna also often says frankly that he does not cite the Biblical word as proof, but as a mere suggestion of the halakha, or as an allusion to it.
For instance, the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy says, " We affirm that inspiration, strictly speaking, applies only to the autographic text of Scripture.
The Biblical Temple of Solomon was not destroyed, says Fomenko-it is still known to us as the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople = Old Testament Jerusalem ( in the period 14-16th centuries ).
The Hebrew text of is somewhat ambiguous as to whether it was Asshur himself ( as the 1611 Authorized Version says ), or Nimrod ( as in some other English translations ) who, according to Biblical tradition, built the Assyrian cities of Nineveh, Resen, Rehoboth-Ir and Calah, since the name Asshur can refer to both the person and the country.
The society teaches the Biblical works of Jesus Christ while also incorporating the Gnostic Gospels ( ex: Gospel of Mary Magdalene ), and says that while the Bible is a " marvellous book " and should be used as a teaching tool, it is not the " unaltered word of God ".
Part of the Biblical basis for it can be seen in the words of the Apostle Paul in, which famously says:
The date of his reign is not clear, but Geoffrey says that Leir's father lived at the same time as the Biblical prophet Elijah.
The book offers readers a 40-day personal spiritual journey, and presents what Warren says are God's five purposes for human life on Earth and describes itself as " a blueprint for Christian living in the 21st Century ... using about 350 references to the Bible, may be this amounts to over 1200 Biblical verses and quotes to challenge the conventional definitions of Christian Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Christian Ministry and Evangelism.
Biblical infallibility is the belief that what the Bible says regarding matters of faith and Christian practice is wholly useful and true.
A wiki list of Biblical names says it means " viol ; honeycomb ".

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