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Honigmann and view
Honigmann and Grace Ioppolo as supporting this view.

Honigmann and King
Honigmann elaborated these arguments, both in his preface to the second Arden edition of King John, and in his 1982 monograph on Shakespeare's influence on his contemporaries.

Honigmann and I
" Various uses of the word ' black ' ( for example, " Haply for I am black ") are insufficient evidence for any accurate racial classification, Honigmann argues, since ' black ' could simply mean ' swarthy ' to Elizabethans.

Honigmann and was
Daniel and Honigmann believe that an original version of the play existed in which Hortensio was simply a friend of Petruchio's, and had no involvement in the Bianca subplot, but wishing to complicate things, Shakespeare rewrote the play, expanding Hortensio's role, but not fully correcting everything to fit the presence of a new suitor.
Honigmann also agrees, in his ' early start ' theory of 1982 ( which argues that Shakespeare's first play was Titus Andronicus, which Honigmann posits was written in 1586 ).
Her mother, Litzi Friedman, was the first wife of Kim Philby and her father, Georg Honigmann, was the chief editor of the " Berliner Zeitung ".

Honigmann and for
Daniel and Honigmann cite Act 2, Scene 1, where Hortensio is omitted from the scene where Tranio ( as Lucentio ) and Gremio bid for Bianca, despite the fact that everyone knows Hortensio is also a suitor.
Honigmann for example, dissents from the most common dating of the plays with his " early start theory " by pushing back the beginning of Shakespeare's career four or five years beginning with the composition of Titus Andronicus in 1586 instead of following Chambers.

Honigmann and Othello
Roderigo calls Othello ' the thicklips ', which seems to refer to European conceptions of Sub-Saharan African physiognomy, but Honigmann counters that, as these comments are all intended as insults by the characters, they need not be taken literally.

Honigmann and .
Honigmann, the editor of the Arden Shakespeare edition, concluded that Othello's race is ambiguous.
Georgian academician Shalva Nutsubidze and Belgian professor Ernest Honigmann were authors of a theory identifying pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite with Peter the Iberian.
Honigmann in 1954.
* Honigmann, E. A. J.
Honigmann discerned in the play the influence of John Foxe's Acts and Monuments, Matthew Paris ' Historia Maior, and the Wakefield Chronicle, but Muir demonstrated that this apparent influence could be explained by the priority of the Troublesome Reign, which contains similar or identical matter.
Honigmann, suggests he may have written it prior to his arrival ) and, as such, he lacked theatrical experience.
Barbara Honigmann ( born 12 February 1949 in Berlin ) is a German author and artist.
Barbara Honigmann is the daughter of German-Jewish emigrants, who returned to East Berlin in 1947 after a period of exile in Great Britain.
* Prof E. A. J. Honigmann, Joseph Cowen Professor of English Literature from 1970-89 at Newcastle University

discusses and view
47-52 ), which discusses marriage from the personalist point of view.
The " liberal arts " or " liberal pursuits " ( Latin liberalia studia ) were already so called in formal education during the Roman Empire ; for example, Seneca the Younger discusses liberal arts in education from a critical Stoic point of view in Moral Epistle 88.
In both Universals and Scientific Realism and Universals: An Opinionated Introduction, Armstrong describes the relative merits of a number of nominalist theories which appeal either to " natural classes " ( a view he ascribes to Anthony Quinton ), concepts, resemblance relations or predicates, and also discusses non-realist " trope " accounts ( which he describes in the Universals and Scientific Realism volumes as " particularism ").
Almost all rabbinic literature published since the Middle Ages discusses Rashi, either using his view as supporting evidence or debating against it.
This view is sometimes called the picture theory of language, but Wittgenstein discusses various representational picturing relationships, including non-linguistic " pictures " such as photographs and sculptures ( TLP 2. 1 – 2. 225 ).
The third view, which von Guericke discusses at length, but does not attribute to any individual, is that Space is a creation of the human Imagination.
Rogers also discusses this issue in her book " Anselm on Freedom ", using the term " four-dimensionalism " rather than " eternalism " for the view that " the present moment is not ontologically privileged ", and commenting that " Boethius and Augustine do sometimes sound rather four-dimensionalist, but Anselm is apparently the first consistently and explicitly to embrace the position.
Plantinga discusses his view of Reformed epistemology and Proper functionalism in a three volume series.
His book Peer To Peer ( 2002 ) discusses different P2P solutions both from a technical and legal point of view.
Also, Robert Browning uses the term " Tertium Quid " in his long narrative poem " The Ring and the Book " to describe a speaker with a third point of view who has a different, more balanced, opinion on the 1698 Roman murder case his poem discusses, different from the opinions of " Half Rome " and " The Other Half Rome " who strongly sympathize with, or strongly do not sympathize with, the accused.
Heusenstamm: Ontos, 2008 ). The Fragment on Mackintosh severely criticizes the alleged flimsiness and misrepresentations of Sir James Mackintosh's famous Dissertation on the Progress of Ethical Philosophy ( 1830 ), and discusses the foundations of ethics from the author's utilitarian point of view.
In part 2 he discusses the " false or theological essence of religion ," i. e. the view which regards God as having a separate existence over against humankind.
In the book " The McDonaldization of Society " by George Ritzer, he discusses and provides his perspective of the modern world in the view of fast-food restaurant.
In Postman's view multiculturalism is a separatist movement that destroys American unity but on the other hand, he discusses teaching through diversity as an important theme that should be utilized in regard to teaching history, culture and language.
He discusses the naval establishment, not from the naval point of view alone, but from the general aspect of the constitution of which it is a detail, and is thus led to consider the nature of the constitution itself, and to show that it is not an artificial structure but a growth and product of the natural character.
: This page discusses a philosophical view on free will.
A brief monograph by the philosopher Benjamin Fondane, dating from 1944 ( just prior to his deportation and death ) and published in 1998, discusses the limitations of Lupasco ’ s view of affectivity and ontology.
Like Bernardi, Austin discusses racial stereotypes in the episode ; citing Bernardi, he argues that, instead of considering " the Yangs as noble savages, the Yangs can now be seen as an example of the result of mindless nationalism run amok, albeit still salvageable in Roddenberry's ever-optimistic view of the future.
This view of the world taught by Aristotle and followed by Alexander is apparent in Aristotle's Meteorologica, a treatise on earth sciences where he discusses the " length " and " width " of " the inhabited earth.
Foley briefly discusses also the chapter On Machinery, which Ricardo included in a revised version of the Principles and in which he discusses the impact of the adoption of machinery on the different classes of society, revising his earlier view that mechanization could be expected to be of benefit to each of the classes of the society.
" King Mu of Zhou " discusses sense perceptions as illusions ; " Endeavor and Destiny " takes a fatalistic ( if not karmic ) view of destiny, which goes against the traditional Daoist concept of Wuwei.
Barnard's classic 1938 book The Functions of the Executive discusses, as the title suggests, the functions of the executive, but not from a merely intuitive point of view, but instead deriving them from his conception of cooperative systems.
)", in Journal Of World Systems Research, Volume XIV, Number 1 ( 2008 ) PDF ( discusses the Egyptian view of Nubia during the Middle and New Kingdom

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