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Page "adventure" ¶ 35
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

How and did
How did it happen, for example, that the state university, that great symbol of American democracy, failed to flourish in New England as it did in other parts of the country??
How did you find out about this ''??
How did they miss him when they got Slater??
`` How long did you study??
How titillating it was to go among people who did not know him as the composer, but who talked in the most glowing terms of the promise of the piece after having heard the first rehearsals.
How did one join them??
How in the world did one attach a pegboard to a stone wall??
How did one attach anything to a stone wall, for that matter??
How did I get to be sixty-five so fast??
How many children did the King have??
How far and in what fashion did it modify the new nation which was emerging in the midst of the forces shaping the revolutionary age??
`` How did you get by the desk ''??
How did he start on such a ride to brief glory??
`` How did you know ''??
In addition, works published before 1964 that did not have their copyrights renewed 28 years after first publication year also are in the public domain, except that books originally published outside the US by non-Americans are exempt from this requirement, if they are still under copyright in their home country ( see How Can I Tell Whether a Copyright Was Renewed for more details ).
* " On Thin Ice: How Advocates and Opponents Could Misread the Public's Views on Vouchers and Charter Schools ," Public Agenda, 1999 Public opinion study that concluded most Americans did not understand the voucher concept, even in communities that already had such programs.
Works rivaling the British short in length did not appear until 1905, when Edwin Porter made How Jones Lost His Roll, and The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog.
' ... How often did we hear that on the set?
In 1981, Ariel Roth, in defense of the creation science position in the trial McLean v. Arkansas, said of " complex integrated structures " that " This system would not be functional until all the parts were there ... How did these parts survive during evolution ...?
# The punster: the punch line, which typically involves a pun-based misusage of the word set up during the response ( How did you know?!
# How did it / does it evolve?
The Sumerians also posed philosophical questions, such as: Who are we ?, Where are we ?, How did we get here ?.
How, and where did you obtain the book of Mormon?

How and we
How will we work it out ''??
How can we make sense of this division??
How do we define it ''??
How can we old-fashioned parents, who still feel that adults are due some respect from children, battle the new type of advertising that appears on TV without denying the children the use of television entirely??
How many times must we get burned before we learn??
How much fallout will we get??
How can we have a good city unless we respect morality ''??
How we travel through the forest is for each man's conscience.
`` How many pamphlets do we have in stock ''??
Or `` How do we enrich our already fine marriage ''??
How to achieve this objective is a problem, but we are not divided on what we want.
( 3 ) How can we be sure that his sense of touch was not profoundly disturbed by his head injury??
How can we have the wisdom to meet such a new and difficult challenge??
How best to define the term “ art ” is a subject of constant contention ; many books and journal articles have been published arguing over even the basics of what we mean by the term “ art ”.
How beautiful look earth and heaven again, as we emerge from the gloom!
How closely we can extrapolate towards the singularity is debated — certainly no closer than the end of the Planck epoch.
Some questions in the study of visual perception, for example, include: ( 1 ) How are we able to recognize objects ?, ( 2 ) Why do we perceive a continuous visual environment, even though we only see small bits of it at any one time?
Also, in Chapter XI ( entitled ' How to compare two different Systems of Laws ') of Book XXIX he advises that " to determine which of those systems the French and English systems for the punishment of false witnesses is most agreeable to reason, we must take them each as a whole and compare them in their entirety.
How can we get people in the U. S. to see what's happening here when so many of the groups who come down are pro-Sandinista?

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