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However and 40
However, the region is visited by more than 40, 000 tourists annually, the most popular destinations being the Antarctic Peninsula area ( especially the South Shetland Islands ) and South Georgia Island.
However it is now thought this was probably a deliberate change in composition and overall the use of brass increases over this period making up around 40 % of all copper alloys used in the Roman world by the 4th century AD.
However, dropped bubbles ( that is, bubbles that were hanging from popped bubbles ), are worth far more: one dropped bubble scores 20 points ; two score 40 ; three score 80.
However, the Californian, North African ( Atlas bear ), and Mexican subspecies were hunted to extinction in the 1870s, 1922, and more recently, respectively, and the not officially recognized Marsican brown bear in central Italy is believed to have a population of just 30 to 40 bears.
However, during the lean years even crowds of 40, 000 were swallowed up by the cavernous environment.
However, the Philadelphia Phillies cut the lead to two by the All-star break, as the Cubs sat 19 games over. 500, but they swooned late in the season, going 20 – 40 after July 31.
However, outfielder Ellis Burks picked up the slack with an All-Star season, batting. 344 with 40 homers and 128 RBI — one of three Rockies to hit forty or more homers that season, along with Galarraga and Castilla.
However, as mentioned above, unemployment has remained high at over 40 percent in recent years.
However, Zoff's greatest feat came in the 1982 FIFA World Cup, where he captained Italy to victory in the tournament at the age of 40, making him the oldest ever winner of the World Cup.
However, a referendum on devolution in 1979 was unsuccessful as it did not achieve the support of 40 % of the electorate ( despite a small majority of those who voted supporting the proposal.
However, a referendum on devolution in 1979 was unsuccessful as it did not achieve the necessary support of 40 per cent of the electorate ( despite a small majority of those who voted supporting the proposal ) and the SNP went into electoral decline during the 1980s.
However, the Jamaican dollar has been slipping, despite intervention, resulting in an average exchange rate of J $ 73. 40 per US $ 1. 00 and J136. 2 per € 1. 00 ( February 2011 ).
However, the Bulgarian army was partially recruited from the local population, which formed as much as 40 % to 60 % of the soldiers in certain battalions.
However, according to Der Spiegel, the authorities failed to act on the tip, and have never acknowledged it in the following 40 years.
However, through the careful histological examinations of Ramón y Cajal ( 1852 – 1934 ), a 20 to 40 nm gap between neurons, known today as the synaptic cleft, was discovered.
However, the commission also recommended that the French work on the Panama Canal should be taken over if it could be purchased for no more than $ 40, 000, 000.
However, those traveling north of the city can go into the Midwest on a four-lane thoroughfare via US 271 across the Red River into Oklahoma, and then the Indian Nation Turnpike from Hugo to Interstate 40 at Henryetta, which in turn continues as a free four-lane highway via US 75 to Tulsa.
However, a decree of 29 May 1918 imposed obligatory military service for men of ages 18 to 40.
However, this proved unsustainable and the economy consequently shrank by 40 % in the 90s.
However a section near Madrid has been squatted, becoming a linear city of about 40, 000 people and 15 km in length.
However, Brandon Mitchell blocked the kick, Troy Brown picked up the ball at the 40 and ran 11 yards before lateraling to Antwan Harris, who took it 49 yards for a touchdown that made the score 21 – 3.
However, this misunderstanding has begun to dissipate over the past 40 years as Swahili civilization is becoming recognized as principally African in origin.
However, the majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by military age men, aged 16 – 40.
However, an opinion poll in April 2008 suggested the result of any referendum on Scottish independence could be close as support for independence had reached 41 % with just 40 % supporting retention of the Union.

However and %
However, another randomized controlled trial found primary closure led to 35 % failing to heal primarily and primary closure longer median number of days to closure ( 8. 9 versus 7. 8 ).
However, during the tour of Australia in 2006 / 7, the MCC official accompanying the urn said the veil legend had been discounted, and it was now " 95 % certain " that the urn contains the ashes of a cricket bail.
However, very small amounts of steel, ( an alloy of iron and around 1 % carbon ), was always a byproduct of the bloomery process.
However after the bankruptcy of old Viola, both Roma and Lazio had increased it shares ratio from 25 % to 37. 5 %.
However, other scholars have argued that though 80 % of al-Andalus converted to Islam, it did not truly occur until near the 10th century.
However, this was significantly less successful than conventional regulation in the European Union, which saw a decrease of over 70 % in SO < sub > 2 </ sub > emissions during the same time period.
However the large number of copper-zinc alloys now known suggests that at least some were deliberately manufactured and many have zinc contents of more than 12 % wt which would have resulted in a distinctive golden color.
However, as of September 2006, the PPM stands at 87. 5 % after a period of steady increases in the annual moving average since 2003.
However, the number of children attending bilingual classes has risen 27 % between 2006 and 2011 to 14, 129.
However, BSI makes standards available to these libraries only under licence restrictions which forbid loan, inter-library loan, open-shelf access, and copying of more than 10 % of a document by library users.
However, the mountainous landscape of Chile limits the extent and intensity of agriculture so that arable land corresponds only to 2. 62 % of the total territory.
However, 80 % of FDI continues to go to only four sectors: electricity, gas, water and mining.
However, in October 2004, the Cuban government announced an end to this policy: from November US dollars would no longer be legal tender in Cuba, but would instead be exchanged for convertible pesos ( since April 2005 at the exchange rate of $ 1. 08 ) with a 10 % tax payable to the state on the exchange of US dollars cash — though not on other forms of exchange.
However, at the collegiate level cheerleading is a co-ed sport with about 50 % of participants being male.
However, unlike the 1571, which is nearly 100 % backward-compatible with the 1541, the 1581 has limited compatibility with Commodore's earlier drives.
However, the use of advanced nuclear magnetic resonance methods to directly measure the mobility of water in living cells contradicts this idea, as it suggests that 85 % of cell water acts like that pure water, while the remainder is less mobile and probably bound to macromolecules.
However, because of the fat tails of the Cauchy distribution, the efficiency of the estimator decreases if more than 24 % of the sample is used.
However, several landmarks have been achieved in the fight against it in Latin America, including a reduction by 72 % of the incidence of human infection in children and young adults in the countries of the Southern Cone Initiative, and at least three countries ( Uruguay, in 1997, and Chile, in 1999, and Brazil in 2006 ) have been certified free of vectorial and transfusional transmission.
However, U. S. law permits " blended " whisky to contain up to 80 % un-aged grain neutral spirits ( with an age statement on the label that refers only to the " straight " part of the blend ), while Canadian law requires that all of the spirits in a Canadian whisky be aged for at least three years.
However, it is not clear where the number 27 % of the GDP came from.
However, following NTL's acquisition of Virgin Mobile, the NTL and Telewest services were rebranded Virgin Media on February 8, 2007, creating a single cable operator covering more than 95 % of the UK cable market.
However only a small minority actually had a voice ; Parliament was elected by only a few percent of the population, ( less than 3 % as late as 1780 ), and the power to call parliament was at the pleasure of the monarch ( usually when he or she needed funds ).

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