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However and Ancient
However, perhaps the first organised attempt to conserve cultural patrimony was the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings in the UK, influenced by the writings of John Ruskin the society was founded by William Morris and Philip Webb in 1877.
However, early church documents, such as those of the First Council of Nicaea ( 325 ) had always listed the Pope of Rome first among the Ancient Patriarchs ( first four, and later five: Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem — collectively referred to as the Pentarchy ).
However, breathy-voiced and aspirated stops are acoustically similar in that in both cases there is an audible period of breathiness following the stop, and in the history of various languages ( e. g. Ancient Greek, Mandarin Chinese ), breathy-voiced stops have subsequently developed into voiceless aspirated stops.
However, the Laudatio Turiae, the longest known Ancient Roman epitaph exceeds almost all of these at 180 lines ; it celebrates the virtues of a wife, probably of a consul.
However, the name " Mormon " is also used in the Book of Mormon as a place name ( e. g. Waters of Mormon ), which Ancient America Foundation scholar David Lamb uses to offer an alternate explanation for the title:
However, the paleographic analysis of the Ancient Turkic runes, in turn, leads to a conclusion about very early forming date for the Turkic runic alphabet in Southern Siberia and Jeti-Su, not later than the middle of the 1st millennium BC.
However, the power of the dictator was so absolute that Ancient Romans were hesitant in electing one, reserving this decision only to times of severe emergencies.
However, being easy to cast and shape, it came to be extensively used in the classical world of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome for piping and storage of water.
However in " The Ancient Celts " by Barry Cunliffe, on page 94 of that book, Professor Cunliffe writes ," All these pieces of equipment spears, swords, mail armour, mentioned in the texts, are reflected in the archaeological record and in the surviving iconography, though it is sometimes possible to detect regional variations.
However, according to Claudia Zaslavsky's book Tic Tac Toe: And Other Three-In-A Row Games from Ancient Egypt to the Modern Computer, Tic-Tac-Toe could originate back to ancient Egypt.
However, it is possible to trace the origin of the word " ratio " to the Ancient Greek λόγος ( logos ).
However, Dominic Montserrat in Akhenaten: History, Fantasy and Ancient Egypt argues that " there is now a broad consensus among Egyptologists that the exaggerated forms of Akhenaten's physical portrayal ... are not to be read literally ".
However, the existence of several examples of other, lesser settlements, that share this name in Northumberland-particularly one north of Barrasford in North Tynedale, and another outside Hartburn, east of Morpeth-suggests that it may be derived from some actual feature of the landscape, or former land-use, that has since been forgotten ( one exotic suggestion for the North Tynedale example being the Ancient British term " Beddan Maes ", meaning " burial ground "-although this suggestion has never been offered to explain the name of the Durham settlement ).
The primary blocking consisted of a wall of cemented limestone blocks, plastered and stamped with the seal of the Royal Necropolis ( with the jackal and nine captives motif ).< ref name =" reeves p. 42 "> Reeves, C. N., < cite > Valley of the Kings </ cite > ( Kegan Paul, 1990 ) p. 42 </ ref > Weigall later stated that a fragment of Tutankhamun's seal had been recovered from this original blocking .< ref > Weigall, A. E. P. B., < cite > The Treasury of Ancient Egypt </ cite > ( Rand McNally and Company, 1912 ) p. 208 </ ref > However, his statement is not corroborated by any of the other reports dating from the initial discovery, leaving Weigall's claim open to question .< ref > Davis, T. M., < cite > The Tomb of Queen Tiyi </ cite >, ( KMT Communications, 1990 ) p. vi .</ ref >< ref > Bell, M. R., < cite >" An Armchair Excavation of KV 55 ", JARCE 27 ( 1990 )</ cite > p. 136 </ ref >
ISBN 0-500-28552-7 </ ref > However, a finely made vulture pectoral — a symbol of royalty in Ancient Egypt — was still found placed around this mummy's head.
However several stratifications can be easily observed in the code, beginning with pre-Indoeuropean, Indoeuropean, Ancient Greek, Roman, general Balkan and Osmanli.
However a consistent pattern of artistic development within Europe becomes clear only with the art of Ancient Greece, adopted and transformed by Rome and carried ; with the Empire, across much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
However it is Ancient Egypt's mysterious and compelling architecture that has had the most impact on modern art historians.
However, a formal Neo-Grec group of artists was created in the mid 19th century after growing interest in Ancient Greece and Rome, and especially the later excavations at Pompeii.
However, the intertwining of cakes and birthday celebrations stretch back to the Ancient Romans.
However, over the course of the last century, the field has expanded to include discussions of the elaborate mosaic of cultures that produced the civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome.
However, the pronunciation of Ancient words has fluctuated during the millennia the language was used.
However the influence of the ancient Near Eastern legal tradition on the Law of Ancient Israel is recognised and well documented.

However and Egyptian
However, according to Lucius Tarrutius of Firmum, Romulus and Remus were conceived in the womb on the 23rd day of the Egyptian month Choiac, at the time of a total eclipse of the Sun.
However, the similarity between the central concerns of Job and those of certain ancient Babylonian and Egyptian texts reveals a shared interest in the question of why the innocent suffer.
However, an Assyrian king Ashur-uballit II held out at the Assyrian city of Harran, resisting until 605 BC, when the remnants of the Assyrian Army and an Egyptian force were defeated at Karchemish.
However, the Council would determine ( with the exception of 13 Egyptian bishops ) that this was an issue of wording and not of doctrine ; a committee of bishops appointed to study the orthodoxy of the Tome using Cyril's letters ( which included the twelve anathemas ) as their criteria unanimously determined it to be orthodox, and the Council, with few exceptions, supported this.
However, the Egyptian presidential election, 2012 occurred without a new constitution.
However, relations were strained for a time following the 26 June 1995 assassination attempt against Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak as he was leaving the OAU summit meeting in Addis Ababa.
However, the La Marle interpretation of Linear A has been rejected by John Younger of Kansas University showing that La Marle has invented erroneous and arbitrary new transcriptions based on resemblances with many different script systems at will ( as Phoenician, Hieroglyphic Egyptian, Hieroglyphic Hittite, Ethiopian, Cypro-Minoan, etc.
However, Taharqa was able to return some years later and wrest back control of a part of Egypt as far as Thebes from the Egyptian vassal princes of Assyria.
However, relations were strained for a time following the 26 June 1995 assassination attempt against Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak as he was leaving the OAU summit meeting in Addis Ababa.
However, Plato himself and Greeks had copied 1, 500 older Egyptian fraction abstract unities, one being a hekat unity scaled to ( 64 / 64 ) in the Akhmim Wooden Tablet, thereby not getting lost in fractions.
However, they must have existed in speech ; this is evidenced by a letter from c. 1200 BCE complaining that the language of a correspondent is as unintelligible as the speech of a northern Egyptian to a southerner.
However part of the Gaza Strip borders Egypt, so any siege would require Egyptian compliance.
However, it was little more than a facade under Egyptian control and had negligible influence or funding.
However, most words of Egyptian origin that entered into Greek, and subsequently into other European languages, came directly from ancient Egyptian ( often Demotic ).
However, there is little notation of Egyptian music before the 7th century AD, when Egypt became part of the Muslim world.
However, France and Britain were the largest shareholders in the Suez Canal Company and they saw it as yet another hostile measure aimed at them by the Egyptian regime.
However, many write " Djehuty ", inserting the letter ' e ' automatically between consonants in Egyptian words, and writing ' w ' as ' u ', as a convention of convenience for English speakers, not the transliteration employed by Egyptologists.
) However, it has not been conclusively proven which Egyptian Pharaoh the Amarna Letters reference or that the Judean Exodus necessarily occurred after these letters.
" However, the stone benches were carved with headrests in a style borrowed from Egyptian Hathor wig.
However, Egyptian authorities captured the membership director of EIJ, the one member who had all the other members names.
However, this reform was opposed by the Egyptian priests, and the idea was not adopted until 25 BC, when the Roman Emperor Augustus formally reformed the calendar of Egypt, keeping it forever synchronized with the newly introduced Julian calendar.
However, he managed to dispose of the murderer, possibly with the help of his Egyptian father-in-law, but this is sheer speculation.
However, use of the dual is optional in some languages such as many modern Arabic dialects including Egyptian Arabic.

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