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However and Cornelius
However, as Cornelius Castoriadis pointed out, other societies also kept slaves but did not develop democracy.
However, as time went by, Gardner became critical of many of the Rosicrucian Order's practices ; Sullivan's followers claimed that he was immortal, having formerly been the famous historical figures Pythagoras, Cornelius Agrippa and Francis Bacon.
However, in other sources such as the Book of Jubilees ( chapter 10 v. 18-27 ), Cornelius Alexander ( frag.
However, he still sends an army into Spain under his elder brother Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus to deal with the Carthaginian forces still there.
However, while Cornelius is a rather obscure religious figure, his mandates have shaped the church in historic ways.
However, the Cornelius Coot statue remains.
However one of Cornelius ' military tribunes, Publius Decius Mus led a small detachment to seize a hilltop, distracting the Samnites and allowing the Roman army to escape the trap.
However, these events occurred under Cornelius Fudge's reign, a Minister who is renowned in the books as corrupt and incompetent.
However, some early performances were billed as the " Cornelius Cardew Quintet ", a mistake which both irked and amused the musicians.
However, he learned to read French, German, Polish, and Italian, and devoted himself to intense study of several military authors including Plutarch, Quintus Curtius, Cornelius Nepos, Julius Caesar, and Charles XII.
However, in 1626 the Dutch drainage engineer Cornelius Vermuyden was appointed by King Charles I to drain Hatfield Chase.
However, Mora met on November 1856 with Silvanius Spencer, Cornelius Vanderbilt's agent, who offered his help on the capture of the San Juan river.
However, in August, Bibulus, alongside one of the consular candidates for 58, Lucius Cornelius Lentulus, were accused by Lucius Vettius of being involved in a plot to assassinate Pompey.
However, Novatian was aware of his intellectual superiority to Cornelius and still found supporters among Christians still in prison, such as Maximus, Urbanus and Nicostratus.
However, Bourne's concept of an underwater rowing boat was put into action by the Dutchman Cornelius Drebbel in 1620, and Nathaniel Symons demonstrated a ' sinking boat ' in 1729 using the expanding and contracting volume of the boat to submerge.
However, it also concluded that Cornelius, Thomason, and Martens, who all had potential business interests involved, had possibly influenced the decision.
However after falling in love with Julia, he is pressured into treason by Cornelius Scipio.
However, it is not known to be extant in any of the known writings attributed to d ' Abano ( 1250-1316 ) Trithemius ' student Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa ( 1486 – 1535 ) included it in his de Occulta Philosophia ( Book III, chap.
However, in a 1988 interview Morrison said the principal inspiration wasn't Jerry Cornelius but J. G. Ballard's " The Day of Forever ", although in a much later interview Morrison admitted some influence from Moorcock on parts of the story: " King Mob's ' Gideon Stargrave ' stories are direct quotes from the Michael Moorcock-inspired short stories I wrote obsessively when I was 17 ".
However, according to Cornelius, McMurty considered the book accurate enough to be used for initiations.
However, the series ended before the storyline could reach fruition, and no further developments have been mentioned since then, although Cornelius did make a brief cameo during Kurt Busiek's Power Company miniseries.

However and Nepos
However few of Nepos ' contemporaries were willing to support his cause after he fled Italy.
However, Julius Nepos disembarked at Portus in July 474 and deposed Glycerius without a fight.
However, Romulus ' position was not constitutional inasmuch as he had not been recognised by the Emperor at Constantinople, in whose eyes Nepos was still the sole Augustus of the West.
However, Julius Nepos continued to claim the title of Western Emperor after his deposition.

However and Pausanias
( However, Pausanias 6. 18. 6 expresses doubt about his authorship of an epic poem on Alexander.
However, Pausanias, quoting the Cypria, says that Odysseus and Diomedes drowned Palamedes, while he was fishing, and Dictys says that Odysseus and Diomedes lured Palamedes into a well, which they said contained gold, then stoned him to death.
However, Pausanias gives another place called " Museum ," namely a small hill in Classical Athens opposite the Akropolis.
However Pausanias stated that his real father was Daedalion ( Pausanias 8. 4. 7 ).
However, a more moderate faction led by Pausanias gained the upper hand.
However, when it became clear that Athens would dominate the Hellenic League in Sparta's absence, Sparta sent Pausanias back to command the League's military.
However, Pausanias argued that the prisoners had escaped.
However Diodorus who supports the attribution of a personal motive to Pausanias dates the events which led to the assault on Pausanias to the time of the Illyrian Pleurias and the last known campaign taken by Philip against the Illyrians took place in 344 BC.
However, not all kouroi are images of a deity ; many have been discovered in cemeteries where they most likely served as commemorative tombstones of the deceased, also the type was used as a memorial for victors in the games ( like trophies ) ( Pausanias describes the statue of Arrhichion, an Olympic pankratiast, as in the kouros scheme ), and some kouroi have been found in sanctuaries other than that of Apollo.
However, Pausanias says that Thersander was their leader, that Laodamas fled Thebes with the rest of the Thebans, and that Thersander became king of Thebes.
However Pausanias, mentioning the same two episodes, implies they are parallel versions of one and the same event.

However and Plutarch
However, several other biographers of Alexander dispute the claim, including the highly regarded secondary source, Plutarch.
However, Plutarch indicates that many of Pericles ' rivals viewed the transfer to Athens as usurping monetary resources to fund elaborate building projects.
However, according to Plutarch, these traits proceeded from stability, greatness of mind, and lion-likeness of temper.
However, following Iamblichus, Plutarch of Athens, and his master Syrianus, Proclus presents a much more elaborate universe than Plotinus, subdividing the elements of Plotinus ' system into their logically distinct parts, and positing these parts as individual things.
However, as Plutarch implies, since naval power relied on the mass mobilisation of the common citizens ( thetes ) as rowers, such a policy put more power into the hands of average Atheniansand thus into Themistocles's own hands.
However, most commonly, these refer to an observation made by Plutarch, who presided as high priest at Delphi for several years, who stated that her oracular powers appeared to be associated with vapors from the Kerna spring waters that flowed under the temple.
However, Plutarch ( Pompey 36 ) asserts that Afranius marched against the Parthians, drove them out of Armenia, and pursued them as far as the district of Arbela ( modern Arbil, Iraq ) within the borders of the Parthian Empire.
However, several of Alexander's biographers dispute the claim, including the highly regarded secondary source, Plutarch.
However, Plutarch, who wrote about Eumenes in his series of Parallel Lives, mentions that it was about lodgings, and a flute-player, so perhaps this was an instance of some deeper antagonism breaking out into a quarrel over a triviality.
Plutarch also states that Spartans treated the Helots " harshly and cruelly ": they compelled them to drink pure wine ( which was considered dangerous-wine usually being diluted with water ) "… and to lead them in that condition into their public halls, that the children might see what a sight a drunken man is ; they made them to dance low dances, and sing ridiculous songs …" during syssitia ( obligatory banquets ) However, he notes that this rough treatment was inflicted only relatively late, after the 465 BC earthquake.
However, in the published version he restricts himself to noting that in works by Cicero he had found an account of the theories of Hicetas and that Plutarch had provided him with an account of the Pythagoreans Heraclides Ponticus, Philolaus, and Ecphantus.
However, as Plutarch admits, Callisthenes denied that such a peace was made at this point ( ca.
However Cicero briefly mentions his praetorship followed by the African command, while the surviving Latin biography, far briefer but more even as biography than Plutarch, comments that he " ruled Africa with the highest degree of justice ".
However, Plutarch dismisses Nicolaus ' claims of a letter stating that too much was disclosed in the letter for it to be genuine.
However, this story is most likely conceived either by Plutarch himself or a slanderer of Cicero.
However, Plutarch himself appears to doubt the veracity of these accounts and it is to be doubted if Pammenes actually organized military units along homosexual lines.
However, in the view of Plutarch, a first century AD writer and biographer of notable Roman men, Clodius had also stirred up enmity between Pompey and himself, along with the fickle crowds of the forum he controlled with his malevolent goading.
However, this point is controversial since Plutarch writes that eight generations of kings of Pontus stemmed from him before Roman subjection.

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