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However and returned
However, Amalric could not remain there indefinitely, and returned to Jerusalem after exacting an enormous tribute.
However, the situation has not returned to the pre-1968 level and the number of successful hijackings continues to be high-an average of 18 per annum during the 10-year period between 1988 and 1997, as against the pre-1968 average of five.
However, when Theseus returned, he forgot these instructions.
However, they were severely censured for this when they returned to Athens.
However, when John Knox returned to Scotland in 1559, he continued to use the Form of Prayer he had created for the English exiles in Geneva, and in 1564, this supplanted the Book of Common Prayer under the title of the Book of Common Order.
However, the move fell through and the Addicks returned to the Charlton area in 1924, returning to the traditional red and white colours in the process.
However, after this move collapsed in 1924 Charlton returned to The Valley.
However, after the move fell through, Charlton returned to wearing red and white as their home colours.
However, the race returned to its historical home in 2009.
However, he was obliged to surrender Mindelheim in 1714 by the Treaty of Utrecht, which returned it to Bavaria.
However, the flyby of Comet Borrelly was a great success and returned extremely detailed images of the comet's surface.
" However, despite this positive change, Munch's self-destructive and erratic behavior involved him first with a violent quarrel with another artist, then with an accidental shooting in the presence of Tulla Larsen, who had returned for a brief reconciliation, which injured two of his fingers.
However, Æthelred returned as king after Sweyn died in 1014.
However, it was also important that the body of the deceased be preserved, as the Egyptians believed that the ba returned to its body each night to receive new life, before emerging in the morning as an akh.
However French settlers returned in 1630 and in 1643 managed to establish a settlement at Cayenne along with some small-scale plantations.
However, a short while afterwards, Othin returned and took possession of his wife again.
However, most of the population had returned by 1946.
However, the weight of Byzantine Imperial influence and the threat of continual Turkish raids, discouraged a formal separation of the Galatians and instead they returned to the orbit of Byzantine control.
However, they were captured, returned to the French authorities, and both Ogé and Chavennes were executed in February 1791.
However, in 1968 the Colts returned with the continued leadership of Unitas and Shula and went onto win the Colts ' third NFL Championship and made an appearance in Super Bowl III.
However, the Delft merchants had decided to keep the discovery secret and returned in 1615 to hunt for their own profit.
However, Mubarak went to Bahrain and apologized for raising taxes and the three business men returned to Kuwait.
However, in 1813, the Ottomans returned, and Karađorđe and his family fled.
However, in January 1954, Oswald's mother Marguerite returned with him to New Orleans.

However and briefly
However, during the events of " The Doctor's Wife " ( 2011 ), the ship's consciousness briefly inhabits a human body, and she reveals that far from being stolen, she left of her own free will.
However, during the switching time both MOSFETs conduct briefly as the gate voltage goes from one state to another.
However, during the reign of Tudhaliya, the island was briefly invaded by the Hittites for either reasons of securing the copper resource or as a way of preventing piracy.
However, support for the idea of regionalism continued, so when Eric's nephew Christopher of Bavaria came to the throne in 1440, he managed to get himself elected in all three kingdoms, briefly reuniting Scandinavia ( 1442 – 1448 ).
However, a few events did bring the Police back together, albeit briefly.
However, briefly following the first mass, Father Junípero Serra returned to San Diego and left the responsibility of the mission's construction to Father Jose Cavaller.
However, a contemporary of Faure's, Antonio Cotogni, ( 1831 – 1918 )— probably the foremost Italian baritone of his generation — can be heard, briefly and dimly, at the age of 77, on a duet recording with the tenor Francesco Marconi.
However, Chrétien de Troyes was not alone, Geoffrey Chaucer recounted the story in his unfinished work The Legend of Good Women as well as being briefly alluded to in ll.
However, Gore did argue briefly that the appropriate remedy would be to not cancel all recounts, but rather would be to order a proper recount.
However, as the character Wigand enters the airport, shortly before receiving his subpoena, a woman in the background is seen smoking a cigarette, also, a Lebanese soldier seen smoking briefly while Bergman is being transported to the Hezbollah meeting site.
However, in the 1980s, the competition became seen as old-fashioned and politically incorrect in its native Britain, and despite its global appeal, stopped showing on British television until Channel 5 aired it briefly in 1998, then shifted between lesser-known satellite channels, and is now webcast only and little-known in Britain.
However, access to the New York Times was briefly re-blocked as of 20 December 2008, although it has been accessible for the first months of 2009 as of 17 May.
However, " Move Over " and " Wild as a Tiger " did get the attention of Atlantic Records, who signed the act briefly in 1965, by which Hendrix had already left to perform for Little Richard.
However, when the beams passed a hole they would briefly pass through it to the phosphor in front of the plate.
However, his rule was briefly interrupted when in 1383 joint forces of Kęstutis's son Vytautas and the Teutonic Knights captured the town.
However, Moran's son Tom briefly served as the team's interim coach that year after Charley took a leave of absence to officiate in the 1927 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates.
However, the senior side has only enjoyed briefly successful periods, having won just five county senior championships.
However, Carter had never been interested in science fiction before this point, professing to have briefly read one novel each by Ursula K. Le Guin and Robert A. Heinlein.
However, Fey temporarily left the show after giving birth to her first child and was replaced briefly by Horatio Sanz as co-anchor ( Sanz wore horn-rimmed glasses during Fey's absence ).
However, the energy produced by a nuclear explosive is millions of times more powerful per gram and the temperatures reached are briefly in the tens of millions of degrees.
However, shipbuilding was briefly revived when the National Shipyard No. 1 was established during the First World War and for a short period afterwards, when the first prefabricated ships, including the War Glory, were constructed there.
However other " jetliner " developments, such as the concept of rocket assisted takeoffs RATO, and the briefly mentioned water-injection as used and tested upon first generation passenger jets, as well as trailing edge mounted powerplants, afterburners also known as reheat used upon supersonic jetliners ( SSTs ) such as Concorde and the Tupolev Tu-144, likewise have been relegated to the past.
However, Rocky, having had a change of heart, jumps over the fence aboard his tricycle and hits Mrs. Tweedy in the face, briefly knocking her senseless.
However, the two later become friends and, briefly, lovers.

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