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However and Medieval
However, the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle lists some 2, 500 items written between 300 and 1500 AD.
However in north-Eastern Europe, the hunting and fishing lifestyle continued into the Medieval period in regions less suited to agriculture.
However, this view was questioned by other researchers ; the IPCC First Assessment Report of 1990 discussed the " Medieval Warm Period around 1000 AD ( which may not have been global ) and the Little Ice Age which ended only in the middle to late nineteenth century.
However, in Ars Magica the " Medieval paradigm "-the collection of folk beliefs and superstitions-is correct ; this means that the beliefs and superstitions of the medieval period are existent reality: lost children are really abducted by Faeries, sickness and crop failure are caused by Demons, Angels help the righteous, and dragons and other mythical creatures exist.
However, there were cases in Medieval Europe where a city which grew to prominence and transferred to its cathedral the remains of a famous saint who had lived and was buried elsewhere, and made him or her the city's patron saint – such a practice conferring considerable prestige on the city concerned.
However, " Renaissance " is properly used in relation to a diverse series of cultural developments ; which occurred over several hundred years in many different parts of Europe — especially central and northern Italy — and span the transition from late Medieval civilization and the opening of the early modern period.
However, there is also evidence of farming having taken place at some point, since parts of the ground in the ring have been ploughed but there is still some debate as to whether these were created by the Medieval hunters ( who also built a hunting lodge on the ring sometime in the Medieval period-the remains of this are still visible today ) or the Celtic tribe.
However the sport was taken up by a dinner dining company called Medieval Times, and flourishes today ( 2010 ).
" However, the book became hugely popular, spreading across Britain in the Late Medieval period, when more Arthurian texts were produced, and many of them began propagating the idea that Arthur himself was actually born at Tintagel.
However, the origin of the word is actually from Spanish, placer meaning shoal or alluvial / sand deposit, from Catalan placer, ( shoal ), from plassa, ( place ) from Medieval Latin placea ( place ) the origin word for place and plaza in English.
However even by the standards of the time, Medieval Stockton-on-Tees was a small town with a population of only around 1, 000, and did not grow any larger for centuries.
However, linguists who favor a Latin origin for the word say that Medieval Latin blundus was a vulgar pronunciation of Latin flavus, also meaning yellow.
However, this interpretation is still the most commonly held in academic, archaeological and popular debate, although pollen studies and other evidence have greatly modified the traditional view of the dominance of livestock as opposed to arable farming in early medieval Ireland, making it clear that cereal production was much more important than once thought in the Early Medieval period.
However, in marked contrast to the historical Medieval Europe, Christianity never becomes dominant in these islands.
However, analyses of stomatal frequency in tree leaves indicate that mean atmospheric CO < sub > 2 </ sub > concentration may have reached 320 ppmv during the Medieval Warm Period ( 800 – 1300 CE ) and 350 ppmv during the early Holocene .< ref name =" Kouwenberg2005 ">< ref name =" Wagner1999 ">
However, ancient Roman and Medieval cartographers did use the phrase HIC SVNT LEONES ( literally, Here are lions ) when denoting unknown territories on maps.
It was released in March 2009, receiving high praise from many within the industry, selling double the amount of units sold of Medieval II: Total War and Rome: Total War However, numerous significant issues were pointed out by fans and critics after the release.
However Cuong Tu Nguyen ’ s “ Zen in Medieval Vietnam: A Study and Translation of the Thien Tap Anh ” ( 1997 ) gives a critical review of how the text has been used to create a history of Zen Buddhism that that is “ fraught with discontinuity ”.
However, because manuscript was expensive to produce, there is little record of Medieval homophony, most notated music being monophonic.
However, there is evidence that this site was visited repeatedly during the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Medieval periods, as evidenced by the multiple Beaker, Roman, and Medieval artefacts that were found during O ' Kelly's excavations from 1962 to 1975.
However Harborough Hall, which once belonged to the family of William Shenstone the poet, is probably the successor of a house that goes back to Medieval times.

However and later
However, as we have seen, in later childhood the child begins to substitute the standards of the peer group for those of parents and teachers.
" However, as Stocking notes, Tylor mainly concerned himself with describing and mapping the distribution of particular elements of culture, rather than with the larger function, and he generally seemed to assume a Victorian idea of progress rather than the idea of non-directional, multilineal cultural development proposed by later anthropologists.
However, as has been pointed out by Alexis Manaster Ramer and Paul Sidwell ( 1997 ), Strahlenberg actually opposed the idea of a closer relationship between the languages which later became known as " Altaic "..
" However, parents can learn to recognize their baby's approximations of adult ASL signs, just as they will later learn to recognize their approximations of oral language, so teaching an infant ASL is also possible.
However, both Julius and Ethel wanted their children to be brought up in England, so they moved to Maida Vale, London, where Turing was born on 23 June 1912, as recorded by a blue plaque on the outside of the house of his birth, later the Colonnade Hotel.
However, many people, notably Jehovah's Witnesses, believe that the wisdom in this proverb symbolizes Jesus Christ because he is later described in a similar way.
However, during the time of Arianism's flowering in Constantinople, the Gothic convert Ulfilas ( later the subject of the letter of Auxentius cited above ) was sent as a missionary to the Gothic barbarians across the Danube, a mission favored for political reasons by emperor Constantius II.
However, Sargon took this process further, conquering many of the surrounding regions to create an empire that reached westward as far as the Mediterranean Sea and perhaps Cyprus ( Kaptara ); northward as far as the mountains ( a later Hittite text asserts he fought the Hattite king Nurdaggal of Burushanda, well into Anatolia ); eastward over Elam ; and as far south as Magan ( Oman ) — a region over which he reigned for purportedly 56 years, though only four " year-names " survive.
However, there are no known year-names or other archaeological evidence verifying any of these later kings of Akkad or Uruk, apart from a single artifact referencing king Dudu of Akkad.
However, later that month, on 22 January, the English were defeated at the Battle of Basing and, on the 22 March at the Battle of Merton ( perhaps Marden in Wiltshire or Martin in Dorset ), in which Æthelred was killed.
However, he later pressed his brother to retract the claims and instead supported claim from the Papal States.
However, Amasis was later faced with a more formidable enemy with the rise of Persia under Cyrus who ascended to the throne in 559 B. C. E.
However, construction is canceled five days later, resulting in the Revolt of the Admirals.
However, many later disapproved of his actions, including to an extent Machiavelli, who claimed " It cannot be called prowess to kill fellow-citizens, to betray friends, to be treacherous, pitiless, irreligious.
However, his conclusions were disproven by later researchers, especially by Ferdinand Sommer.
However, Mary II died childless in 1694, after which William III did not remarry, and Princess Anne's last surviving child, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, died six years later, after which it was unlikely she would have any more children due to her age and the large number of miscarriages she had previously suffered.
However, if there was such a palace, it seems to have been supplanted by later building activity on the Acropolis.
However, when, under manager Jack Kirwan, the club got promoted to the top flight of Dutch football for the first time in 1911 ( then the Eerste Klasse or ' First Class ', later named the Eredivisie ), Ajax were forced to change their colours because Sparta Rotterdam already had exactly the same outfit.
However, Frazetta returned briefly a few years later to draw a public service comic book called Li ' l Abner and the Creatures from Drop-Outer Space, distributed by the Job Corps in 1965.
However, Sheila is captured by a Flying Deadite, and later transformed into a Deadite.
However, the court later concluded, in R. v. Edwards Books and Art Ltd., ( 2 S. C. R.
However, early church documents, such as those of the First Council of Nicaea ( 325 ) had always listed the Pope of Rome first among the Ancient Patriarchs ( first four, and later five: Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem — collectively referred to as the Pentarchy ).
However, later evidence gave a much lower SF branching for < sup > 261 </ sup > Bh reducing confidence in this assignment.
However, from a conservative approach, Joyce G. Baldwin argued that " old, authentic stories would have provided comfort to sufferers of later generations far more convincingly than a book of new parables.

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