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However and Per
However, the last city in Finland that was ordered to be built on a previously completely uninhabited land was Raahe, founded by governor general Per Brahe the Younger in 1649.
However, the last city in Finland that was ordered to be built on a previously completely uninhabited land was Raahe, founded by governor general Per Brahe the Younger in 1649.
However, the devil seems to be quite evasive and finishes with a Latin phrase, " Per inoequalem motum respectu totius " (" through unequal motion with respect to the whole thing ").
However, instead, Per Mehr Ali wrote a book in Urdu named Saif-e-Chishtiyyi.
However due to Per Degaton going back in time after the JSA were freed they forgot his invovlement, though the events were not wiped.
However, this castle was dismantled as per the Ikkoku-ichijo ( 一国一城, literally, " One Castle Per Province ") order established by the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1615.
However, the Redskins released Alexander on November 25, 2008 after he logged only 11 carries in 4 games and only 2. 2 Yards Per Carry.
However, a time of internal battles followed in the early 1970s, culminating in the chairmanship election of 1971 where the incumbent Per Gahrton was defeated by Lars Leijonborg by one vote's margin.
However, live broadcast recordings of " Per me giunto " from Don Carlos, " Vien Leonora " from La favorite and " Il balen " from Il trovatore display his brilliant top notes and bel canto capabilities.

However and director
However, impetuous theater director Aurélien-Marie Lugné-Poe took the risk, producing the play at his Théâtre de l ' Oeuvre.
However, in instances an individual director may still bind the company by his acts by virtue of his ostensible authority ( see also: the rule in Turquand's Case ).
However in the DVD, the Davros Connections, director Gary Russell points out that the explosion of Davros ' life-support chair leaves the listener to believe there is little of Davros left.
However, writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father José Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory near Rome, said in 2008 that intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.
However, traditional tools such as pencils or markers are useful even when computers are used for finalization ; a designer or art director may hand sketch numerous concepts as part of the creative process.
However, by this time historical consensus was changing, and he was " angrily compared ... to a holocaust denier " by Dr Charny, executive director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem.
However, as soon as Ford met Cagney at the airport, the director warned him that they would " tangle asses ", which caught Cagney by surprise.
However, Liberty director of policy Isabella Sankey said:
However, Brando left to study at the American Theatre Wing Professional School, part of the Dramatic Workshop of The New School with the influential German director Erwin Piscator and at the Actors Studio.
However, in a later ( 2006 ) interview, the director remarked that he had been unhappy about Alien: The Director's Cut, feeling that the original was " pretty flawless " and that the additions were merely a marketing tool.
However, according to several interviews with director Ridley Scott, Deckard is indeed a replicant.
However, Jonze, in an interview with Times Online, said that Ray Tintori was no longer a director for that project as expected.
However, for the rejected pilot " The Cage " ( 1964 ), Roddenberry went with director Robert Butler's choice of John Hoyt to play Dr. Philip Boyce.
However at Comic-Con International 2012, Raimi stated that he was no longer involved in the project, saying “ Actually, they don ’ t have me directing World of Warcraft anymore because when I took the Oz job, they had to move on to another director.
However, one director of the local parks department was opposed to letting it be used for commercial purposes and expressed concern that ABC would damage the Memorial.
However, Crawford made a comeback with her role as home-wrecker Crystal Allen in director George Cukor's The Women in 1939.
However, camp director Ralph Merritt later allowed Miyatake to photograph freely within the camp, even though he was not allowed to actually press the shutter button, requiring a guard or camp official to perform this simple task.
However, he became best known during this period as a director.
However it is her collaboration with theatre director Scrutzler, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, which comes to define Nina.
However, since the directing award was for " directing " rather than " best director ", it honored the director in association with only a single film — thus Janet Gaynor has two Frank Borzage films listed after her Best Actress nomination, but only one of them earned Borzage a directing nomination.
) However, the DGA may create an exception to this " one director per film " rule if two co-directors seeking to share director credit for a film qualify as an " established duo ".
However, she still found time for scientific work and in 1946 became director of her mother ’ s Institut du Radium ( Radium Institute ).

However and general
However, it was not of innocence in general that I was speaking, but of perhaps the frailest and surely the least important side of it which is innocence in romantic love.
However, it did not come into general use until Joseph Greenberg ( 1963 ) formally proposed its adoption.
However, in general, the books only feature mental battles when there is some reason for mind-to-mind contact ( for example, Trump contact ) and magic or Trump is involved in all three of the above conflicts, so it is not clear whether Zelazny intended his characters to have such a power ; the combination of Brand's " living trump " powers and his high Psyche ( as presented in the roleplaying game ) would have guaranteed him victory over Corwin.
However, applets have very little control over web page content outside the applet dedicated area, so they are less useful for improving the site appearance in general ( while applets like news tickers or WYSIWYG editors are also known ).
However, in general, an electron's behavior is not fully described by a single orbital.
However, it is used extensively in establishing results about well-ordering and the ordinals in general.
However, very broadly, artillery units are assigned in direct support or in general support.
However, MUL and DIV are special cases, other arithmetic-logical instructions ( ADD, SUB, CMP, AND, OR, XOR, TEST ) may specify any of the eight registers EAX, ECX, EDX, EBX, ESP, EBP, ESI, EDI as the accumulator ( i. e. left operand and destination ); x86 is thus a fairly general register architecture, despite being based on an accumulator model.
However, on 14 May, with considerable skill Marshal Tallard managed to bring 10, 000 reinforcements and vast supplies and munitions through the difficult terrain, whilst outmanoeuvring Baron Thüngen, the Imperial general who sought to block his path.
However, Marlborough would have to wait until Eugene was in position before the general engagement could begin.
However, Bragning is often, like some others of these dynastic names, used in poetry as a general word for ' king ' or ' ruler '.
However, the concentration of gold in its ore is in general very low.
However, it has not incorporated the general Eastern umlaut of all synchronic or even historic " ya " sounds into " e " before front vowels – e. g. поляна ( polyana ) vs полени ( poleni ) " meadow – meadows " or even жаба ( zhaba ) vs жеби ( zhebi ) " frog – frogs ", even though it co-occurs with the yat alternation in almost all Eastern dialects that have it ( except a few dialects along the yat border, e. g. in the Pleven region ).
However, they were later overtaken in the polls by the Conservatives and at the 1983 general election the Conservatives triumphed by a landslide, with Labour once again forming the opposition, while the SDP-Liberal Alliance came close to Labour in terms of votes ( a share of more than 25 %) although it only had 23 MPs compared to Labour's 209.
However, in general it is an integrated approach of fundamental biological sciences and traditional engineering principles.
The Anthropology Library is especially large, with 120, 000 volumes However, the Paul Hamlyn Library, which had become the central reference library of the British Museum and the only library there freely open to the general public, closed permanently in August 2011.
However, the term ' bankruptcy ' is often used when referring to companies in the media and in general conversation.
However, by 1906, the English Court of Appeal had made it clear in the decision of Automatic Self-Cleansing Filter Syndicate Co v Cunningham 2 Ch 34 that the division of powers between the board and the shareholders in general meaning depended on the construction of the articles of association and that, where the powers of management were vested in the board, the general meeting could not interfere with their lawful exercise.
However, Ogden prescribed that any student should learn an additional 150-word list for everyday work in some particular field, by adding a word list of 100 words particularly useful in a general field ( e. g., science, verse, business, etc.
However, this is only a general rule and many species differ.
However, the law of mass action is valid only for concerted one-step reactions that proceed through a single transition state and is not valid in general because rate equations do not, in general, follow the stoichiometry of the reaction as Guldberg and Waage had proposed ( see, for example, nucleophilic aliphatic substitution by S < sub > N </ sub > 1 or reaction of hydrogen and bromine to form hydrogen bromide ).
However, despite claims of government corruption, favoritism of Zaghawas, and abuses by the security forces, opposition party and labor union calls for general strikes and more active demonstrations against the government have been unsuccessful.
However, other professionals that play a more peripheral role in the field of professional sports ( e. g. coaches, general managers, referees, commentators and announcers, sports team owners and executives, sports commissioners ) who are more active in the internal aspects of field tend to remain in obscurity and are less likely to achieve celebrity status.

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