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However and Pete
However, a mulatto who escaped the destruction of Syn's previous ship stowed away in Clegg's ship and accused him before the crew ; Clegg quelled the potential mutiny by having the mulatto's tongue cut out, marooning him on a coral reef and violently killing Yellow Pete, the ship's Chinese cook, who represented the crew in their wish to rescue the mulatto.
However, former Republican Congressman Paul " Pete " McCloskey, Jr., who served with Robertson in Korea, wrote a public letter which said that Robertson was actually spared combat duty when his powerful father, a U. S. Senator, intervened on his behalf, and that Robertson spent most of his time in an office in Japan.
However, aside from his son Pete Jr .' s brief stint with the team in 1997, the Reds have not issued that number since Rose's ban.
However, Portis often finds himself employed by gangs under Pete or even the Phantom Blot.
However, a car accident takes both Pete and Julius out of the race.
However, Pete and Goofy are much closer pals who get a lot more along in the feature film A Goofy Movie, and its direct-to-video sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie.
However the remaining members, Chris Britton ( guitar ), Pete Lucas ( bass ) & Dave Maggs ( drums ) plan to continue to keep the Troggs flag flying and are going back on the road.
However, Bad Religion reformed in 1986 with a new line-up, consisting of Graffin on vocals, Brett Gurewitz and Greg Hetson on guitars, Jay Bentley on bass, and Pete Finestone on drums.
However, nothing could be proved and Pete got away with the crime of murdering Josh.
However, Pete is also a poor businessman, willing to shell out for whatever seems to be " the next big thing " and taking the fall when the product flops ; he is often as vulnerable to the sales pitches of game manufacturers as his customers are to his own " salesmanship ".
However, Pete Waterman has said in interviews that the trio were still in dire financial straits at the time.
However NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle would not allow Parcells to break his contract with the Giants and he stayed in New York.
However, on 18 April 2005, at around 11: 30pm, Pete Doherty and Carl Barât reunited at the Boogaloo Bar in Highgate, North London.
However Nora, still believing that Pete has imagined Elliott, replies that Pete has no more need to believe in him.
However, once Little Pete defies him by playing scissors, he becomes his enemy and gets into a heated conflict with him.
" However, Stu does play protector to Little Pete in season 3 episode " The Good, The Bad and the Lucky ", and puts Pit Stain and his gang under bus arrest.
However, UCLA was unable to advance from this level over the immediately ensuing seasons, finding itself unable to return to the NCAA Tournament as the Pete Newell-coached teams at the University of California, Berkeley took control of the conference at the end of the decade.
However, when Dorinda confronts Pete and tells him that she hates worrying about him all the time, he decides to take Al's advice.
However, in July 2009 Pete & Myf's breakfast was axed due to poor ratings finishing on July 31.
However, on March 23, 2011, Republican Assembly Minority Floor Leader Pete Goicoechea of Erureka County in Nevada, the county where a majority of Newmont's Nevada operations are located, went on the record, stating that "' it looks like it ’ s been seven or eight years ' since the Nevada Department of Taxation did field audits of Nevada mines that pay net proceeds taxes ..."'.
However, this success was short-lived, and their first single for a major label ( Sony Records ), " Love See No Colour " ( 1992 ), did not perform well, which led to a split from producers Pete Heller and Terry Farley.
However, Harris and Terry co-authored such early rock and roll classics as " Farmer John ", " Justine ", " Leavin ' It All Up to you ", and " Big Boy Pete ," all of which became hits for other artists.
However, after Hackett and most of his staff were fired in 2000, Leinart considered other programs such as Georgia Tech and Arizona State and visited Oklahoma before USC eventually hired Pete Carroll.

However and Waterman
However, as the full comedy potential of Cole's dodgy-dealing character emerged, as well as the successful on-screen pairing of Waterman and Cole ( which proved to be one of the series most popular elements ), the emphasis increasingly focused more on Arthur's exploits, and by a few series into the show's life, typical plots revolved more around Arthur's latest shady scam instead of some of the more " gritty " plots of Terry's minding jobs witnessed in early episodes.
However, the rapport between Dennis Waterman and George Cole was evident and quickly became popular.
However, by the end of the decade there was a fragmentation, with many new forms of music and sub-cultures, including Hip Hop and House music, while the single charts were once again dominated by pop artists, now often associated with the Hi-NRG hit factory of Stock Aitken Waterman.
However, by the end of the decade a fragmentation has been observed, with many new forms of music and sub-cultures, including Hip Hop and House music, while the single charts were once again dominated by pop artists, now often associated with the Hi-NRG hit factory of Stock Aitken Waterman.
However Waterman, deciding that the rap was unsuitable for the UK market, where instrumental rave music had become extremely popular, removed most of the vocals from the track except for the line " y'all ready for this?
However, he was forced out of business when the U. S. Army began dumping war-surplus aircraft on the civilian market for a tiny fraction of what Waterman could sell his custom aircraft for.
However, rather than using Warren Avenue to the Washington Bridge, the main road continued north on Pawtucket Avenue to Waterman Avenue, and used Waterman Avenue over the old Red Bridge to Providence.
However, he was overruled by judges Geri Halliwell and Pete Waterman.
However, Mark Edwards from Stylus Magazine gave it a scathing remark by saying " Listening to the first tracks on Ultimate Kylie, you want to skip straight through, because early songs like “ I Should Be So Lucky ” and “ Locomotion ” are unlistenable — horribly naff, squeaky songs " and criticized Stock, Aitken and Waterman songs they produced in the 80's by stating " songs transport the listener back to a time when every single in the UK charts was either written by Stock, Aitken and Waterman or sung by an Aussie soap star, or both.

However and defended
However, the Vikings lacked both the equipment necessary to undertake a siege against the burh and a developed doctrine of siegecraft, having tailored their methods of fighting to rapid strikes and unimpeded retreats to well defended fortifications.
However, the collapse of the Near Eastern trading system pointed to a flaw: in an era where there was no place that was safe to store value, the value of a circulating medium could only be as sound as the forces that defended that store.
However, Citadels were often used also to protect a garrison or political power from the inhabitants of the town where it was located, being designed to ensure loyalty from the town which they defended.
" However, during the reading of Leo's Tome, three passages were challenged as being potentially Nestorian, and their orthodoxy was defended by using the writings of Cyril.
However, the Britannica has also staunchly defended a scientific approach to emotional topics, as it did with William Robertson Smith's articles on religion in the 9th edition, particularly his article stating that the Bible was not historically accurate ( 1875 ).
However, defense attorneys defended Feldman, and two ethics experts said there is absolutely no evidence Westerfield's attorneys committed any violations of the California Rules of Professional Conduct.
However, outside biology modified forms of naive realism are defended.
However, East-Pakistan defended only by an understrength infantry division, the 14th Infantry Division, sixteen fighter jet and no tanks or no navy was established in the East-Pakistan.
However, he defended the accuracy of the 1875 survey, stating surveyors " nailed it " considering the primitive tools of the day.
However Karin Westerman drew parallels with 1990s Britain: a class system that was breaking down but defended by those whose power and status it upheld ; the multi-ethnic composition of Hogwarts ' students ; the racial tensions between the various intelligent species ; and school bullying.
However, the British defeated the main French fleet in 1782 and successfully defended the island of Jamaica.
However the borders were also defended against the political and territorial ambitions of the Kingdoms of León and Castile.
However, Denver's music was defended by country singer Kathy Mattea, who told Alanna Nash of Entertainment Weekly, " A lot of people write him off as lightweight, but he articulated a kind of optimism, and he brought acoustic music to the forefront, bridging folk, pop, and country in a fresh way .... People forget how huge he was worldwide.
However, Patel was publicly defended by Gandhi and received widespread admiration and support for speaking frankly on communal issues and acting decisively and resourcefully to quell disorder and violence.
However, when the present articles covering this subject were last revisioned, in 1953, doctrine was divided and some defended a more dualistic position, that of " limited monism ".
However, no club successfully defended the Cup Winners ' Cup throughout its history, not even the major names in European football such as FC Barcelona, Arsenal, AC Milan, and Manchester United.
However, the City was successfully defended by the young King Araphor and disaster was averted.
However, there were always great worries that the Soviets would also advance through Finland and the very sparsely defended extreme north of Sweden ( north of Kiruna, south of Treriksröset ) and attack the Lyngen position from the rear via Signaldalen.
However, more recently some have defended Pelagius as a misunderstood orthodox:
However, Habbaniya was a poorly defended air base, situated in the middle of enemy territory.
However, Ramree was defended by several thousand Japanese.
However, Brougham led a legal team ( which also included Thomas Denman ) that eloquently defended the Princess.
However, both were among those who physically defended King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette from a mob besieging the Tuileries Palace in Paris during the insurrection of 10 August, 1792.
However, several researchers, including Jim DiEugenio, William Davy, and Joan Mellen have defended Garrison.
However, his career took off after he turned face and defended America's honor against the hated Iron Sheik in 1984.

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