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However and Roger
However, in the late sixties Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking used global techniques to prove that singularities appear generically.
However, despite having Howe, Delvecchio, Norm Ullman, and Parker MacDonald as consistent goal-scorers, Lindsay's sudden one-year comeback in 1964 – 65, and Sawchuk and later Roger Crozier between the pipes, the Wings came away empty-handed.
However, there were those who did not believe this, for instance the Fransiscan friar Roger Bacon ( c. 1214-1294 ) stated that books falsely claiming to be by ancient authors " ought to be prohibited by law ".
However, the Vikings lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs, 17 – 14, on a controversial touchdown pass from the Cowboys ' quarterback Roger Staubach to wide receiver Drew Pearson that became known as the Hail Mary.
However on July 26, 2012 Jonathan Vilma and seven witnesses from the Saints testified in front of a federal judge in New Orleans that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got his facts wrong in the bounty scandal.
However, in the late 2000s Roger gained a new friend called Dave.
However, it was not well-received internationally ; in America, for example, Roger Ebert claimed that it was neither erotic nor about eroticism.
However, Roger of Lauria continued to command the sea and launch harassing raids up and down the coast of Calabria, and in May 1284 he successfully blockaded Naples, basing a small squadron on the island of Nisida to do so.
However, Roger of Lauria had learned of his plans, and Charles found himself engulfed by superior numbers.
However, there were international protests particularly in Britain and the United States in 1903-04 spearheaded mainly by Edmund Dene Morel and British diplomat / Irish patriot Roger Casement, whose 1904 report on the Congo condemned the practice, as well as famous writers such as Mark Twain ( who wrote King Leopold's Soliloquy ) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
However, despite being distracted by a Cuman attack in the Balkans, in 1148 Manuel enlisted the alliance of Conrad III of Germany, and the help of the Venetians, who quickly defeated Roger with their powerful fleet.
However, the first modern three point seat belt ( the so-called CIR-Griswold restraint ) used in most consumer vehicles today was patented in 1955 ( US Patent 2, 710, 649 ) by the Americans Roger W. Griswold and Hugh DeHaven, and developed to its modern form by Nils Bohlin for Swedish manufacturer Volvo — who introduced it in 1959 as standard equipment.
However, when Roger Lancelyn Green asked him how a lamp post came to be standing in the midst of Narnian woodland, Lewis was intrigued enough by the question to attempt to find an answer by writing The Magician's Nephew, which features a younger version of Professor Kirke from the first novel.
However, a revolt soon broke out in Catalonia, led by the viscount of Cardona and abetted by Roger-Bernard III of Foix, Arnold Roger I of Pallars Sobirà, and Ermengol X of Urgell.
However, film critic Roger Ebert gave the film 3 stars out of a possible 4 and commented that " Some will say the movie breaks tradition by telling a medieval story with a soundtrack of classic rock.
However, some musicians specialising in historically informed performances, such as the conductor Roger Norrington, argue that it is unlikely that Brahms, Wagner, and their contemporaries would have expected it to be played in this way.
However, this alliance proved unable to resist Roger, who extracted by force a recognition of his royal title from the Pope in 1139 ( Treaty of Mignano ).
However, the pope wanted an independent Principality of Capua as a buffer state between the Kingdom of Sicily and the Papal States, something Roger would not accept.
However, following the loss of its monopoly, the Compagnie reformed as an association of local guides, and retained an important role in local society ; it provided the services of a friendly society to its members, and in the 20th century many of them were noted mountaineers and popularisers of mountain tourism, for example the novelist Roger Frison-Roche, the first member of the Compagnie not to be born in Chamonix.
However, he was easily beaten in the American League MVP voting by pitcher Roger Clemens, who also won the Cy Young Award that year.
However, the medievalist Roger Sherman Loomis suggests a derivation from the epithet Gwallt Avwyn, found in the list of heroes in Culhwch and Olwen, which he translates as " hair like reins " or " bright hair ".
However, the film was not without its naysayers, including Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert ; though the latter still gave it a positive vote, both criticized the picture for being too long and having too many superfluous characters ( such as Harris's English Bob, who enters and leaves without ever meeting the protagonists ).
However, Roger breaks the door down and scares her to death.
However, several notable British actors and comedians appear alongside Atkinson in sketches as various one-off supporting characters, including Richard Briers, Angus Deayton, Nick Hancock, Paul Bown, Caroline Quentin, Danny La Rue, Roger Lloyd Pack, David Schneider and Richard Wilson.

However and carries
However, it also carries the disadvantage that the entire CPU must wait on its slowest elements, even though some portions of it are much faster.
However, HDL carries many lipid and protein species, several of which have very low concentrations but are biologically very active.
However, due to the influence of Confucian Ren, the phrase ‘ Wo ai ni ’ ( I love you ) carries with it a very specific sense of responsibility, commitment and loyalty.
However, the river still carries pleasure boats along its entire length.
However, the huge number of neutrinos it emits carries away so much energy that the temperature falls within a few years to around 10 < sup > 6 </ sup > kelvin.
However, in some sports the Olympic title carries at least as much prestige.
However, because Universal Time is synchronous with night and day, and more precise atomic-frequency standards drift away from this, UT is still used to produce a correction ( called a leap second ) to atomic time, in order to obtain a broadcast form of civil time that carries atomic frequency.
However, on Pascha ( Easter ) and throughout Bright Week, the priest carries a cross and Paschal trikirion (; Slavonic: Троіца, troitsa ) at all of the services, especially when censing, during the Little Entrance or when giving the Paschal greeting.
) However, IBM sold the companion CRT monitor ( for use with the 8514 / A ) which carries the same designation, 8514.
However, in the United Kingdom, ward boundaries are generally only familiar to people involved in local politics and administration, and this ward carries little weight as an ' official ' definition of the West End, and is not intended to do so.
However, as a train carries him back to Paris, Jeanette struggles with her fears, finally realizes her mistake, and catches up to the train on horseback.
However, in the early tales, Faust is irrevocably corrupted and believes his sins cannot be forgiven ; when the term ends, the Devil carries him off to Hell.
However, after being found by the FBI and Tom Strong, Sophie reluctantly becomes Promethea and in turn carries out one final task ; bringing about the end of the world.
) However, the term " fancy " for an intense liking of something, while being of a different etymology, coincidentally carries a less intense but somewhat similar connotation to " fanatic ".
However, when the Bishop looks over the papers, he discovers that the purchase price carries a $ 25, 000 mortgage, significantly more than the operating funds the Sisters have available.
However, in the case of photons, power and information transfer by virtual particles is a relatively short-range phenomenon ( existing only within a few wavelengths of the field-disturbance, which carries information or transferred power ), as for example seen in the characteristically short range of inductive and capacitative effects in the near field zone of coils and antennas.
However, trouble seems to begin right after he carries her over the threshold ; Dolores torments Michael by pretending to be too ill to consummate the marriage, driving him into a frenzy of frustration.
However, recent studies have shown that this is not so: any apparent muscle mass gained solely from the presence of hormones will be lost over time after the horse is gelded, and in the meantime, the energy spent developing muscle mass may actually take away from the energy a young horse might otherwise put into skeletal growth ; the net effect is that castration has no effect on rate of growth ( although it may increase the amount of fat the horse carries ).
However, this naming convention reflects the fact that the umbilical vein carries blood towards the fetus's heart, while the umbilical arteries carry blood away.
However, the applicant should be one who has served the public and carries out social service and should be of good standing.
However, long-term catheterization carries a significant risk of urinary tract infection.
However, she currently carries the more unusual spelling " Blackmoor Vale ", as she did when built.
However, if the river carries significant quantities of sediment, this material can act as tools to enhance wear of the bed ( abrasion ).
However, the kids begin shrinking once they're outside and, once they're each the size of a raindrop, they rain down into a river, which carries them into the town's water purification system.

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