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However and comparable
However, studies of mitochondrial DNA show that the divergence between each of the three chipmunk groups is comparable to the genetic dissimilarity between Marmota and Spermophilus.
However, on scales comparable to the radius of the observable universe, we see systematic changes with distance from the Earth.
However, such climate changes were nothing new ; numerous very similar warming episodes had occurred previously within the ice age of the last several million years without producing comparable megafaunal extinctions, so climate alone is unlikely to have played a decisive role.
However, in the real world, many bodies rotate, and this introduces oblateness and distorts the gravity field, and gives a quadrupole moment to the gravitational field which is significant at distances comparable to the radius of the body.
However, the sensations in both sexes are extremely pleasurable and are often felt throughout the body, causing a mental state that is often described as transcendental, and with vasocongestion and associated pleasure comparable to that of a full-contractionary orgasm.
However the need for reproducibility requires that observations by different observers can be comparable.
However, this action can still allow a comparable workout to those experienced on the water.
However, there are more affluent neighborhoods, more comparable to American suburbs, particularly east of the FNB Stadium.
However, the achievements of Jean Germain are criticised by the municipal opposition for a lack of ambition: no large building projects comparable with those of Jean Royer have been instituted under his double mandate.
However, his death came before he could produce any breakthroughs comparable to those of his earlier years.
However, the performance is still not comparable with the EDFA.
However, when the voltage changes in a time interval comparable to the time it takes for the signal to travel down the wire, the length becomes important and the wire must be treated as a transmission line.
However, some question the relation to tunicates and larvaceans, as there is no evidence of segmentation in tunicates, larval or adult, that is comparable to segmentation in vetulicolians, that the anus of urochordates is within the atrium, while that of vetulicolians is positioned at the terminal end of the tail, and, perhaps most importantly, there is no exhalant siphon, or analogous structure, seen in vetulicolians.
However, K. Čapek is comparable with Aldous Huxley and George Orwell as a speculative fiction writer, distinguishing his work from genre-specific hard science fiction.
However, the latest example is the most extreme to date, of a purely reptilian placenta directly comparable to a eutherian placenta.
However, Breckinridge received almost no support in most of the Northern states ( which Lincoln swept except for split electoral votes from New Jersey going to Douglas and Lincoln ) but, as the candidate of the Buchanan faction, did outpoll Douglas in Pennsylvania and won Delaware and received some support comparable to Douglas in Connecticut.
However, data indicate that Tryon has a similar climate to comparable areas of the Piedmont.
However, skilled operators can either maintain pressure with their hands almost stationary vertically ; or, in a movement comparable to floating, can " float " their hands back to the top of the drill.
However, the many blind tests from 1817 to the present ( as of 2012 ) have never found any difference in sound between Stradivari's violins and high-quality violins in comparable style of other makers and periods, nor has acoustic analysis.
However, they have none of the demonic qualities attributed to them in mediaeval Christian literature, neither is there anything comparable to the overwhelming preoccupation with Jews and Judaism ( except perhaps in the narratives on Muhammad's encounters with Medinan Jewry ) in Muslim traditional literature.
However, others disagree, arguing that a more radical transformation of agriculture is needed, one guided by the notion that ecological change in agriculture cannot be promoted without comparable changes in the social, political, cultural and economic arenas that conform and determine agriculture.
However, in the early 1960s fairly systematic efforts were launched in Papua New Guinea, and that areamuch smaller than SA, to be sureis in general much better documented than any part of indigenous SA of comparable size.
However, the city's coat of arms displays three clovers, ( German " Klee ") which is comparable to the pronunciation of Kleve in the Low Rhenish dialect and in Dutch, " Kleef ".
However, on 8 August 1940, in an aerial duel between comparable rivals, 16 Fiat CR. 42s from 9 ° and 10 ° Gruppi of 4 ° Stormo were " bounced " by 14 Gladiators of 80 Squadron over Gabr Saleh ( about 65 kilometres southeast of El Adem and 35 kilometres east of Bir El Gobi ).

However and performing
( In Sri Lanka Sri Lanaka Library Association's Library and Information Science ) However, if there is a lack of qualified applicants, particularly in rural areas of the country, a person with an Associate Degree, a Certificate in Library Technology, or a Bachelors Degree in Library Science may be performing these duties.
However Lenard's results were qualitative rather than quantitative because of the difficulty in performing the experiments: the experiments needed to be done on freshly cut metal so that the pure metal was observed, but it oxidised in a matter of minutes even in the partial vacuums he used.
However, frustrated at Sun, Orbison gradually stopped recording, toured music circuits around Texas to make a living, and for seven months in 1958 quit performing completely.
However, not only does the 6 – 2 require a team to possess two people capable of performing the highly specialized role of setter, it also requires both of those players to be effective offensive hitters when not in the setter position.
However, in November 2006, Partridge told several interviewers that Moulding no longer had any interest in writing, performing or even listening to music.
However, on one test, flight threads were attached to the surface of the wings, performing a wind tunnel type of test during an actual flight in order to refine the computational model.
However, when attention arose that the British War Library Service in London were performing similar duties to their troops, measures were quickly devised by Putnam, the ALA, and Congress to enact such a program to the American military branches.
However, while on an empiricist view the evaluation is some sort of comparison with " reality ", social constructivists emphasize that the direction of mathematical research is dictated by the fashions of the social group performing it or by the needs of the society financing it.
However, they frequently come in handy when performing calculations.
However, it takes years of performing the forms and practicing chi sao with a knowledgeable instructor to train the body to follow the principles reflexively and to understand their applications in specific situations.
However, for interpreters, an AST causes more overhead than a bytecode interpreter, because of nodes related to syntax performing no useful work, of a less sequential representation ( requiring traversal of more pointers ) and of overhead visiting the tree.
Laughton's bisexuality has been corroborated by several of his contemporaries and is generally accepted by Hollywood historians, However, actress Maureen O ' Hara, a friend and co-star of Laughton, claimed that Laughton told her that he and his wife never had children because of a botched abortion which Lanchester had early in her career while performing burlesque and that indeed his biggest regret was never having children of his own.
However, he does make various grunting noises when performing certain actions, and he screams loudly if you jump down the large drain that drops straight out of the bottom of the Neverhood.
However, one should consult a competent rabbi if an unusually pressing situation arises, as some authorities believe that performing mitzvot through electronically reproduced sound is preferable to not performing them at all.
However, losses to North Melbourne, Western Bulldogs and the poorly performing West Coast seemed to end the Dees finals dream.
However, the Tridentine Missal itself speaks of celebrating versus populum, and gives corresponding instructions for the priest when performing actions that in the other orientation involved turning around in order to face the people.
However, the deeper male vocal and breathy female vocal ( which matches Munro ’ s a capella finish to the song, plainly recorded on set ) performing the song in the American version of the film do not match the voices of O ' Dowda ( a tenor ) nor Murray ( a trained singer.
However, the band were performing again the very next day.
However, with the advent of new techniques and technology, such as softsubs and modern hardware capable of encoding high quality video quickly, combined with larger fansub groups tending to have a large staff capable of performing tasks in parallel, the line between speedsubs and quality subs is gradually becoming blurred.
However, they carried on performing and recording.
However, in April 1982 Dee Long – never all that fond of performing live in the first place by most accounts – quit the group.
However, the sequence of production instance firings may be interrupted at any stage by performing changes to the working memory.
However, he did not seriously consider a career in the performing arts until 1991 when he was persuaded to try stand-up comedy while working as a barman at Melbourne's Castle Hotel.

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