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However and rival
However, they then went into one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history, called by some the " Curse of the Bambino " after its alleged beginning with the Red Sox's sale of Babe Ruth to the rival Yankees two years after their world championship in 1918, an 86-year wait before the team's sixth World Championship in.
However, this new election could not be held on time due to delay in preparation and has been postponed to October 2006 after an agreement was reached amongst the rival parties.
However, he allowed both Plectrude and the young Theudoald to live and treated them with kindness — unusual for those times, when mercy to a former gaoler, or a potential rival, was rare.
However, when his father died, and a rival to the Borgia family entered the Papal seat, Cesare was overthrown in a matter of months.
However, the group saw its membership fall sharply in the late 1980s, as many centre-right members moved to the rival European People's Party group, dominated by the German CDU and the ideology of Christian democracy in general.
However, with the rise of the rival Dutch East India Company, Portuguese influence in Asia was gradually eclipsed.
However, during their testimony at their Combatant Status Review Tribunals, several Guantanamo captives, including Abu Zubaydah, described the Khaldan camp as being run by a rival jihadist organizationone that did not support attacking civilians.
However, in early 1972 he faced a new threat in the form of Simon Kapwepwe's decision to leave UNIP and found a rival party, the United Progressive Party, which Kaunda immediately attempted to suppress.
However, according to Louis Marie DeCormenin, Stephen was the key person responsible for issuing the orders, and took great delight in destroying his rival and his supporters.
However, as it is composed of both pure goodness and pure evil, it might have enough power to rival that of God Himself.
However, because of the fierce competition between the giraffe and rival foragers, those with the shorter necks could only find food at the level rivals were also feeding at.
" However, he is also notorious for having electrocuted a number of dogs in 1888, both by direct and alternating current, in an attempt to argue that the former ( which he had a vested business interest in promoting ) was safer than the latter ( favored by his rival George Westinghouse ).
However, Kekkonen began to see Karjalainen as a rival instead, and eventually rejected the idea.
However, his great rival Thucydides promptly discarded Herodotus's all-embracing approach to history, offering instead a more precise, sharply focused monograph, dealing not with vast empires over the centuries but with 27 years of war between Athens and Sparta.
However, the following year, a detachment of soldiers from Britain ( they had been drafted to Italy to suppress brigands ) also denounced Perennis to the emperor as plotting to make his own son emperor ( they had been enabled to do so by Cleander, who was seeking to dispose of his rival ), and Commodus gave them permission to execute him as well as his wife and sons.
However, this was thrown out in 1412, and all subsequent emperors came from the family of the former Northern Court rival, the ultimately successful Emperor Go-Komatsu.
However, the army have decided to hand over power to his fierce political rival, Andry Rajoelina.
However, he was defeated by a rival, which led to the opportunity for UN peace keepers to be brought in.
However, the conflict between the two companies continued by proxy during the interval before the outbreak of the Seven Years War, with British and French forces fighting on behalf of rival claimants to the thrones of Hyderabad and the Carnatic.
However, in its final years Young Talent Time began to struggle for ratings, particularly following the decision of the rival Nine Network to move its popular early morning variety show Hey Hey It's Saturday to an evening slot in 1984, putting it in direct competition to YTT on Saturday nights at 6. 30pm.
However, this campaign was ultimately a failure due to a rival military officer of Shen disobeying direct orders, and the territory gained from the Western Xia was eventually lost.
However, Liu Chong, a member of the Later Han imperial family, established a rival Northern Han regime in Taiyuan, and requested Khitan aid to defeat the Later Zhou.
However, just when it looked as if the new gun was about to become a great success, a great deal of opposition to the gun arose, both inside the army and from rival arms manufacturers, particularly Joseph Whitworth of Manchester.
However, horror remained Karloff's primary genre, and he gave a string of lauded performances in 1930s Universal horror films, including several with Lugosi, his main rival as heir to Lon Chaney, Sr .' s status as the top horror film star.
However, they buckled under the strain of some of the longest road trips in the league — their nearest division rival, the Blues, were over 1, 000 miles away — and finished in last place.

However and consortium
However, before Junkers actually transferred his patents to the Patentstelle, the collapse of the Junkers consortium was solved by the sale of the Junkers Thermo Technik GmbH to Robert Bosch, who still uses the brand name to the present.
However, Canadian businessman Nelson Skalbania emerged as a rival bidder for the team before joining the Calgary consortium.
However, the projected cost of the project was so high that Sud Aviation, at the direction of the French and British governments, formed a consortium with BAC in November 1962 to merge their design and production efforts to create the Concorde.
However, it had a C $ 570 million pricetag, being partially funded by the federal and provincial governments, the city of Toronto, as well as a consortium of corporations ( though the Blue Jays now own the stadium, by way of parent company Rogers Communications ).
However, Westfield was badly hit by the stock market crash of 1987, and in 1989 sold Network Ten to a consortium led by Charles Curran and former television journalist Steve Cosser.
However, the consortium that won the contract, headed by Samuel Cunard, ran into trouble almost immediately and Allan reacted by building more ships on the Clyde using superior technology ( notably the Canadian and the Indian ).
However, wishing to minimise the negative impacts of the industry, the Shetland Islands Council ( SIC ), with power granted to it by the UK Parliament in the 1974 Zetland County Council Act ( ZCC Act ), were able to contain all pipeline terminal facilities at the Sullom Voe site, now operated by BP on behalf of a consortium of companies operating in the North Sea and North Atlantic.
However, a contract dispute rapidly developed between On2 and Beijing E-World ( the consortium of companies developing the EVD format ).
However, on April 18, another British bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ) contacted ABN AMRO to propose a deal in which a consortium of banks, including RBS, Belgium's Fortis, and Spain's Banco Santander Central Hispano ( now Banco Santander ) would jointly bid for ABN AMRO and thereafter break up the different divisions of the company between them.
However, it does provide-at the very least-an online consortium for libraries to exchange information and for researchers to search for titles as well as review the materials.
However, along came a bright new consortium who began to shape the future of the club once again.
However, the consortium continued to enjoy strong UK press support for several years following the Phoenix coup.
However, Peel and three others including an MP, Potter McQueen, formed a consortium to found a colony at the Swan River in Western Australia by sending settlers there with stock and necessary materials.
However, in March 1938, Consolidated Industries ( a consortium led by the Kaiser Company ) initiated work on a contract for the upper half of the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state, and took over responsibility for the thousands of workers who had worked for a different construction consortium on the first half of the dam.
However, the 1995 public tender was won by a consortium formed by the South Korean Daewoo company and Austrian STEYR company.
However, once she died from her injuries, his right to recover for lost consortium ended.
However, in 2005 – 2006 the consortium was heavily criticized due to environmental issues and the legal proceeding on violation of the Russian environmental regulations were initiated.
However, the winner of one of the contracts, the Associated Broadcasting Development Company, had insufficient funds to start broadcasting, so ITC was brought into the consortium and Lew Grade came to dominate it.
However, on July 31, 2006, the consortium in charge of the project revealed that the total cost of constructing the bridge was US $ 930 million, which was above the limit of US $ 607 million imposed by the Chilean state.
However, the consortium ’ s business plan was approved by the RFU and with additional backing by the politicians of the City of Birmingham and the North Midlands RFU, the club survived in Birmingham.
However, despite the success of the consortium in keeping the club in Birmingham a large number of first-team regulars had left the club at the end of the 2001 / 02 season.

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