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However and ambassadors
However, according to Justinus, 38. 3. 6, more than a decade later, at some time in 90-88 BCE, Mithridates the Great sent ambassadors to the Cimbri to request military aid ; judging from the context they must have been living in North Eastern Europe at the time.
However, if none of the ambassadors agree to vote for / eliminate one contestant, they must draw one pearl in a bag.
However, since circumstances made it a highly complex matter in regard to the neutrality of Laos, target approval had to come from the U. S. government in Washington, D. C. Additionally, the U. S. ambassadors in South Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand were involved in controlling these U. S. air operations.
However, Nur ad-Din sent ambassadors and negotiated an alliance with the emperor against the Seljuks, much to the crusaders ' dismay.
However, Manuel's ambassadors heard the rumours that Melisende ( and Raymond himself ) might have been fathered by someone other than Raymond II, and the marriage was called off ; Manuel married Maria instead.
However, these alternatives are now being replaced by standard white tie for formal state occasions, such as for ambassadors at the State Opening of Parliament.
However, Mignet claims that the threat was more substantive and their numbers growing and that " the ambassadors of the emigrants were received, while those of the French government were dismissed, ill received, or even thrown into prison, as in the case of M.
However, other claims have been made to the contrary — that Tupac Amaru was indeed in rebellion, that Toledo had tried peaceful means to settle differences, that three of his ambassadors to the Inca were murdered, and that Tupac Amaru subsequently raised an army to resist the colonial army.
However some states do issue credentials that include diplomatic immunity for their goodwill ambassadors such as Haiti.
However since then French policy had changed, the French ambassadors had only come to reject the English demands and had nothing new to offer.
However, in the absence of any record of this on the Roman side of the silk road, it may be that the " ambassadors " were in reality free traders acting independently of Aurelius.
However, the King refused to recognise Caroline as Queen, and commanded British ambassadors to ensure that monarchs in foreign courts did the same.
However Sviatopolk incarcerated the Cumans ambassadors and the Cumans came in force to attack Kiev.
However, Su's old assistant Chang Hui secretly informed the ambassadors of Su's exile, and the ambassadors, under Chang's suggestion, told then-chanyu Huyandi ( 壺衍鞮 ) that Emperor Zhao had killed a migratory goose while hunting, and that a letter from Su seeking help was found on the bird's foot.

However and high
However, it determined that neither this factor, nor `` the fact that all concerned in high executive posts in both companies acted honorably and fairly, each in the honest conviction that his actions were in the best interests of his own company and without any design to overreach anyone, including Du Pont's competitors '', outweighed the Government's claim for relief.
However, Af adsorbs water from the atmosphere and this may account for the low chromium analysis and high total weight loss.
However, as witnessed by the large corporate bond calendar at present, as well as the record amount of municipal bond issues approved by voters, the over-all demands for capital funds seem likely to remain high, so that any downward pressure on rates from reduced demand should not be great.
However, a witness with a high level of empathic concern is likely to assume personal responsibility entirely regardless of the number of bystanders.
However, in general, the books only feature mental battles when there is some reason for mind-to-mind contact ( for example, Trump contact ) and magic or Trump is involved in all three of the above conflicts, so it is not clear whether Zelazny intended his characters to have such a power ; the combination of Brand's " living trump " powers and his high Psyche ( as presented in the roleplaying game ) would have guaranteed him victory over Corwin.
However, the Mobile River system has a high incidence of endemism among freshwater mollusks and biodiversity is high.
However, most Methodists view apostolic succession outside its high church sense.
" However some earlier high zinc, low iron brasses such as the 1530 Wightman brass memorial plaque from England may have been made by alloying copper with zinc and include traces of cadmium similar those found in some zinc ingots from China.
However, the relatively high altitude of the country and its continental situation gives it a subtropical climate.
However, after discovering that some people were selling the autographed books online for high prices, he ended this practice as well.
However, the area has aroused considerable interest from oil companies in the light of the discovery of rich reserves of high grade crude oil elsewhere in Nigeria.
However practice was variable: very high attendance at festivals was in most places the order of the day and in some places regular communion was very popular, in other places they stayed away or sent " a servant to be the liturgical representative of their household.
However, printers are generally slow devices ( 30 pages per minute is considered fast, and many inexpensive consumer printers are far slower than that ), and the cost per page is actually relatively high.
However, it has a high economic inequality, as measured by the Gini index.
However, it has a high economic inequality, as measured by the Gini index.
However, its use in terrestrial applications is usually limited by its high reactivity with air.
However, it does suffer from nitrogen embrittlement, reacting with nitrogen from air and forming brittle nitrides at the high temperatures necessary to work the metal parts.
However, raising the engine speed too high while engaging the clutch will cause excessive clutch plate wear.
However, efforts at optimizing to reduce the number of calculations needed in portions of a work where detail is not high or does not depend on ray tracing features have led to a realistic possibility of wider use of ray tracing.
However, when advanced radiosity estimation is coupled with a high quality ray tracing algorithim, images may exhibit convincing realism, particularly for indoor scenes.
However many middle school cheer squads will go all year round like high school squads.
However, starting in 1991, Creative Micro Designs ( CMD ) made the FD-2000 high density ( 1. 6 MB ) and FD-4000 extended density ( 3. 2 MB ) 3½ " drives, both of which offered not only a 1581 emulation mode but also 1541 and 1571 compatibility modes.
However, others argue that the effects of the high concentrations of macromolecules in cells extend throughout the cytosol and that water in cells behaves very differently from the water in dilute solutions.
However, both numbers would be a fraction of the heat generated by many high performance processors, some years later.

However and commissioners
However, other professionals that play a more peripheral role in the field of professional sports ( e. g. coaches, general managers, referees, commentators and announcers, sports team owners and executives, sports commissioners ) who are more active in the internal aspects of field tend to remain in obscurity and are less likely to achieve celebrity status.
However, Congress can curtail and constrain a president's authority to fire commissioners of independent regulatory agencies and certain inferior executive officers by statute.
However, the President does not possess the power to fire the appointed commissioners, a provision that was made to ensure the independence of the SEC.
However, a group of citizens filed suit against the commissioners.
However, when vacancies arise, the commissioners court of the respective county has the authority to appoint a replacement to serve out the remaining term.
However, those events were largely overshadowed when the commissioners passed a statement called Membership, Ministry and Human Sexuality that stated " all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, who profess their faith in Jesus Christ are welcome to be or become members of The United Church of Canada " and that " all members of the United Church are eligible to be considered for ordered ministry.
However, the territory was actually ruled by French commissioners.
However, the commissioners ' powers and responsibilities in these leagues are not substantially different from those of the presidents that preceded them.
However, its proposed schedule, with minimum 85 % Canadian content consisting primarily of local and regional programming and no U. S. simulcasts, was found to be unviable by most commissioners.
However, in the course of the Prussian Germanisation policies under Governor Eduard Heinrich von Flottwell, they were replaced by Prussian commissioners.
However, the councillors were dismissed on 18 November 1994, and replaced by commissioners Mel Read, a long-serving executive of the Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation, Des Kelly, a Shire of Tallangatta councillor from 1968 until 1994, and Mike Hansen, a retired army officer with management and logistics experience.
However, the Parents Television Council and even some of the FCC commissioners criticized the FCC for fining only twenty CBS stations, not all of them, for the halftime show.
However, following the 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, an 87 acre ( 352, 000 m² ) area around what is now Exhibition Road was purchased by the commissioners of the exhibition, in order to create a home for institutions dedicated to the arts and sciences-resulting in the foundation of the museums and university here.
However, Bourassa himself and Hydro-Québec senior management — including President Roland Giroux and commissioners Yvon DeGuise and Robert Boyd — are firmly behind the large hydroelectric development to be built in northern Quebec.
However British took over the administration of the Kingdom on a specious plea of non-payment of subsidy amount from Mummudi Krishna Raja Wadiyar in 1831 and British appointed commissioners were in charge of the Kingdom.
However, L ' Enfant subsequently entered into a number of conflicts with the three commissioners and others involved in the enterprise.
However, a municipality and market commissioners decided to renovate the old city hall into a large marketplace.
However, after the county commissioners, who all will shortly be standing for re-election, vote unanimously to shut down the Shakespeare Festival, the gang quickly learns that Commissioner Gebhardt has reneged on his promises to the Angel Beach gang because he feared that allowing the Shakespeare Festival to proceed would harm his re-election chances.
However, some athletic directors and conference presidents / commissioners have sent response letters, declining while sarcastically telling the group that it was an honor to be invited.
However, Gaines and his fellow commissioners Alonzo A. Skinner and Beverly S. Allen were only able to get treaties signed that allowed the tribes to remain on the west side and in the foothills of the Willamette Valley.
" However, owing to having 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats as commissioners, the organization is regularly deadlocked with a 3-3 vote.
However, English Heritage did not back the proposal, with its commissioners overruling the advice of its own advisory committee.
However, Queen Mary's commissioners were refused access to the letters to review or to study them.

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