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However and initial
However, before RAT-C reached initial operational status in 1960 aboard the large US Navy destroyer-leader Norfolk, its name was changed to the present ASROC.
However, a hardware bug with this chip prevented the initial design from working as anticipated, and the ROM code was hastily rewritten to handle the entire operation in software.
However, the term " German " in the title was interpreted in the broadest possible sense, and its initial royal patronage made the connection clear between a perceived unity of Germanness in history and 19th century Germanness.
However, his initial reprogramming of Wolverine lasted several years, despite how Wolverine's healing factor works around such a reprogramming much faster than an ordinary human mind.
However, is not a phoneme in Mandarin, which has no voiced plosives, therefore the initial voicing of is not significant to the Chinese listener.
However in practice, most English speakers think the Chinese pronunciation sounds more like an English initial than an English initial because the Chinese pronunciation is unaspirated.
However, a particularly powerful piece of equipment — for example, a cloak that renders its wearer invisible for a brief period — may be treated as a Power that the hero must spend their initial element points on.
However, a chronic shortage of skilled leaders, both at command level and in the field, left them unable to capitalize on their initial momentum, and most of the offensives finally came to nothing.
However cost and initial rarity of software using the memory above 1 MB meant that 80286 computers were rarely shipped with more than one megabyte of RAM.
However, the initial casus belli was claimed to be support for a Kuwaiti rebellion.
" However, on its initial release in the UK, the film was banned by several town councils – some of which had no cinemas within their boundaries, or had not even seen the film.
However, as a demographic model the logistic map has the pathological problem that some initial conditions and parameter values lead to negative population sizes.
However, the initial lytic / lysogenic decision on infection is also dependent on the cII and cIII proteins.
However, reference to the latter as lochs or loughs ( lower case initial ), rather than as lakes, inlets and so on, is unusual.
However, the language still retained a final-m, which has merged with-n in modern dialects, and initial voiced fricatives.
However, Calvinball appears to have a permanent rule that the same rules may never be used twice ; a nomic, at least in its initial state, has no truly permanent rules.
However, this trick was used in turn by the Empress of the Racnoss, which pulled the TARDIS from the creation of the Earth to only a few minutes after its initial departure.
However, C language programming is much easier to obtain skilled people in, so most if not all new development is done in C. Since z / TPF allows assembler programs to be repackaged into 1 logical file, critical legacy applications can be maintained and actually improve efficiency-the cost of entering one of these programs will now come at the initial enter when the entire program is fetched into core and logical flow through the program is accomplished via simple branch instructions, instead of a dozen or so IBM instructions previously needed to perform what is known as ' core resident enter / back '.
However, the differences between the Sanskrit and Chinese terminology lead to some initial misunderstandings and the eventual development of East Asian Buddhism as a distinct entity.
However, towards the end of the book he forgets the initial reason for maintaining the fire.
However, this system has been sidelined following the initial 1998 election of current president Hugo Chávez, which started the Bolivarian Revolution.
However, Struve's initial result was actually surprisingly close to the currently accepted value of 0. 129 ″, as determined by the Hipparcos astrometry satellite.
However, the initial season was troubled by lack of network confidence, as the show did not garner ratings much higher than that of other CBS News documentaries.

However and comparison
However, this theory is undermined by the disproportional fear of spiders in comparison to other, potentially dangerous creatures that were present during Homo sapiens environment of evolutionary adaptiveness.
However, because of the relatively small diffusion rates in solids, the corresponding chemical reactions are very slow in comparison to liquid and gas phase reactions.
However, felids appear to have relatively poor color vision in comparison with humans.
However, comparison with a rocket vehicle using similar construction techniques failed to show much advantage, and funding for the vehicle ceased.
However, no actual compression took place, and the information stored in the names of the files was necessary in order to reassemble them in the correct order into the original file, and this information was not taken into account in the file size comparison.
However, this sector still remains underdeveloped in comparison with neighbouring countries.
However, the B-58 was expensive to develop and purchase, required enormous amounts of fuel and maintenance in comparison to the B-47, and was estimated to cost three times as much to operate than the much larger and longer-ranged B-52.
However the price growth continued and by November 1996 the total price level in Turkmenistan had increased tens of thousands times in comparison with December 1991.
However, there was no comparison with other strategies nor experiments in the real Web.
However, on the West Coast ( and all of the Mountain time zone ), because the actual end of the live games is much earlier in the afternoon in comparison to the Eastern and Central time zones, 60 Minutes is always able to start at its normal start time of 7 pm Pacific Time ( 6 pm Mountain Time ), leaving affiliates free to broadcast local news, the CBS Evening News, and other local or syndicated programming leading up to 60 Minutes.
However, in comparison to the decades of well-publicized study of bacterial flagella ( e. g. by Howard Berg ), archaella have only recently begun to get serious scientific attention.
However, these moons are all much more distant from their primaries, and are quite small in comparison ; the largest of them ( Phoebe ) has only 8 % of the diameter ( and 0. 03 % of the mass ) of Triton.
However, while on an empiricist view the evaluation is some sort of comparison with " reality ", social constructivists emphasize that the direction of mathematical research is dictated by the fashions of the social group performing it or by the needs of the society financing it.
However, its relative risk is 320 in comparison with the general population.
However, these minor forays pale in comparison to his contributions to real analysis ; his contributions to this field had a tremendous impact on the shape of the field today and his methods have become an essential part of modern analysis.
However, while being handled, messages remain vulnerable within the server ( e. g., to Trojan software in a compromised server, to a compromised server operator, or to mis-administration of the server ), and traffic analysis comparison of traffic into and out of such a server can suggest quite a lot — far more than almost any would credit.
However, progress has been slow in comparison with the western and the southwestern parts of Turkey.
However, based on anecdotal reports, both αMT and αET appear to produce considerably less of a hangover in comparison to MDMA, although this is not necessarily an indication of long-term safety.
( However, audio bit rates must be of near equal quality for this comparison to be accurate concerning sound quality.
However, this comparison is misleading as the allowed characteristics of protocols ( e. g., whether they are connection-oriented or connection-less ) placed into these layers are different in the two models.
However, upon the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, 25 December shifted 10 days earlier in comparison with the Julian and Coptic calendars.
However, the language comparison is generally considered tentative.
However, countries have applied neoliberal policies at varying levels of intensity ; for example, the OECD ( Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development ) has calculated that only 6 % of Swedish workers are beset with wages it considers low, and that Swedish wages are overall lower due to their lack of neoliberal policies John Schmitt and Ben Zipperer ( 2006 ) of the CEPR have analyzed the effects of intensive Anglo-American neoliberal policies in comparison to continental European neoliberalism, concluding " The U. S. economic and social model is associated with substantial levels of social exclusion, including high levels of income inequality, high relative and absolute poverty rates, poor and unequal educational outcomes, poor health outcomes, and high rates of crime and incarceration.
However, in game five, Kramnik made what has been described as the worst blunder of his career ( a blunder that pales in comparison to his loss against Deep Fritz 10 in 2006 ), losing a knight in a position which was probably drawn.

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