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However and ages
However, although both men believed that they had " recovered " the true doctrines for themselves and contemporaries, they also believed there had always existed a group of true believers throughout the ages, albeit marred by the apostasy.
" However, " The Scholastics-later medieval philosophers, theologians, and scientists-were helped by the Arabic translators and commentaries, but they hardly needed to struggle against a flat-earth legacy from the early middle ages ( 500-1050 ).
However, the child mortality rate ( deaths among children between the ages of 1 and 4 ) is exceptionally high ( 274 per 1, 000 ) due to generally poor health conditions and inadequate nutrition for most of the country's children.
However, over the centuries, the age sets grew out-of-alignment with the actual ages of their members, and some time in the 19th century, another age set system was instituted.
However, a decree of 29 May 1918 imposed obligatory military service for men of ages 18 to 40.
However, by the high middle ages Croatia had been acquired by the Hungarian Kingdom, and the Serbian state to the southeast was in a period of stagnation.
However, both Arctodus and Tremarctos had survived several other ice ages.
However, CRE ages of shergottites vary considerably (~ 0. 5-19 Ma ), and several impact events are required to eject all the known shergottites.
However, differences between the disorder and OCD have been noted, including: differing peak ages at onset, rates of comorbidity, gender differences, and neural dysfunction and cognitive profile.
However, he somewhat ages and, in the process,
However, the relative ages of Bertie's father and remaining uncles are unclear, so it is unknown whether Bertie or one of his male cousins would be in line to inherit the title.
However, some have challenged the negative connotations regarding male virginity, as well as the belief that males should want to lose their virginities at earlier ages than their female counterparts.
However, Alfred Kazin — though criticizing Dreiser ’ s style — pointed out that Dreiser ’ s novels had survived through the ages and remained influential works ( Lydon ).
However, the American English use of the word " student " to include pupils of all ages, even at elementary level, is now spreading to other countries, and is occasionally found in the UK ( particularly in the state sector ), as well as Australia and Singapore.
However, in her lectures to teacher trainees she set out several periods with the approximate ages to which they applied.
However, the United States Environmental Protection Agency now suggests that either science-based age-specific ranges or an all ages level ( based on National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2006 data ) be used.
However, during the Pleistocene ice ages, a polar grassland known as steppe-tundra occupied large areas of the Northern hemisphere.
However, there is still much debate concerning the ages of certain key events, because correlating lunar regolith samples with geological units on the Moon is difficult, and most lunar radiometric ages have been highly affected by an intense history of bombardment.
However, he is unwilling to face the Valar and flees to the east, as do some Dragons, Balrogs and Orcs to trouble the Men and Elves through later ages.
However, the book is best remembered for Ranke's comment that " To history has been assigned the office of judging the past, of instructing the present for the benefit of future ages.
However, comparing them with the Spartan elite unit Hippeis () and the Athenian epheboi ( ἔφηβοι ) recruits, DeVoto estimates that trainees were inducted as full members to the Sacred Band at the ages of 20 to 21, whereupon they were given a full set of armor by their erastai.
However, those that were not imprisoned continued to reincarnate again and again through the ages.
However, there are many reasons teeth will crowd as a person ages, whether or not the individual ever experienced orthodontic treatment ; thus there is no guarantee that teeth will stay aligned without retention.

However and acquires
However, the WHO plans to continue the vaccination campaign in another five African countries — Central African Republic, Ghana, Guinea, Côte d ' Ivoire, and Nigeria — and stated that approximately 160 million people in the continent could be at risk unless the organization acquires additional funding.
However, the CCTV New Year's Gala remains extremely popular ; it acquires more than 90 % audience share over the nation.
However, Bouton eventually withdraws, and Daguerre acquires sole responsibility of the diorama theatre.
However, Deep Blue has not identified any threat of checkmate from Black, so it simply acquires the material.
However, the Joker tricks Mxyzptlk into revealing his secret imp name and thus acquires 99. 9 % of Mxyzptlk's power, leaving him mostly powerless while the Joker remakes Earth in 69 seconds to suit his own vision.
However, in Ozma of Oz, the chicken Billina acquires the ability to speak merely by being swept to the lands near Oz, and in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, the kitten Eureka and the cab horse Jim also gained the ability when reaching the land of Mangaboos, a similarly magical land.
However, in absorbing photons, the dust acquires added mass via mass-energy equivalence.
However in one of the later books a very assertive non-human female character accidentally acquires several sets of memories which cannot be erased, and adjusts to this with relative ease.
However, an elderly Admiral Kathryn Janeway acquires a chrono deflector from a Klingon named Korath and uses it on her shuttle to travel back to 2378 in the Delta Quadrant.
However, as the university acquires more ( tax-free ) land, the property tax burden becomes greater for local farmers and residents.
However, this approach does have a major drawback: if an unauthorized person acquires a password and uses it without being detected, that person may have access for an indefinite period.
However, Saadeh believed that while the economic modes of production can create culture, culture acquires a life of its own with time and eventually becomes embedded and perpetuated in its people, who come to recognize themselves as a living organism.
However, when the player acquires the " Dopplegänger " soul, the player can have two different weapon and soul setups, and switch between them at will.
However if an entitlement to registration as a British citizen under section 4B is held it will be lost if the person acquires another nationality before becoming a British citizen.
However, if an electron in the valence band acquires enough energy to reach the conduction band, it can flow freely among the nearly empty conduction band energy states.
However, a South African citizen who by a formal and voluntary act acquires the citizenship of another country, automatically loses his or her South African citizenship unless they apply for, and receive permission to retain their South African citizenship before acquiring the citizenship of another country.
However, if, as above, O conveys property she doesn't own to A by warranty deed, but O later acquires title to that land, A may elect to treat O's lack of title at the time of the conveyance as a breach of the covenants of seisin and right to convey ( two of the six traditional forms of Covenants for Title that are contained in a general warranty deed ), and sue O for damages.
However, after joining powers with the force inside him, Sagi acquires immense strength.

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