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However and External
However, in 1936 George VI had been declared " King of Ireland " and, under the External Relations Act of the same year, it was this king who represented the state in its foreign affairs.
However, it was his two periods as Minister for External Affairs that Aiken fulfilled his enormous political potential.
" However, the European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, denied these allegations and stated that the Moldovan language is referred to in the 1998 Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Moldova and hence it is considered a part of the acquis, binding to all member states.
However, on 31 May 1995 shuttle managers assessed damage to the External Tank of STS-70 caused by nesting Flicker Woodpeckers.
However, as with the earlier inquiry, the External Contracts Inquiry is commissioned by Madam Justice Denise Bellamy of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.
However, according to Stacey Witalec, Director of External Affairs at the PLCB: "... because our stores are not licensed establishments, BLCE does not perform compliance checks in them.

However and Relations
However it begins with a two-part story concerning a romance between Terry and Thelma's sister, and a story is developed over four episodes beginning in " Affairs and Relations ".
However, in doing so, he had brought a number of workers up over the forty-dollar-a-week level, at which point, under the Wagner Labor Relations Act, the higher paid employees ceased being entitled to time-and-a-half for overtime.
However, the conventional depiction of the Human Relations ' school ' of management rising out of the ashes of Scientific Management is argued to be a rhetorical distortion of events.
However, recent labor statistics provided by the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations indicate that under Governor Riley, Alabama's unemployment nearly tripled to a seasonally adjusted rate of 8. 4 % in February 2009.
However Vasquez cleared the United States Senate Foreign Relations committee by a vote of 14-4, and was accepted in the full Senate on a voice vote.
However, while still cosponsoring the bill, she wrote a letter to House Foreign Relations Committee Chair Tom Lantos urging him to withdraw the bill.
However, after strong opposition from Labor's Right Faction, Latham was put under pressure to appoint either Swan or the Shadow Industrial Relations Minister, Stephen Smith, as Treasurer.
However, the study of International Studies as a separate entity to International Relations emerged throughout the 20th century, as an increasingly complex world began to be influenced by globalisation, and a greater number of issues emerged ( rather than only inter-country relations ).
However, the Ontario Labour Relations Board sealed the ballot box for review.
However, he also gave the title of Deputy Mayor to several other people, each with a specific role: Ian Clement ( Government Relations ); Kit Malthouse ( Policing ); and Ray Lewis ( Young People ).
However, the case which elevated McMahon to national renown and laid the foundation for his political career, was the Harlan County Coal Miner's case ... a landmark trial as the first effort to uphold the Wagner National Labor Relations Act, i. e., to enforce the right of labor to form unions.
< sup > 4 </ sup > However, an issue that was raised, without being conclusively resolved, in the Workplace Relations Challenge was whether the Commonwealth can " clear the field " by stating an intention that State laws are not to apply even if the Commonwealth does not enact other laws in their place.
However, because the duty of fair representation was originally created by judicial interpretation, rather than as an express statutory prohibition, employees covered by the National Labor Relations Act may sue their unions directly, without being required to first exhaust any administrative procedures provided under the National Labor Relations Board.
However, the Wartime Labour Relations Regulations ( Order in Council P. C.
However, The U. S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations ( ACIR ) reported that, during the 1980s, more major intergovernmental regulatory programs were enacted than during the 1970s.
However, his interactions with the employees of Public Relations Division 2, especially Akagi, causes him to change his views.
However, he missed basketball, and joined the Golden State Warriors Foundation as Executive Director of Community Relations from 1999 to August 2002.

However and Act
However, this Court put to one side without consideration the Government's appeal from the dismissal of its Sherman Act allegations.
However, the Federal Court held that since the State had accepted the provisions of the Wagner-Peyser Act into its own Code, and presumably therefore also the regulations, it was now a State matter.
However, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 treats the fetus as a separate person for the purposes of assault and other violent crimes, under certain limited circumstances.
However, its decisions can be overruled by the Australian Governor-General ( effectively by the national government ) under section 35 of the Australian Capital Territory ( Self-Government ) Act 1988.
However, legislating for alterations to the Act is a complex process, since the act is a common denominator in the shared succession of all the Commonwealth realms and the Statute of Westminster 1931 acknowledges by established convention that any changes to the rules of succession may be made only with the agreement of all of the states involved, with concurrent amendments to be made by each state's parliament or parliaments.
However the IRS now requires barter exchanges to be reported as per the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982.
However, the limitations of the 1844 Act only affected banks in England and Wales, and today three commercial banks in Scotland and four in Northern Ireland continue to issue their own sterling banknotes, regulated by the Bank of England.
However, in 1774, the British Parliament passed the Quebec Act, which restored the French civil law for matters of private law ( e. g., contracts, property, successions ), while keeping the English common law as the basis for public law in the colony, notably the criminal law.
However, the holiday was not established statutorily until 1879, when it was designated as Dominion Day, in reference to the designation of the country as a Dominion in the British North America Act.
However, the Norwegian Competition Act section 10 prohibits cooperation which may prevent, limit or diminish the competition.
However, for all intents and purposes, Germany had been a one-party state since the passage of the Enabling Act.
However, the post still ultimately represented the government of the United Kingdom until, after continually decreasing involvement by the British government, the passage in 1942 of the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 ( see Statute of Westminster ) and the Australia Act 1986, whereafter the governor became the direct, personal representative of the uniquely Australian sovereign.
However, even though the implementation of the Australian Citizenship Act in 1948 established the concept of an independent Australian citizenship, the idea of Australian-born persons being appointed governor of New South Wales was much earlier.
However, the Scottish counterpart, the Act of Security, prohibited a Roman Catholic successor, leaving open the possibility that the crowns would diverge.
However, faced with a tide of poverty, Hoover and the Congress approved the Federal Home Loan Bank Act, to spur new home construction and reduce foreclosures.
However, as habeas corpus is only a procedural device to examine the lawfulness of a prisoner's detention, so long as the detention is in accordance with an Act of Parliament, the petition for habeas corpus is unsuccessful.
However, the Weights and Measures Act of 1825 pushed back the date to 1 January 1826.
However, on January 7, 2008, George W. Bush appointee H. Dale Hall, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service ( USFWS ), signed a recommendation to abandon jaguar recovery as a federal goal under the Endangered Species Act.
However, the Gladstone Liberal government fell in 1874 before its entry into force, and the succeeding Disraeli Tory government suspended the entry into force of the Act by means of further Acts passed in 1874 and 1875.
However, under the Conservative government, the 1874 and 1875 Acts retained the judicial aspect of the House of Lords and ensured the quality of judicial appointments to the House of Lords was ensured by legislating, under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876, for the mechanism of judicial life peers.
However, none of these states actually passed a resolution nullifying the Embargo Act.
However, following the General Agreement on Trade in Services ( GATS ) at the WTO, the 1988 Telecommunications Act was replaced with by the Telecommunications Act of 1998 which provided the legal framework to enable the emergence of a free and democratised telecommunications market on the island.
" However, Louisiana does recognize this area of expertise by statute ( the Medical Psychology Practice Act ) as a " profession of the health sciences " with prescriptive authority.

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