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However and bulk
However, the surface temperature gradient can produce erroneous vapor-pressure measurements for the bulk liquid helium unless precautions are taken to isolate the tube ( which passes through the surface to the vapor pressure bulb ) from the liquid helium surface.
However, elements that are practical to sell in bulk in many countries often still have locally used national names, and countries whose national language does not use the Latin alphabet are likely to use the IUPAC element names.
However, because the SEM image relies on surface processes rather than transmission, it is able to image bulk samples up to many centimetres in size and ( depending on instrument design and settings ) has a great depth of field, and so can produce images that are good representations of the three-dimensional shape of the sample.
However, a pocket remained behind in the Crimea when the bulk of them moved to central Europe, and these Crimean Ostrogoths existed until at least the 16th century.
However, piezoelectricity is not caused by a change in charge density on the surface, but by dipole density in the bulk.
However, it represents a significant obstacle to maneuvering vessels with such massive bulk ( mobile spacecraft being particularly likely to rather use proposed less massive active shielding ).
However, the slowdown of the Earth's rotation is not occurring fast enough for the rotation to lengthen to a month before other effects make this irrelevant: About 2. 1 billion years from now, the continual increase of the Sun's radiation will cause the Earth's oceans to vaporize, removing the bulk of the tidal friction and acceleration.
However, the term staithe may also be used to refer only to loading chutes or ramps used for bulk commodities like coal in loading ships and barges.
However, the revanchist demand to recover the bulk of Macedonia remained powerful.
However, the extent of the American losses were becoming known at Shafter's headquarters back at Sevilla ( his gout, poor physical conditiong, and huge bulk did not allow him to go to the front ).
However, some bulk natural sugar substitutes are known, including sorbitol and xylitol, which are found in berries, fruit, vegetables, and mushrooms.
However, this Carthaginian victory is of limited practical value as the bulk of the Roman fleet continues to manoeuvre in the surrounding waters.
However, the majority of seashells which are offered for sale commercially have been collected alive ( often in bulk ) and then killed and cleaned, specifically for the commercial trade.
However, for its second season, it was moved from on Sunday to on Saturday and lost the bulk of its audience ; it was canceled after that second season finished in 1992.
However, in 1857, the Pawnee signed a treaty whereunder they gave up the bulk of their Nebraska lands, save for a reservation on what is now Nance County, Nebraska.
However, the Star has long been criticized for inflating circulation through bulk sales at discount rates.
However, when forming a bulk metal, Li atoms come to a resonance structure by taking 1 electron from its neighbouring Li atom and the resultant electronic configuration becomes 1s < sup > 2 </ sup > 2s < sup > 1 </ sup > 2p < sup > 1 </ sup > ( e < sup >-</ sup >).
However, although a successful recording combo in their own right, the bulk of the work done by the musicians in the band during this era was as the core of the de facto house band at Stax Records.
However, the bulk of the TSA's efforts are in aviation security.
However, this change in research style ( and paradigm ) eventually ( after more than a century ) led to a theory of atomic structure that accounts well for the bulk properties of matter ; see, for example, Brady's General Chemistry.
However, the bulk of the population is within Stockholm County
However, the bulk of Bolan's fortune, variously estimated at between £ 20 and £ 30 million pounds ( approx $ 38 – $ 57 million ), remains in trust.
However, their bulk led to the development of an accessory package.
However, because of its ability to take advantage of whatever small bits of wood that can be scrounged from the forest floor, the additional weight and bulk of packing additional fuel supplies is avoided.

However and freight
However, given the right problem, the use of an appropriate 4GL can be spectacularly successful as was seen with MARK-IV and MAPPER ( see History Section, Santa Fe real-time tracking of their freight cars – the productivity gains were estimated to be 8 times over COBOL ).
However, some locomotive hauled passenger trains may utilize more than one locomotive, as do many locomotive hauled freight trains, and so are able to continue at reduced speed after the failure of one locomotive.
However Masuria was still largely agrarian-oriented and suffered from the economic decline after World War I, additionally badly affected by the creation of the Polish Corridor, which raised freight costs to the traditional markets in Germany.
However, the advent of a convenient ( if circuitous ) land route from Montevideo to Buenos Aires via the new bridge reduced freight and passenger traffic through the small port of Colonia on the Río de la Plata just opposite the Argentine capital.
However, most baggage and loose freight items are loaded into containers called Unit Load Devices ( ULDs ), often referred to as " cans ".
However, this caused problems in interchanging freight cars with northern United States railroads, most of which were built to standard gauge or a gauge similar to it.
However, all locomotives built to date, including those for the Stockton and Darlington, had been intended for slow freight, with any passenger service handled by single horse-drawn coaches.
However the main network saw brief surges in use during the First and Second World Wars and still carried a substantial amount of freight until the early 1950s.
However, as Danish law precluded chartered air freight in Denmark ( a policy not rescinded until 1987 ), Maersk instead took over the Falck Air company in 1969, which operated a scheduled service between Copenhagen and Odense.
However, due to the transfer of freight transport from rail to road and the containerization of rail freight transport for economical reasons, hump yards are generally in decline.
However, unlike a local train, the interurban serves a smaller region and has more frequent service, and is oriented to passenger rather than freight service, although some small-load freight service was common, especially in the days before trucks ( lorries ).
However, after the closure of Rugeley A power station and Lea Hall Colliery and reduction in rail freight, it became possible to open up the Rugeley to Walsall line for passenger traffic.
However, air freight or air cargo shipments typically need to move at much faster speeds than per day.
However, over 95 % of freight entering Alaska comes through the Port of Anchorage, which is served by major container ship companies and other carriers.
However, the road has been upgraded to a very high standard in recognition of the heavy freight traffic it carries between the M74 / M6 and the ferry ports for Northern Ireland at Stranraer and Cairnryan, and only two settlements are now not bypassed by it ( at Springholm and Crocketford, both lying around 10 miles west of Dumfries ).
However, during the 1890s the pattern of freight services began to change, ‘ caused by the transport of raw materials and finished products of entirely new industries such as petroleum, cement, brick and tile manufacture, forestry and biscuit making .’ This resulted in the construction of 55 additional freight locomotives of the C2 class
However, one Arn who played a major role in the battle for the Hork-Bajir, Quafijinivon, traveled to Earth on a stolen Yeerk light freight ship and studied and absorbed every human language.
However, a highly important innovation was the so-called " Piggyback Service ", the forerunner of modern intermodal freight transport, which the Great Western introduced in 1936 by moving several hundred truck trailers on specially modified flat cars.
However, in the 1950s, economic shifts ended both the freight and passenger use of the Inner Harbor, such as the Old Bay Line's steamers.
However many companies ( particularly in the freight transport industry ) specify the contractor's schedule, require purchase of vehicles from the company and prohibit work for other companies.
However, the station remained functional as a freight control centre.

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