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However and chlorpromazine
However in the late 1950s, the first modern antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs were developed: chlorpromazine ( also known as Thorazine ), the first widely-used antipsychotic, was synthesized in 1950, and iproniazid, one of the first antidepressants, was first synthesized in 1957.

However and proved
However, that particular case is a theorem of Zermelo – Fraenkel set theory without the axiom of choice ( ZF ); it is easily proved by mathematical induction.
However, in practice they proved to be too large to manoeuvre well in the close waters of estuaries and rivers, the only places in which a ' naval ' battle could occur.
However, shortly after this positive result, Kurt Gödel published On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems ( 1931 ), showing that in any sufficiently strong axiomatic system there are true statements which cannot be proved in the system.
However, this design proved to be very difficult to remove from the console and was replaced by a second design.
" However, his looks proved to be an asset in his personal and political relationships, as his law partner William Herndon wrote, " He was not a pretty man by any means, nor was he an ugly one ; he was a homely man, careless of his looks, plain-looking and plain-acting.
However, it was ultimately unable to achieve a significant market share and proved commercially unviable for Be Inc.
However, subscription-funded digital terrestrial television ( DTT ) proved less of a competitive threat.
However the rope available at the time proved too susceptible to wear and the system was abandoned in favour of steam locomotives after eight years.
However, the PDP-6 proved to be a " hard sell " with customers, as it offered few advantages over similar machines from the better established vendors like IBM or Honeywell, in spite of its low cost around $ 300, 000.
However, the plantations, both under their previous private ownership and under government administration, proved consistently unprofitable due to the introduction of new oils and lubricants in the international marketplace, and the establishment of vast coconut plantations in the East Indies and the Philippines.
However, Thomas Crow argues that this path " proved to be less a way forward than a cul-de-sac for history painting.
However, when Baden was transferred west to fight the French in 1692 his successors, first Caprara, then from 1696, Frederick Augustus, the Elector of Saxony, proved incapable of delivering the final blow.
However, the facilities proved to be able to barely handle the flood of immigrants that arrived in the years just before World War I.
However, General Niazi proved to be a failure and ineffective ruler.
" However the Times also reflected widespread skepticism as to whether the forward pass could be effectively integrated into the game: " There has been no team that has proved that the forward pass is anything but a doubtful, dangerous play to be used only in the last extremity.
However, according to the late Tomoyuki Tanaka, it proved to be difficult to obtain permission to use King Kong.
However the Eastern Question and the resulting Crimean War proved to be the downfall of his government.
However, the rise of quiz shows proved to be short-lived.
However, a campaign to reconquer Peru and Chile during the Chincha Islands War ( 1864 – 1866 ) proved disastrous and Spain suffered defeat before the determined South American powers.
However, Paul Henreid proved to be the best player.
However, his discoveries were not appreciated by his contemporaries and came into general use only with discoveries of British surgeon Joseph Lister, who in 1865 proved the principles of antisepsis in the treatment of wounds ; However, medical conservatism on new breakthroughs in pre-existing science prevented them from being generally well received during the 19th century.
However, the lamps proved a false dawn because they became unsafe very quickly and provided a weak light.
However, his captaincy proved to be an unhappy one ; he lost form and the team did not do well.

However and reduce
However, its modern one-story layout is designed to increase our production capacity, permit more efficient manufacturing, and substantially reduce current repair and maintenance costs.
However, the jury said it believes `` these two offices should be combined to achieve greater efficiency and reduce the cost of administration ''.
However, the loss of AppleTalk did not reduce the desire for networking solutions that combined its ease-of-use with IP routing.
However, advanced well-foots can reduce power usage by twofold or more from older models.
However the insurance outcome is strongly anti-correlated with that of the main wager, and if the player's priority is to reduce variation, it is reasonable to pay for this.
However, the lack of notice of copyright using these marks may have consequences in terms of reduced damages in an infringement lawsuit — using notices of this form may reduce the likelihood of a defense of " innocent infringement " being successful.
However the term inhibitor is preferred since they do not work by introducing a reaction path with higher activation energy ; this would not reduce the rate since the reaction would continue to occur by the non-catalyzed path.
However, efforts at optimizing to reduce the number of calculations needed in portions of a work where detail is not high or does not depend on ray tracing features have led to a realistic possibility of wider use of ray tracing.
) However, pipelining at that level was already used in some high performance CISC " supercomputers " in order to reduce the instruction cycle time ( despite the complications of implementing within the limited component count and wiring complexity feasible at the time ).
However, broadcasters may choose to reduce these resolutions to save bandwidth ( e. g., many DVB-T channels in the United Kingdom use a horizontal resolution of 544 or 704 pixels per line ).
However, after the elections in April 2006, the Socialist coalition under Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany unveiled a package of austerity measures which were designed to reduce the budget deficit to 3 % of GDP by 2008.
However, faced with a tide of poverty, Hoover and the Congress approved the Federal Home Loan Bank Act, to spur new home construction and reduce foreclosures.
However, early humans were not able to compensate for the loss of warmth and protection provided by body hair with clothing, and no other mammal lost body hair to reduce parasite loads.
However, in its current form, ice beer was developed from the fruit-juice industry which used to freeze orange juice concentrate in order to reduce shipping costs.
However, in late 2010 the government announced an economic relief package and following the 2011 Jordanian protests it was decided to reduce the expected three year capital investment plan in the national railway network by 72 percent, partly to fund the relief package.
However, the only studies that show alpha-ketoglutarate can reduce ammonia toxicity have been performed in hemodialysis patients.
However, many manufacturers have delivered substandard capacitors, which significantly reduce life expectancy.
However, low-fat, high-fiber diets that consist mainly of plant products are believed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer.
However, in the late 1980s some official statements indicated that the party intended to reduce its appointment authority, particularly in the area of economic management, in line with Mikhail Gorbachev's reform efforts.
However, some features included in other languages in an attempt to reduce bugs ( e. g. enumerations and programmer-defined ranges on integers ), were omitted.
However, in most fields of science it is possible to reduce the effects of observation to insignificance by using better instruments.
However, constituency borders can still be gerrymandered to reduce proportionality.
However, Keating succeeded in winning back the electorate with a strong campaign opposing Fightback and a focus on creating jobs to reduce unemployment.
However, there are design approaches that can reduce the practical chance of this occurring.

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