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However and continuing
However, " cells " were introduced into the design to provide short queuing delays while continuing to support datagram traffic.
However, Frazer, following the lead of Sydney Ahlstrom, characterizes Jefferson as not a Deist but a " theistic rationalist ", because Jefferson believed in God's continuing activity in human affairs.
However, there are continuing sectarian tensions and unease about Syrian and other external influences.
However, Gaddafi retained virtually all power, continuing to operate and control vestiges of the military junta put in place in 1969.
However, instead of continuing their fight, the city of Mecca surrendered to Muhammad and his followers who declared peace and amnesty for the inhabitants.
However, some families still kept their motels, and to this day, one can find a motel that is owned by the same family who built and ran it originally ( i. e. the Maples Motel in Sandusky, Ohio ) with a subsequent generation continuing the family business.
However, rather than continuing to receive their higher share of the league television revenue, the Mara sons pushed for equal sharing of revenue for the benefit of the entire league.
However, since the 2001 invasion little success has been accomplished in quelling the Taliban insurgency in the southern parts of the country, many believe the Taliban cannot be defeated as long as it has sanctuary in neighboring Pakistan and that Operation Enduring Freedom has transformed into a continuing full fledged war with no end in sight.
However, although Australopithecus robustus and Paranthropus robustus are used interchangeably for the same specimens, some researchers, beginning with Robert Broom, and continuing with people such as Bernard A.
However, in light of continuing uncertainty about Wittgenstein's intentions regarding this material, the fourth edition ( 2009 ) re-titles " Part I " as " Philosophical Investigations " proper, and " Part II " as " Philosophy of Psychology-A Fragment.
However, in the United States, there has been doctrinal confusion in the courts regarding whether or not the continuing violations doctrine applies to particular violations.
However, high production costs increase the financial risk, while limited audiences further complicate the business case for continuing production.
However, Twain's biographer, Robin Eggar, writes: " There is a continuing confusion about what ' Shania ' means and if indeed it is an Ojibwe word or phrase at all.
However, these primary elections, while demonstrating Roosevelt's continuing popularity with the electorate, were not nearly as pivotal as primaries became later in the century.
However, other sources indicate that several of the crew members who continued on from Danger Man to work on The Prisoner considered it to be a continuation, and that McGoohan was continuing to play the character of John Drake.
However, after an agreement between the UUA and the CUC, since 2002 most services have been provided by the CUC to its own member congregations, with the UUA continuing to provide ministerial settlement services and as well as a minimal amount of youth ( 12 – 20 ) and young adult ( 18 – 35 ) programming and services.
However, it was Lee De Forest who is credited with inventing the triode tube in 1907 while continuing experiments to improve his original Audion tube, a crude forerunner of the triode.
However, the United States instituted an embargo against Japan in 1941 because of the continuing war in China.
However, a continuing problem remains in effect, as the prohibited drugs continue to be available through illegal trade, see illegal drug trade, also known as the Black Market.
However later that year, Obama approved continuing the Trading with the Enemy Act, which regulates sanctions on Cuba.
However, his condition did not stop him from continuing to release the final volumes Clarissa after November 1748.
However, a small proportion did endure in one or another form, and owe their continuing existence to cultural tourism.
However, he then marched back with his remaining troops to the continuing French siege of Saint-Omer, where he put in more reinforcements and then entrenched himself so securely in the vicinity that the French found it impossible to continue the siege and gave up.
However, he then marched back with his remaining troops to the continuing French siege of Saint-Omer, where he put in more reinforcements and then entrenched himself so securely in the vicinity that the French found it impossible to continue the siege and gave up.

However and economic
However, his term was marked by economic depression that had grown out of the Panic of 1873, which Mackenzie's government was unable to alleviate.
However, Paris ignored the powerful developments in quantitative studies underway in the U. S. and Britain, which reshaped economic, political and demographic research in those countries, while France fell behind.
However, this left undisturbed the finding that a free and open source license nonetheless has economic value.
However, economic recovery had been observed in the beginning of the 14th century.
However, both of the first two markets pay into and receive benefits from the financial market, which handles and regulates the actual money in the economic system.
However, it has a high economic inequality, as measured by the Gini index.
However, it has a high economic inequality, as measured by the Gini index.
However, in 1998 and 1999 Croatia experienced an economic depression, causing the unemployment of thousands of citizens.
However, while a large volume of economic research has been done to define the relationship between central bank independence and economic performance, the results are ambiguous.
However, deteriorating relations between Britain and the USSR and Britain's economic reliance on America steered policy towards supporting America.
However, the government's economic policy and democratic security strategy have engendered a growing sense of confidence in the economy, particularly within the business sector.
However, the economic downturn between 1999 and 2002 adversely affected telecommunications.
However, during the 16th and 17th centuries, Cairo remained an important economic and cultural centre.
However, in the 1980s, under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, and the influence of Keith Joseph, there was a dramatic shift in the ideological direction of British conservatism, with a movement towards free-market economic policies.
However, little headway has been made to institute a playoff tournament, given the entrenched vested economic interests in the various bowls.
However they do teach a subject called " Modern Studies " which covers the social, political and economic study of local, national and international issues.
However, in regions where the sylvatic habitat and its fauna are thinned by economic exploitation and human habitation, such as in newly deforested areas, piassava palm culture areas, and some parts of the Amazon region, a human transmission cycle may develop as the insects search for new food sources.
However, for this to be true, one would expect economic inequality to also be a significant factor in rebellions, which it is not.
However, the economic significance of the caste system in India has been declining as a result of urbanization and affirmative action programs.
However, because fiat money is backed by government guarantee of a certain amount of goods and services, where the value of this is in turn determined by free market currency exchange rates, similar to the case for the international market exchange values which determines the value of metals which back commodity money, in practice there is very little economic difference between the two types of money ( types of currencies ).
Moreover, according to this thesis, a major motivational factor for Gorbachev was his realization that the Soviet Union could not compete economically with the USA However, if economic premises are taken into account, it is not clear why the Soviet leaders did not adopt the Chinese option — economic liberalization with preservation of political system.
However, a majority of the former Soviet Republics have not yet reached pre-collapse levels of economic development.
However, slavery was a social and economic institution, particularly in eleven states in the American South, such that a variety of organizations were established advocating the movement of black people from the United States to locations where they would enjoy greater freedom and equality.

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