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from Brown Corpus
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However and evidence
However, the conversion from mass to size is unreliable, since many photographic meteors give evidence of a fluffy, loosely bound meteorite structure with densities as low as Af.
However, the regionally differentiated results, which appear below in tables, are interesting evidence of the problems of developing self-government under even the most favorable circumstances.
However, the confession, which was the only evidence against him, was retracted before the trial.
( However, there is little evidence that the late Lumumba was a Communist.
However, it was held by the Supreme Court that an affidavit can be used as an evidence only if the Court so orders for sufficient reasons.
However, some experimental evidence suggests astatine may have lower melting and boiling points than those implied by the halogen trend.
However, there is no evidence to support this practice and it may in fact delay healing.
However, there is considerable evidence to dispute this claim.
However, there is no evidence that his son and ultimate successor, Constantius II, who was an Arian Christian, was exiled.
However, there is also evidence that silent reading did occur in antiquity and that it was not generally regarded as unusual.
However, there are no known year-names or other archaeological evidence verifying any of these later kings of Akkad or Uruk, apart from a single artifact referencing king Dudu of Akkad.
However, there is scant evidence that he personally performed alchemical experiments.
However, there have been many wild claims of ancient mid eastern ancestry ( including Assyrian ) throughout Europe, Africa and even the Americas, none of which have been supported by mainstream opinion or strong evidence, let alone proof.
However, even with Mozart and Salieri being rivals for certain jobs, there is very little evidence that the relationship between the two composers was at all acrimonious beyond this, especially after 1785 or so when Mozart had become established in Vienna.
However, evidence indicates that harmala alkaloids act only on MAO-A, in a reversible way similar to moclobemide ( an antidepressant that does not require dietary restrictions ).
However, there is limited evidence that mistletoe's effects on the immune system help the body fight cancer .... At present, the use of mistletoe cannot be recommended outside the context of well-designed clinical trials.
However, the 9 / 11 Commission found that although " former Sudanese officials claim that Sudan offered to expel Bin Laden to the United States ", " we have not found any reliable evidence to support the Sudanese claim.
However, there is not enough evidence to distinguish areal contacts from genetic relationship.
However, later evidence gave a much lower SF branching for < sup > 261 </ sup > Bh reducing confidence in this assignment.
However, there is no longer any real evidence that the rulers of Bavaria belonged to a people called the Bavarii.
However, there is evidence of large fires and charred bones from excavations at the site, showing it to have been ritually significant.
However, there is no evidence that Belshazzar ever officially held the title of " king " as he is never called such on the Nabonidus Cylinder.
However, other scholars, including the editors of the Catholic Encyclopedia, argue that the grammatical evidence leads us to conclude that Malachi is in fact a name.
However, the US Centers for Disease Control studied the blood of these individuals and concluded there was no evidence the reactions these people experienced were associated with hypersensitivity to the Starlink Bt protein.

However and Axis
However, Romanian sources assign most of the responsibility for the damage to the city to Soviet NKVD destruction battalions, that operated in Chișinău until 17 July 1941, when it was captured by invading Axis forces.
However, 8th Army was not ready to make an offensive and so Lieutenant-General Neil Ritchie, the army commander, anticipated fighting a battle on his prepared position, meeting an Axis attack and destroying his enemy's armoured forces in the process.
However, in August 1944, when Romania left the Axis, the 30th Flotilla was stranded with no way to return to Germany.
However, he also jailed dissidents, disenfranchised the non-Spanish-speaking population, and expressed sympathy with the Axis powers of World War II.
However, Mineva was merely Haman's puppet and tool to establish her right to lead. Axis circa 0083
However, it has since become known that Canaris was disloyal to Hitler and actually encouraged Franco not to join the Axis, since an Allied victory was almost certain.
However, the 144 C-47 transports arrived at the time of one of the four main Axis air raids that day on the anchorage and the Allied anti-aircraft gunners were at high alert for targets.
However, the speed of the Axis withdrawal was such that these operations " hit air ".
However, when daylight returned the Axis were able to clear the backlog from the previous night.
However, in early May these directives were heavily altered at the insistence of General Montgomery ; he argued that with Allied forces landing separately at either end of the island, the defending Axis forces would have the opportunity to defeat each Allied Army in turn before both could unite.
However, Franco did send troops to fight along the Axis armies on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union.
However, upon hearing of Mahajara Karn's fatal illness in late May 0083, Char and Haman both decide to return to Axis.
However, Rommel was adamant ; Kesselring finally agreed and formal orders from the Comando Supremo in Rome were issued that evening calling off the offensive and directing all Axis units to return to their start positions.
However, MPR Chairman Amien Rais had other ideas as he formed a coalition called the Central Axis which consisted of Muslim Parties.
However, Megawati and PDI-P had slowly but surely started to distance themselves from Wahid and join forces with the Central Axis.
However, the MPR was still at this stage responsible for electing the President and Vice President and the Muslim Parties in the Central Axis did not want a female President.
However, both Roosevelt and Churchill accepted the necessity of Allied armies continuing to engage the Axis in the period after a successful campaign in Sicily and before the start of one in northwest Europe The discussion continued through the Trident Conference in Washington in May but it was not until late July, after the course of the Sicily campaign had become clear and with the fall of Mussolini, that the Joint Chiefs of Staff instructed Eisenhower to go ahead at the earliest possible date.
However, skilful delaying tactics allowed the Axis forces to withdraw in good order and when leading elements of Eighth Army entered Tunis in the early morning of 23 January its defenders had left.
However, they were slow to mobilize, and by the time Poland had been overrun by the Axis powers, only minor operations had been carried out by the French at the Saar River.
However, as the war progressed, trade with the Axis countries became almost impossible and the US began forceful diplomatic and economic efforts to bring Brazil onto the Allied side.
However, the minimal armour made the A9 an easy kill for most Axis anti-tank weapons.
However, there is no question that Pridi recognised well before the war that Thailand ’ s alignment with the Axis powers would work to Phibun ’ s advantage and enable him to strengthen his dictatorship.
However, the Eighth Army had regrouped sufficiently to repel the Axis forces and launch counterattacks.
However, early on 29 May supply vehicles, supported by the Italian " Trieste " and " Ariete " Divisions, and under heavy fire, were able to penetrate the minefield north of Bir Hacheim, and move in much needed supplies to the trapped Axis forces thus allowing Rommel to regain his composure.

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