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However and refused
However, the Bishop of London refused to ordain ministers in the British American colonies.
< cite id = disputedinjunction > The Vatican archives contain an unsigned copy of a more strongly worded formal injunction purporting to have been served on Galileo shortly after Bellarmine's admonition, ordering him " not to hold, teach, or defend " the condemned doctrine " in any way whatever, either orally or in writing ", and threatening him with imprisonment if he refused to obey .</ cite > However, whether this injunction was ever properly served on Galileo is a subject of much scholarly disagreement.
However, UK Home Secretary Jack Straw took the responsibility to release him on medical grounds, and refused to extradite him to Spain.
However, in 1962 the London Beth Din and the Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie, who formed the leadership of the United Synagogue, the UK's Orthodox establishment, refused to allow his appointment on grounds of heresy because in his 1957 book We Have Reason to Believe, Jacobs had rejected the conception of a literal, verbal revelation of the Torah.
However, Chiang Kai-shek's subordinates refused to take airbase construction seriously until enough capital had been delivered to permit embezzlement on a massive scale.
However, his crew, despite their previous eagerness to seize any available prize, refused to attack Culliford and threatened instead to shoot Kidd.
However, El Salvador, as the nation presiding over the summit, refused to include the matter on the official agenda, insisting that discussion should retain a regional focus.
However, since the Meiji period, the Imperial Household Agency has refused to open the kofun to the public or to archaeologists, citing their desire not to disturb the spirits of the past emperors as justification for their refusal.
However, Vietnamese rulers never accepted the vassalage relationship with China and always refused to come to Chinese courts to pay homage to Chinese rulers ( a sign of vassalage acceptance ).
However, her contract was cancelled shortly thereafter when she refused to sing Violetta from Verdi's La Traviata on moral grounds.
However, Eurystheus refused to credit the labour to Heracles, as he had performed it for payment.
However, Athanasius of Alexandria became a more powerful opponent and in 334, he was summoned before a synod in Caesarea ( which he refused to attend ).
However, RCA refused to pay him royalties and encouraged other television makers not to pay them either.
However, given that unlike Russia, America refused to give extensive military aid to the country, the government of Daoud Khan developed warmer ties with the USSR while officially remaining non-aligned.
However, by the time of the Uruguay round, many countries considered the exception of agriculture to be sufficiently glaring that they refused to sign a new deal without some movement on agricultural products.
However, the mulatto rebels refused to arm or free their slaves, or to challenge the status of slavery, and their attack was defeated by a force of white militia and black volunteers ( including Henri Christophe ).
However, all 15 councils which initially refused to set a rate eventually did so, and the campaign failed to change Government policy.
However, Poland refused to admit them.
However, about 12, 000 Volunteers, led by Eoin MacNeill and dominated by the secret Irish Republican Brotherhood ( IRB ), refused to join the British war effort and kept the name " Irish Volunteers ".
However, the British Museum refused to release the set despite assurances that the players would wear gloves.
However, not everyone converted to Islam at that period as some still refused to accept it.
However, Ashcroft refused to sign.
However, he was refused entry to Russia and went on to Stockholm and produced the journals Russische Korrespondenz-Pravda and Bote der Russischen Revolution to publish Bolshevik documents and Russian information in German.
However, when the ruling Basotho National Party ( BNP ) lost the first post-independence general elections to the Basotho Congress Party ( BCP ), Leabua Jonathan refused to cede and declared himself Tona Kholo ( Sesotho translation of prime minister ).
However, by 1956 the term " lesbian " had such a negative meaning that the DOB refused to use it as a descriptor, choosing " variant " instead.

However and contribute
However, there will be several terms of the form x < sup > n − 2 </ sup > y < sup > 2 </ sup >, one for each way of choosing exactly two binomials to contribute a y.
However, despite these limitations, the inclusion of fossils is invaluable, as they can provide information in sparse areas of trees, breaking up long branches and constraining intermediate character states ; thus, fossil taxa contribute as much to tree resolution as modern taxa.
However, the fastest possible time for a given level will not necessarily result in the fastest time used to contribute to " running " the entire game.
However, 2006 research shows that jumping of a gene from one chromosome to another can contribute to the birth of new species.
However, bacteria-derived menaquinones ( MK7 ) appear to contribute minimally to overall vitamin K status.
However, surface-obscured images did contribute to the collection of Mars science, including understanding of the existence of several huge high-altitude volcanoes of the Tharsis Bulge that gradually became visible as the dust storm abated.
However, audio and unmoderated sessions carry the risk of unannounced ' lurkers ' who observe but do not announce themselves or contribute.
However, others state that these apparent advantages could also hinder some workers who might not possess the financial savvy to choose the correct investment vehicles or have the discipline to voluntarily contribute money to retirement accounts.
However, autopsies have found that crospovidone does contribute to pulmonary vascular injury in substance abusers who have injected pharmaceutical tablets intended for oral consumption.
However some of the field lines B < sub > L </ sub >, called the " leakage flux ", do not follow the full core circuit and so do not contribute to the force exerted by the electromagnet.
However, days later, Melissa Auf der Maur, interviewed in Toronto where she was appearing at the North by Northeast music festival, said she had " no clue " about the band's reported reunion and denied the NME claim she had, or was asked to, contribute vocals to the album or had been asked to tour with the purportedly reunited band saying, " I actually don't know the reunion ... I arrived at music festival in Toronto and I heard that Hole were getting back together from people sending me links ," she said.
" However, components of gasoline other than isomers of octane can also contribute to a high octane rating, while some isomers of octane can lower it, and n-octane itself has a negative octane rating.
However, many say that the risk of skin cancer from exposure to the sun outweighs the risk of cancers associated with deficiencies in Vitamin D. In particular, they contribute to a predisposition for hypovitaminosis D, which can lead to rickets or osteoporosis and may increase the risk of seizures in infants born to affected mothers.
However, the Great Miramichi Fire of 1825, the advent of steel-hulled ships, and perhaps over-cutting of eastern white pine, would eventually contribute to a long-term decline in the area's economy.
However, redevelopment has become more common in the first decade of the 21st century, as developable land grows less available in highly populated areas, and brownfields contribute to environmental stigma which can delay redevelopment.
However, soils containing clay can be almost impermeable and therefore rainfall on clay soils will run off and contribute to flood volumes.
However, researchers have noted that red flag conditions may not always contribute to accuracy in diagnosis – for instance, as many as 31 % of IBS patients have blood in their stool many possibly from hemorrhoidal bleeding.
However, as with almost all vessels of any culture before the late 19th century, the accuracy of magnetic compasses aboard ship, whether from a failure to understand deviation ( the magnetism of the ship's iron fastenings ) or poor design of the compass card ( the standard drypoint compasses were extremely unstable ), meant that they did little to contribute to the accuracy of navigation by dead reckoning.
However, he did contribute anonymously to its press, primarily Battaglia Comunista and Prometeo, in keeping with his conviction that revolutionary work was collective in nature, and his opposition to any form of ( even incipient ) personality cult.
However, occasionally these insertions contribute exons to existing genes and usually via alternatively spliced transcripts.
However, because habitual and repetitive movement patterns can contribute towards and in some cases cause injury, pain, and physical dysfunction, the method is often regarded as falling within the field of integrative medicine or complementary medicine.
However, there are processes involved and factors that must contribute to the formation and growth of cities.
However, he was expelled from the SI in the Spring of 1960, though continuing to contribute to other Situationist publications like the Situationist Times.
However chewing gum is sometimes considered to contribute to the development of stomach ulcers.

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