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However and if
However, if their United States income is not subject to the withholding of tax on wages, their returns are due June 15, 1962, if they use a calendar year, or the 15th day of the 6th month after the close of their fiscal year.
However, whether you arrange to have a European or American model, if you rent a car with the proper seating capacity in relation to the number of people in your party, your transportation expense will average very close to $10.00 per day per passenger.
However, if these procedures are applied more often, conditioned emotional responses are temporarily abolished.
However, if there is no additional complex of singular lines, the order of the image regulus of a pencil is precisely Af.
However, if Federal funds are used, it would be entirely appropriate to train workers for jobs which could be obtained elsewhere as well as for jobs in the area of chronic unemployment.
However, this difficulty is not too serious if it is realized that a surveying team can establish a true north base line with a few days' work.
However, the teacher can only go so far if the attitude of the community and the family is anti-intellectual.
However, if the child has been constantly surrounded, during nursery and early school age, by peer groups ; ;
However, it was virtually impossible to screen the mob outside, even if Bonner had manpower available for the purpose.
However, three of the managers did say that they would agree to attend the proposed meeting if all of the other managers decided to attend.
However, even if the latent demand for demythologization is not nearly as widespread as we are claiming, at least among the cultured elements of the population there tends to be an almost complete indifference to the church and its traditional message of sin and grace.
However, the opposite can also be true-An opponent can turn a positive statement into a bad one, if the speaker uses ambiguity ( intentionally or not ).
However, it was held by the Supreme Court that an affidavit can be used as an evidence only if the Court so orders for sufficient reasons.
However Juhanen ( 1992 ) is skeptical about an affiliation of Japanese to Altaic languages, while Róna-Tas ( 1998: 77 ) remarked that a relationship between Altaic and Japanese, if it ever existed, must be more remote than the relationship of any two of the Indo-European languages.
However Abdul is a common Arabic prefix meaning " Servant of the " and " Al " is Arabic for " the ", and if " hazra " means " he prohibited ", " he fenced in " or " Great Lord ", then the name would mean " Servant of the Prohibited ", " Servant of the Fenced in ", or " Servant of the Great Lord " which would make sense considering his role, even if it is not a proper Arabic name.
However, if the steel is cooled quickly the carbon atoms will not have time to precipitate.
However, if the excited atom has been previously ionized, in particular if one of its inner shell electrons has been removed, a phenomenon known as the Auger effect may take place where the quantity of energy is transferred to one of the bound electrons causing it to go into the continuum.
However, there are certain limitations: they may not administer the sacraments and related functions whose celebration is reserved to bishops, priests, deacons, or seminarians ( the male clergy ), namely, Holy Orders ( they may make provision for an ordained cleric to help train and to admit some of their members, if needed, as altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, or lectors-the minor ministries which are now open to the non-ordained ).
However, if one now writes down the Hamiltonian
However, this is not required ; endothermic reactions can proceed spontaneously if the TΔS term is large enough.
However, if we look for the peoples in the region from the upper Main in the north, south to the Danube and east to the Czech Republic where the Quadi and Marcomanni were located, Ptolemy does not give any tribes.
However we are told by Longinus that Ammonius wrote nothing, and if Ammonius was the principal influence on Plotinus, then it is unlikely that Ammonius would have been a Christian.

However and au
However, by 1990, cohesive opposition movements began to emerge, including the National Democratic Initiative Committee and the Alliance for Democracy in Mali ( Alliance pour la Démocratie au Mali, ADEMA ).
However, caffè-latte ( also known as a latte in the U. S. and Café au lait in France ) is made with a simple mixture of hot coffee and hot milk, and served in cups that are larger than tea cups.
However, in French this does not occur for contractions du and au ( as in " Je viens du Havre " (" I come from Le Havre ")).
However, Louis XIV had furnished Tourville with strict orders to seek battle, strong or weak ( fort au faible ), and this he proceeded to do.
However, Vodafone lost customers: In January 2005, Vodafone Japan lost 58, 700 customers, and in February 2005, Vodafone Japan lost 53, 200 customers ( while competitors NTT DoCoMo gained 184, 400 customers and au by KDDI gained 163, 700 customers, and Willcom gained 35, 000 ).
However, after a change of internet services in Queensland State Schools their domain names were changed from schoolname. qld. edu. au to schoolname. eq. edu. au.
However, flambéing is also a step in making coq au vin, and other dishes and sauces, using spirits, before they are brought to the table.
However, he made a comeback in the 1954 film, Touchez pas au grisbi ( Don't Touch the Loot ).
However, only the sons and daughters of France were entitled to dine au grand couvert, that is, alone on a canopied dais amidst non-royal onlookers.
However, the two American 6-pounder guns which Holmes had abandoned near Pointe au Pelee were later discovered by another local Canadian militia unit, the Loyal Essex Volunteers.
However, KDDI explains that au comes from two letters which stand for few words.

However and pair
However, as the main cardo ran up the western hill, and the Temple Mount blocked the eastward route of the main decumanus, a second pair of main roads was added ; the secondary cardo ran down the Tyropoeon Valley, and the secondary decumanus ran just to the north of the temple mount.
" However, after Catherine Parr discovered the pair in an embrace, she ended this state of affairs.
However if one number is much smaller than the other, many subtraction steps will be needed before the larger number is reduced to a value less than or equal to the other number in the pair.
However shielded twisted pair was used in IBM's Token Ring implementation, and in 1984 StarLAN showed the potential of simple unshielded twisted pair by using Cat3 — the same simple cable used for telephone systems.
However, the absence of minimal pairs for a given pair of phones does not always mean that they belong to the same phoneme.
However, it may be that the first deck of cards ever printed was a Chinese domino deck, in whose cards all 21 combinations of a pair of dice are depicted.
However, the mention of a treasure in Saying 76 may reflect a source for the Gospel of Thomas in which the parables were adjacent, so that the original pair of parables has been " broken apart, placed in separate contexts, and expanded in a manner characteristic of folklore.
However, a 2007 meta-analysis concluded that " pair programming is not uniformly beneficial or effective " because many other factors besides the choice of whether to use pair programming have large effects on the outcome of a programming task.
However, even a capture cannot guarantee Player B's safety ; usually Player A can replace the piece of the tessera captured and Player B will be in the same predicament — but very probably without the benefit of a pair to capture.
However, the piece played by Player B to capture the pair from Player A may also form a tessera for Player B, thus turning the tables for more than a moment.
However, instead of writing the solution as a pair of numbers, it may be written using the formula
However all this was quite computationally expensive, because ideally form factors must be derived for every possible pair of patches, leading to a quadratic increase in computation as the number of patches increased.
However, because both the chromosomes were necessary for reproduction, the Y chromosome remained, despite its inability to pair with the X.
However, this definition can be applied to any pair of planets, as seen from the one farther from the Sun.
However, a pair of jointly normally distributed variables need not be independent.
However, in the same study, the authors noted that " nongenetic alternative explanations cannot be ruled out " as a reason for the heterosexual in the homosexual-heterosexual twin pair having more partners, specifically citing " social
However, one of the show's charms is to make much out of everyday, small concerns, such as the possible closure of the village shop, the loss and rediscovery of a pair of spectacles, competitive marmalade-making, or nonsense such as a ' spile troshing ' competition, rather than the large-scale and improbable events that form the plots of many soap operas.
However, universal constructions are more general than adjoint functors: a universal construction is like an optimization problem ; it gives rise to an adjoint pair if and only if this problem has a solution for every object of D ( equivalently, every object of C ).
However, the Lakers won the game, 103 – 102, on a pair of last-minute free throws by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar following a controversial foul called on Bill Laimbeer, referred to by many Piston supporters, and Laimbeer himself, as a " phantom foul.
However, after the coup faltered, the pair “ issued expressions of firm support for Khánh somewhat belatedly ”.
However, usually a shielded or a screened twisted pair cable has a special grounding wire added called a drain wire.
However, as part of the extensive pair of grammatical systems that Japanese possesses for honorification ( making discourse deferential to the addressee or even to a third party ) and politeness, nouns too can be modified.
However, in the generic programming approach, each data structure returns a model of an iterator concept ( a simple value type which can be dereferenced to retrieve the current value, or changed to point to another value in the sequence ) and each algorithm is instead written generically with arguments of such iterators, e. g. a pair of iterators pointing to the beginning and end of the subsequence to process.

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