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However and if
However, if their United States income is not subject to the withholding of tax on wages, their returns are due June 15, 1962, if they use a calendar year, or the 15th day of the 6th month after the close of their fiscal year.
However, whether you arrange to have a European or American model, if you rent a car with the proper seating capacity in relation to the number of people in your party, your transportation expense will average very close to $10.00 per day per passenger.
However, if these procedures are applied more often, conditioned emotional responses are temporarily abolished.
However, if there is no additional complex of singular lines, the order of the image regulus of a pencil is precisely Af.
However, if Federal funds are used, it would be entirely appropriate to train workers for jobs which could be obtained elsewhere as well as for jobs in the area of chronic unemployment.
However, this difficulty is not too serious if it is realized that a surveying team can establish a true north base line with a few days' work.
However, the teacher can only go so far if the attitude of the community and the family is anti-intellectual.
However, if the child has been constantly surrounded, during nursery and early school age, by peer groups ; ;
However, it was virtually impossible to screen the mob outside, even if Bonner had manpower available for the purpose.
However, three of the managers did say that they would agree to attend the proposed meeting if all of the other managers decided to attend.
However, even if the latent demand for demythologization is not nearly as widespread as we are claiming, at least among the cultured elements of the population there tends to be an almost complete indifference to the church and its traditional message of sin and grace.
However, the opposite can also be true-An opponent can turn a positive statement into a bad one, if the speaker uses ambiguity ( intentionally or not ).
However, it was held by the Supreme Court that an affidavit can be used as an evidence only if the Court so orders for sufficient reasons.
However Juhanen ( 1992 ) is skeptical about an affiliation of Japanese to Altaic languages, while Róna-Tas ( 1998: 77 ) remarked that a relationship between Altaic and Japanese, if it ever existed, must be more remote than the relationship of any two of the Indo-European languages.
However Abdul is a common Arabic prefix meaning " Servant of the " and " Al " is Arabic for " the ", and if " hazra " means " he prohibited ", " he fenced in " or " Great Lord ", then the name would mean " Servant of the Prohibited ", " Servant of the Fenced in ", or " Servant of the Great Lord " which would make sense considering his role, even if it is not a proper Arabic name.
However, if the excited atom has been previously ionized, in particular if one of its inner shell electrons has been removed, a phenomenon known as the Auger effect may take place where the quantity of energy is transferred to one of the bound electrons causing it to go into the continuum.
However, there are certain limitations: they may not administer the sacraments and related functions whose celebration is reserved to bishops, priests, deacons, or seminarians ( the male clergy ), namely, Holy Orders ( they may make provision for an ordained cleric to help train and to admit some of their members, if needed, as altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, or lectors-the minor ministries which are now open to the non-ordained ).
However, if one now writes down the Hamiltonian
However, this is not required ; endothermic reactions can proceed spontaneously if the TΔS term is large enough.
However, if we look for the peoples in the region from the upper Main in the north, south to the Danube and east to the Czech Republic where the Quadi and Marcomanni were located, Ptolemy does not give any tribes.
However we are told by Longinus that Ammonius wrote nothing, and if Ammonius was the principal influence on Plotinus, then it is unlikely that Ammonius would have been a Christian.

However and steel
However, very small amounts of steel, ( an alloy of iron and around 1 % carbon ), was always a byproduct of the bloomery process.
However, Verhoeven and Pendray discovered that in samples of true Damascus steel, the Damascene pattern could be recovered by aging at a moderate temperature.
However, with modern steel strings, bassists can play with clear tone in higher positions on the low E and A strings, particularly when modern lighter-gauge, lower-tension steel strings are used.
However, steel was difficult to produce with the methods available, and alloys that were easier to make, such as wrought iron, were more common in lower-priced goods.
However, further description of how this flint device operated was not made until a Chinese text of 1606 AD revealed that a weight drive ( common in medieval clockworks ) had been used to work the ' steel wheel '.
However, even heavy-draw longbows have trouble penetrating well-made steel plate armour, which was used increasingly after 1350.
However, carbon steel woks tend to be more difficult to season than those made of cast-iron (' seasoning ', or carbonizing the cooking surface of a wok, is required to prevent foods from sticking, as well as removing metallic tastes and odors ).
However, damaged or retired containers may also be recycled in the form of shipping container architecture, or the steel content salvaged.
However, Schluter didn't just copy the Leedy design, he introduced several significant improvements: making the bars from aluminum instead of steel for a more " mellow " basic tone ; adjustments to the dimensions and tuning of the bars to eliminate the dissonant harmonics in the Leedy design ( further mellowing the tone ); and the introduction of a damper bar controlled by a foot pedal, enabling it to be played with more expression.
However, carbonated concrete only becomes a durability problem when there is also sufficient moisture and oxygen to cause electro-potential corrosion of the reinforcing steel.
However, temperatures are limited by ability of the steel, nickel, ceramic, or other materials that make up the engine to withstand high temperatures and stresses.
However, there is no sound evidence that Edward ever wore black armour, although Harvey ( without citing a source ) refers to " some rather shadowy evidence that he was described in French as clad at the battle of Crecy " en armure noire en fer bruni "-in black armour of burnished steel ".
However, case weight ( mass ) affects how much ammunition a soldier can carry, so the lighter steel cases do have a military advantage ; conversely, steel is more susceptible to contamination and damage so all such cases are varnished or otherwise sealed against the elements but that seal is relatively fragile and such ammunition must be handled more carefully from the time of manufacture until use.
However, a study of state records further revealed that Sommerlath, in 1938, through the aryanization policies in effect in Germany at the time, became the owner of a steel factory that " produced components for the German war effort, including parts for Panzers, as well as gas masks ," according to the Scotsman ( 20 July 2002 ).
However, even with the replacement steel deck and the addition of two cantilever lanes, the new bridge weighs only 25 tonnes more than the original.
However, Liege is the last city of Wallonia to still have a functioning steel industry.
However, aforementioned usage means that cheap handcuffs are available in situations where steel ones would normally lay unused for long times.
However electrically-heated stainless steel shell boilers are allowed under the European " Pressure Equipment Directive " for production of steam for sterilizers and disinfectors.
However, consideration should also be given to the costs incurred by in removing a ship from the water, for example, to repair a corroded hull or to replacing a steel pipeline or tank because their structural integrity has been compromised by corrosion.
However, steel shortages limited the amount of raw materials that Nash could get, so Mason turned the compact, now designated the Rambler, into a two-door sedan with a convertible top and the cars were equipped with many standard features that were typically options, to maximize profits for the company.
However, heating in localized areas with such low temperatures may be difficult with larger items, like an axe or a splitting maul, because the steel may lose too much heat before it can conduct to the edge.
However, a sword tempered in this way can usually be resharpened many times, and, although the hardness will decrease with each sharpening, the reduction in hardness will usually not be noticeable until a large amount of steel has been removed.

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