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However and 1816
However, the immediate response to the 1816 collection was to ignore Christabel and Kubla Khan or to just attack Kubla Khan.
" Richard Holmes, in 1998, declared the importance of the poem's Preface while describing the reception of the 1816 volume of poems: " However, no contemporary critic saw the larger possible significance of Coleridge's Preface to ' Kubla Khan ', though it eventually became one of the most celebrated, and disputed, accounts of poetic composition ever written.
However, only in 1821, following the introduction of the gold sovereign coin by the new Royal Mint at Tower Hill in the year 1816, was the United Kingdom formally put on a gold specie standard, the first of the great industrial powers to do so.
However, Richeza's grave remained in St. Maria ad Gradus until 1816, when was transferred to the Köln Cathedral.
However, the ensuing United Provinces of South America ( formed on the basis of the former Viceroyalty ) declared itself independent on 9 July 1816, after Ferdinand VII was restored in 1815.
However the first resident first came here in 1816 after being here the previous fall to clear trees out for a settlement.
However, the town was reduced to form other towns of the county: Friendship ( 1815 ), Rushford ( 1816 ), and Belfast ( 1824 and 1831 ).
However, in 1816, citizens of Harpersfield decided to withdraw from the township and form their own township, which then became Geneva Township, named after Geneva, New York.
However, things would change for the US economy after the Second Bank of the United States was founded in 1816, in response to the spread of banknotes issued by private banks, due to inflation brought on by the debt following the war.
However they are also grouped in Accipitrinae, the broader subfamily of hawks and eagles described by French ornithologist Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot in 1816.
However, it was denied until 1816, when her petition came before Congress again.
However, between 1816 and 1820, Iturbide was becoming sympathetic to the idea of some degree of independence for Mexico.
However, the earldom and baronetcy became extinct in 1816 on the death of his grandson, the fourth Earl.
However, Algiers broke the 1805 peace treaty after only two years, and subsequently refused to implement the 1815 treaty until compelled to do so by Britain in 1816.
However, Piar and Gregor MacGregor, a Scottish soldier of fortune, who had previously been active in New Granada, managed to escape with their forces into the interior of the country, defeating Moreles at El Juncal in September 1816 before moving south to Guayana.
However that may be, he infringed the British regulations in such a way as to lead to his expulsion by the governor, Sir Hudson Lowe ( November, 1816 ).
However, in letters of 1815 and 1816, written under such pseudonyms as ' Blue Beard ', ' Adonis ' and ' Gellius ', he related bits of scandal about the Queen.
However, she was succeeded in the barony on Lucas by her eldest daughter, Lady Amabel, who in 1816 was created Countess de Grey in her own right ( see Earl de Grey for further history of this title ).
However, soon after he openly opposed the politics of de Alvear's government, and his insurrection caused the resignation of the latter and resulted in a new election of a Supreme Director in the Constituting General Assembly, where he was designated interim Supreme Director from April 20, 1815 to April 16, 1816 in place of the elected José Rondeau, who was absent on a military campaign in Peru.
" However, in about 1816, Lyte experienced an evangelical conversion.
However, in 1816 Gia Long appointed Phúc Đảm as his successor.
However, not everything was finished with this emperor ’ s agreement, only on January 31, 1816 the foundation act was confirmed and the conditions for opening the first and second grade, and in November the third grade of the grammar school were made.
However, both by his own choice and by the sentiments of his audiences in England, Braham ’ s Jewishness remained a prominent feature of his career until his marriage in 1816, and as the most famous English Jew of this period he became a significant incarnation of ' the Jew ' in the British consciousness.
However the passage is undoubtedly associated with Braham's marriage to ( the Gentile ) Miss Bolton of Manchester in 1816.

However and Thomas
However, Thomas Cavalier-Smith rejects the three-domain system and places the Archaea as a subkingdom of Bacteria.
However, classical liberals rejected Adam Smith's belief that the " invisible hand " would lead to general benefits and embraced Thomas Malthus ' view that population expansion would prevent any general benefit and David Ricardo's view of the inevitability of class conflict.
However, in the late 15th century, Thomas Malory created the image of Camelot most familiar to English speakers today in his Le Morte d ' Arthur, a work based mostly on the French romances.
However this liberality eventually led to dissent as John Thomas developed in his personal beliefs and started to question mainstream orthodox Christian beliefs.
However many new approaches have appeared in recent years, especially by such scholars as Wilda Anderson, Kurt Ballstadt, Daniel Brewer, Jay Caplan, Andrew Clark, Elisabeth de Fontenay, Rosalina de la Carrera, Julie Candler Hays, Thomas M. Kavanagh, Walter Rex, and Pierre Saint-Amand.
However, Thomas Crow argues that this path " proved to be less a way forward than a cul-de-sac for history painting.
However, there was a large autographed poster-photo of Thomas just inside the entrance of The Regas until the business closed down in 2009.
However, by 1985, several company business decisions, including an awkward new breakfast menu and loss in brand awareness due to fizzled marketing efforts, caused the company ’ s new president to urge Thomas back into a more active role with Wendy's.
However, Thomas Seymour continued scheming to control the royal family and tried to have himself appointed the governor of the King ’ s person.
However, because of the diversity of noir ( much greater than that of the screwball comedy ), certain scholars in the field, such as film historian Thomas Schatz, treat it as not a genre but a " style ".
However it gave him an opportunity to create cultural programmes with contributions from T. S. Eliot, Dylan Thomas, E. M. Forster, Ahmed Ali, Mulk Raj Anand, and William Empson among others.
However, during the early part of the year, probably before taking up his new office, he had produced two important works for the stage, the music for Nathaniel Lee's Theodosius, and Thomas d ' Urfey's Virtuous Wife.
" However, five experts testified on behalf of Thomas that AIDS is not transmitted through casual contact, and the court affirmed the " solid science " ( as Mr. Huber called it ) and rejected Dr. Armentrout's argument.
However, by the time of the 1948 election, he had become disillusioned with Harry S. Truman, and voted for Thomas E. Dewey, his " first non-Democratic vote ".
However, not everyone was happy with the idea of the poem's being published, as Coleridge's wife, who was not with him, wrote to Thomas Poole, " Oh!
However, when anti-Japanese American journalist Thomas Franklin Fairfax Millard had it translated, and wrote a rebuttal in his journal, Millard's Review, he reprimanded Konoe.
However, many critics of the Reformation, including Thomas More, associated Protestants with Lollards.
However, he was opposed to the idea of converting atheism into a new form of religion or theology, and cited many " new theologians " such as William Hamilton, Paul Van Buren, Thomas Altizer and Gabriel Vahanian, who promoted this error:
However, Paramount studio heads wanted to give the role to Danny Thomas in the hope that Thomas would have his own production company throw in its lot with Paramount.
However, the mention of a treasure in Saying 76 may reflect a source for the Gospel of Thomas in which the parables were adjacent, so that the original pair of parables has been " broken apart, placed in separate contexts, and expanded in a manner characteristic of folklore.
However, in the article on Saint Alexander I in the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia, Thomas Shahan judges this tradition to be inaccurate.
However, Buffalo scored a touchdown on their first drive of the period with a five-yard run by Thurman Thomas.
However, Dallas cornerback Dave Thomas was penalized for running into the punter on the play, giving Buffalo a first down.

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