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However and 1892
However, in 1924, Czech physicist August Žáček ( 1886 – 1961 ) and German physicist Erich Habann ( 1892 – 1968 ) independently discovered that the magnetron could generate waves of 100 megahertz to 1 gigahertz.
However his maternal great-grandparents were actually Mumford Bean from Tennessee ( August 22, 1805-October 10, 1892 ) and his wife Lutica from Alabama.
However, it was still occupied by them as tenants when it was acquired in 1892 by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, which removed later additions and alterations.
However, that name was also changed by the postmaster general to just Eagar sometime before December 1892 when the school district was renamed.
However, following an incident in 1892 where an Emory Grove native, Jessie Lancaster, ransacked homes in Washington Grove, William A. Scott was forced out.
However, a flour mill erected in 1892 remained in operation into the 1980s, producing feeds for local farmers and flour and cereals marketed throughout Emery and Carbon counties.
However, the terms honky tonk, honk-a-tonk, and honkatonk have been cited from at least 1889 in the " Daily Gazette " ( Fort Worth, Texas ), from 1890 in the " Morning News " ( Dallas, Texas ), and 1892 in the Galveston Daily News ( Galveston, Texas ), which used the term to refer to an adult establishment in Fort Worth.
However, in late 1892, Witte ( whose first wife had died in 1890 ) chose to remarry.
However Coit's tenure ended in 1892 in a losing power struggle, and Conway resumed leadership until his death.
However by 1892, Henderson had entered the complex world of Trade Union politics, when he was elected as a paid organiser for the Iron Founders Union, and was also a representative on the North East Conciliation Board.
However, the Metropolitan Opera had revived it in 1892, 1894 ( with Nellie Melba ), and 1895, but it took until 1932 when it was again revived ( in a German translation ) in Rostock, and it then reappeared under Tullio Serafin at the 1940 Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.
However, major rivalries have grown since, including the rivalry with the Florida Gators, the Tennessee Volunteers, Auburn Tigers, referred to as the " Deep South's Oldest Rivalry " in reference to the first football game played between the two teams in 1892 and the more than one hundred meetings since.
However, he was succeeded in the barony of Barnard, according to a decision by the Committee for Privileges of the House of Lords in 1892, by his distant relative Henry de Vere Vane, who became the ninth Baron.
However, in 1892 the barony of Conyers was called out of abeyance in favour of Marcia, who became the thirteenth Baron Conyers in her own right.
However, when King Chulalongkorn began his administrative reform programme in 1892, Prince Damrong was chosen to lead the Ministry of the North ( Mahatthai ), which was converted into the Ministry of the Interior in 1894.
However, when Sunderland won the Football League title in 1892, Albion disbanded.
However the depression effected the town and the School closed in 1892, 38 years before the depression began, and the Post Office in 1893.
However St. Peters and their traditional rivals Prince Alfred have been racing for the prestigious Blackmore Shield which is to be contested only between the two schools since 1892 as part of their Intercollegiate program.
However, the governor of Réunion refused to ratify the act of possession and France took formal control only in October 1892.
However, as early as 1892, doubts were raised about the validity of Cory's Least Bittern as a separate species.
However, Ranjitsinhji made his debut for Trinity in 1892 after injury ruled out another player and his subsequent form, including a century, kept him in the college team, achieving a batting average of 44, only Jackson averaging more.
However, the election was disputed and declared void, and Carling resigned from the Senate in order to run in a by-election in 1892, which he won.
However, the British sent many expeditions against the Pashtun tribes to crush the rebellion between 1852 and 1892, especially against the Black Mountains.
However, it was not until 1892 that the Committee for Privileges of the House of Lords confirmed the latter in the title, as the Committee wished to be assured that a marriage contracted by the 8th Earl while he lived abroad had not produced a legitimate heir.
However, a drought in 1892 and poor farming methods which never allowed the soil to recover, prompted a large famine that plagued the region.

However and Scarborough
However, Rob Ford, who became mayor on December 1, 2010, had plans to replace the Scarborough RT with an extension of the Bloor-Danforth line.
However, the Commission withdrew this in favour or two unitary authorities, one for Hambleton and Richmondshire, the other for Ryedale and Scarborough.
His audition was on May 7 and 8, and Elder was said to be openly pursuing the permanent position .< ref > However, the job went to Joe Scarborough instead.
However, since Scarborough was annexed into the city of Toronto, Toronto City Council has voted on occasion to allow development around the river.
However, a downturn in numbers of trainee teachers in the early 1990s led to an expansion into undergraduate degrees, and the college became known as University College Scarborough, offering BSc and BA degree-level courses in an effort to avert closure.
However, on March 31, 2011, Ford agreed with the provincial government that the province's Metrolinx agency would replace the Scarborough RT with an elevated LRT as part of the Eglinton – Scarborough Crosstown line instead.
However the Conference were not convinced of the club's financial stability, and Scarborough ended up suffering the same fate as Northwich Victoria had the previous year by being relegated to the Conference North.
However, Scarborough finished 20th meaning that had they survived until the start of the 2007 – 08 season, they would have been relegated to the Northern Premier League.
However, the winding up of Scarborough F. C paved the way for the supporter's trust to form a club as Scarborough Athletic and secure a place in the Northern Counties East League.
However, although the development of the neighbourhood continued into the 1980s, its character started to change as many of the original residents started to age and residential patterns in Scarborough started to change.
However, a redesigned Eglinton – Scarborough Crosstown line along with a Sheppard line extension was announced four months later, with the support of Metrolinx and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.
However, a redesigned Eglinton – Scarborough Crosstown line along with a Sheppard line extension was announced four months later, with the support of Metrolinx and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.
However, in the subsequent 1993 federal election, the Campbell government was defeated, as was Browes in her riding of Scarborough Centre.
However with the formation of TransBus International, the ALX200 was phased out, in favour of the more successful Plaxton Pointer in 2001 when production of the Pointer was moved from Scarborough to Falkirk ( where Alexander is based ).
However, it was much shorter than originally planned, going from Yonge Street east only as far as Don Mills Road, instead of connecting with the Scarborough RT at Scarborough Centre.
However, with Canvey Island resigning from the league and Scarborough losing their entire points total for breach of the league's rules on club ownership, Altrincham remained in the Conference.
However Ocean 7's small size allowed it to periodically enter Bridlington and Scarborough harbours for re-supply purposes.

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