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However and Bernini's
However the relations between the two strong-willed men, Colbert and Bernini, proved melodramatically stormy and Colbert ultimately rejected Bernini's Louvre design, though the Italian artist's bust of the king ( housed today in the Versailles palace ) won Louis's appreciation.
However, under Louis XIV, the Baroque as it was practiced in Italy was not in French taste ( Bernini's famous proposal for redesigning the Louvre was rejected by Louis XIV.

However and tomb
However, a wall would imply the existence of a defensive ditch outside it, so an earlier wall could not be immediately adjacent to site of the tomb, which combined with the presence of the Temple Mount would make the city inside the wall quite thin ; essentially for the traditional site to have been outside the wall, the city would have had to be limited to the lower parts of the Tyropoeon Valley, rather than including the defensively advantageous western hill.
However, some years after his death, his remains were put into a tomb that contained the first four Pope Leos.
However, this tomb was not completed until 1545 and represents a much abbreviated version of the planned original, which was initially intended for the new St Peter's Basilica.
" However according to a survey done by Gary Habermas ; 75 % of both conservative and non-conservative New Testament scholars accept arguments in favor of the empty tomb.
However, this tomb was inscribed with the names of two of Edward IV's children: George, 1st Duke of Bedford who had died at the age of 2, and Mary of York who had died at the age of 14 ; both had predeceased the King.
However, some years after his death, his remains were put into a tomb that contained the first four Pope Leos.
However, according to a survey of the extant Six Dynasties ' sculpture in the Nanjing and Danyang areas, only one of the extant Six Dynasties ' tomb sculptural groups has been securely identified as belonging to the Liu Song: the Chuning Tomb of the first emperor of the dynasty.
However, no inspection or examination was carried out and the tomb was resealed.
However, the term ' cadaver tomb ' can really be applied to other varieties of monuments, e. g. with skeletons or with the deceased completely wrapped in a shroud.
However, Antigone had already hanged herself in her tomb, rather than suffering the slow death of being buried alive.
However, when Creon arrives at the tomb where she was to be interred, Antigone has already hung herself rather than be buried alive.
However, the pyramidion of his tomb — which is inscribed with his name — was discovered at Avaris, which suggests that the Hyksos kings looted his pyramid tomb of its treasures.
However, recent evidence ( DNA analysis ) of the Elder Woman's teeth and the lock of hair found in Tutankhamun's tomb proves that the body is Tiye and is nearer to a middle aged woman.
However the burials of three Dynasty 21 and Dynasty 22 pharaohs — Psusennes I, Amenemope and Shoshenq II, survived the depredations of tomb robbers throughout antiquity.
However, in 1973 a unique, complete set of Liubo equipment in a lacquer box was discovered in a 2nd century BCE tomb at Mawangdui ( believed to be that of the son of the Marquis of Dai ).
However, before Yu's departure, he was instructed to travel to Ye to pay his respects at Cao Cao's tomb.
The KV55 mummy was originally given an estimated age of death from about twenty to twenty five years, which was seen as being far too young to be Akhenaten himself .< ref > Aldred, C., < cite > Akhenaten, King of Egypt </ cite > ( Thames and Hudson, 1988 ) pp. 201-202 </ ref > However, this identification was problematic as the archaeological evidence and inscriptions found in this tomb suggested that the body in KV55 was that of Akhenaten .< ref > Davis, T. M., < cite > The Tomb of Queen Tiyi </ cite >, ( KMT Communications.
However, as of 2010 the tomb has been closed to the public.
However, they were not able to penetrate past the first few rooms, and thus saw nothing unusual about the tomb.
However, genetic studies of the Egyptian royal mummies, led by Zahi Hawass and Carsten Pusch, have now established that Tutankhamun ’ s biological mother was KV35YL, the " Younger Lady " discovered in the mummy cache in the tomb of Amenhotep II.
However, Franck Marie in 1978 and Pierre Jarnac in 1985 had already concluded that this tomb was begun in 1903 by the owner of the land, Jean Galibert, who buried his wife and grandmother there in a simple grave.
However, he spared Tutankhamun's tomb from vandalism presumably because it was the Boy King who had promoted his sudden rise to power and chosen him to be this king's successor.
However, some believed that Zhang Liang's tomb was in present-day Pei County, Xuzhou.

However and vigorous
However, the presence of a vigorous population of Celtic lineage, principally of Irish origin, has supported the creation of other celebrations of beer, often for marketing purposes, such as Saint Patrick's Day ( Día de San Patricio ), patron of Ireland, which is celebrated with abundant libations.
However, Russian tarragon is a far more hardy and vigorous plant, spreading at the roots and growing over a meter tall.
However, in his early years Edward restored the traditional strong monarchy, showing himself, in Frank Barlow's view, " a vigorous and ambitious man, a true son of the impetuous Æthelred and the formidable Emma.
However, Ulf alienated Cnut by getting the Danish provinces to acknowledge Harthacnut as king without reference to Cnut's overall authority and by failing to take vigorous measures to meet Norwegian and Swedish invasions, instead waiting for Cnut's assistance.
However, amid vigorous protests at home and strong pressure abroad, the count resumed.
However, there have been other views, and a vigorous debate persists to this date.
However, a vigorous campaign was mounted in defence of the system, including those who supported it as an independent indication of excellence valued by outsiders ( especially foreign commercial litigants ) who did not have much else to go on, and those who contended in a letter to The Times that it was a means whereby the most able barristers from ethnic minorities could overcome prejudice.
However, Huehueteotl is characteristically depicted as an aged or even decrepit being, whereas Xiutecuhtli's appearance is much more youthful and vigorous, and he has a marked association with rulership and ( youthful ) warriors.
However, like willows, poplars have very vigorous and invasive root systems stretching up to 40 m from the trees ; planting close to houses or ceramic water pipes may result in damaged foundations and cracked walls and pipes due to their search for moisture.
However, one of the most vigorous on-going fields of research in physics is classical-quantum correspondence.
However, the current meaning of militant does not usually refer to a registered soldier: it can be anyone who subscribes to the idea of using vigorous, sometimes extreme, activity to achieve an objective, usually political.
However, a potential exists for renewed vigorous volcanic activity that could threaten life and property in the area.
However, it was during her regency that a vigorous persecution of the Paulician heresy commenced.
However, he was respected by a great deal of his local constituents, not least because of his vigorous ( though ultimately unsuccessful ) campaigning against the closure of Wordsley Hospital and the centralisation of all of Dudley borough's inpatient services to Russells Hall Hospital.
However, man can artificially modify soil through the addition of fertilizer to promote vigorous growth and increase yield.
However, as it moved on to the House, vigorous opposition came from people in the liquor industry, who thought that if women got the vote, they would use it to pass Prohibition.
However, 24-hour border-crossing at Lo Wu control point is still undergoing vigorous debates mainly arguing about the limited number of passengers at night.
However, the Massachusetts economy was harmed by their vigorous enforcement of the acts.
However, vigorous code development continued, and by the following year Q-Chem 1. 1 was able to offer most of the basic quantum chemical functionality as well as a growing list of features ( the continuous fast multipole method, J-matrix engine, COLD PRISM for integrals, and G96 density functional, for example ) that were not available in any other package.
However, amid vigorous protests at home and strong pressure abroad, the count resumed.
However, it was not essential, as the Soviets already seized a series of convenient bridgeheads to the south of Warsaw, and were concentrating on defending them against vigorous German counterattacks.
However, its strategic importance made William place William de Braose in a new castle at nearby Bramber, who began a vigorous boundary dispute and power tussle with the monks, William's settlement having lacked definite terms in the first place.
However, his general Litorius was badly defeated by the Visigoths at Toulouse, and a new Suevic king, Rechiar, began vigorous assaults on what remained of Roman Hispania.
However, vigorous polar lows can be found over the Southern Ocean.

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