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However and case
However, in this case as elsewhere it was necessary to arrive at a single standard to be applied to all situations, representing an averaging of conditions, and thus to fix particular points in time which would be considered the dividing points between daytime and nighttime conditions.
However, in this case the district manager was led to see the errors of his ways.
However implausible this is, it is certainly the case that Aristotle's rigid separation of action from production, and his justification of the subservience of slaves and others to the virtue – or arete – of a few justified the ideal of aristocracy.
However, certain critical interlocutory court orders, such as the denial of a request for an interim injunction, or an order holding a person in contempt of court, can be appealed immediately although the case may otherwise not have been fully disposed of.
However, that particular case is a theorem of Zermelo – Fraenkel set theory without the axiom of choice ( ZF ); it is easily proved by mathematical induction.
However, to make a working computer, users still had to add a case, power supply transformers, power switch, ASCII keyboard, and composite video display.
However, although Apollonius came close to developing analytic geometry, he did not manage to do so since he did not take into account negative magnitudes and in every case the coordinate system was superimposed upon a given curve a posteriori instead of a priori.
However, in drafting opinions, the Chief Justice enjoys additional influence in case disposition if in the majority through his power to assign who writes the opinion.
However, this is not necessarily the case.
However, this is not the case all the time.
However, in the case of a creditor's petition, the Statement of Affairs will rarely be filed on the same day the court order is made.
However, Edwards states that more of the changes suggested by High Anglicans were implemented ( though by no means all ) and Spurr comments that ( except in the case of the Ordinal ) the suggestions of the ' Laudians ' ( Cosin and Matthew Wren ) were not taken up possibly due to the influence of moderates like Sanderson and Reynolds.
" However, held the Cadillac court, " one who manufactures articles dangerous only if defectively made, or installed, e. g., tables, chairs, pictures or mirrors hung on the walls, carriages, automobiles, and so on, is not liable to third parties for injuries caused by them, except in case of willful injury or fraud ,"
However, research using an artificial gut has shown that in the specific case of carotenoids a greater proportion is absorbed from cooked vegetables than from raw vegetables.
However, throughout history there have been exceptions, with Mutt and Jeff being an early ( if not the earliest ) case in which the creator owned his works.
However, this need not be the case.
However, as is often the case with the interpretation of scripture, there is dispute on this matter.
However, if they showed treasonous inclinations, the Emperor did punish them with just force, as in the case of Polybius and Pallas ' brother, Felix.
However, Constantius ' actions in this regard may not have been so much to do with Jewish religion as Jewish business ; apparently, it was often the case that privately owned Jewish businesses were in competition with state-owned businesses.
However, during 2006-8, several reviews of case reports and pilot studies have failed to confirm this effect, collectively indicating no statistically significant interaction between daily consumption of 250 mL cranberry juice and warfarin in the general population.
) However, this has generally not been the case throughout the rest of history for circulation coins made of precious metals.
However, because fiat money is backed by government guarantee of a certain amount of goods and services, where the value of this is in turn determined by free market currency exchange rates, similar to the case for the international market exchange values which determines the value of metals which back commodity money, in practice there is very little economic difference between the two types of money ( types of currencies ).
However, it should be noted that any individual, even a healthy adult in middle age, can experience a severe case, and each person's case should be measured by the loss of fluids, preferably in consultation with a doctor or other health worker.

However and so-called
However, false advertising and so-called " quack " advertisements became a problem, which ushered in the regulation of advertising content.
However, the island of Björkö was first claimed to have been Birka already about 1450 in the so-called " Chronicle of Sweden " ( Prosaiska krönikan ):
However the influence of temporal rulers, notably the French kings, largely reemerged via cardinals of certain nationalities or politically significant movements ; there even developed traditions entitling certain monarchs — e. g. of Austria, Spain, and Portugal — to nominate one of their trusted clerical subjects to be created cardinal, a so-called crown-cardinal.
However, many other types are possible e. g. so-called " emotional blackmail ", which typically involves threats of rejection from or disapproval by a peer-group, or creating feelings of guilt / obligation via a display of anger or hurt by someone whom the victim loves or respects.
However, one track was reserved by DOS for directory and file allocation information ( so-called BAM, Block Allocation Map ).
However, a rotating frame can be treated as if it were an inertial frame so that Newton's laws can be used if so-called fictitious forces ( also known as inertial or pseudo-forces ) are included in the sum of external forces on an object.
However, there sometimes occur so-called quasi-steady states, where the diffusion process does not change in time, where classical results may locally apply.
However, if the node is firewalled, stopping the source node from receiving incoming connections, the client wanting to download a file sends it a so-called push request to the server for the remote client to initiate the connection instead ( to push the file ).
However, Syria was scheduled to be an independent country, a so-called Class A Mandate, and the rights granted to France were far less than over other mandate territories.
However, for hotter blue and white stars, the size and brightness difference between so-called dwarf stars that are on the main sequence and the so-called giant stars that are not becomes smaller ; for the hottest stars it is not directly observable.
However, for many of these so-called 68K transition Macs, Apple offered an upgrade path in the form of a PowerPC Macintosh Processor Upgrade Card and aggressively marketed it to assure a wary consumer of their investment.
However, some leftist academics like Nirad C. Chaudhuri still maintain the old-style colonialist narrative that the Aryans were Germannic Europeans who invaded India and conspired to create the " caste system " and " Hinduism " in order to secure their position in the region against the so-called " aboriginals "
However most still had either PCI or VLB slots alongside the still-ubiquitous ISA slots, and so-called " VIP " ( VESA / ISA / PCI ) boards with all three slot types were also produced.
However, the vast majority of tornadoes in the world occur in the so-called " Tornado Alley " region of the United States, although they can occur nearly anywhere in North America.
However in reality the instrument was so-called when it could be purchased for a penny.
However, the meaning of the linguistic means used ( if ever there are linguistic means, for at least some so-called " speech acts " can be performed non-verbally ) may also be different from the content intended to be communicated.
However, it was not in general use during the so-called Dark Ages.
However, due to the fact that Mandela was only the Inkosi's child by a wife of the Ixhiba lineage, a so-called " Left-Hand House ", the descendants of his cadet branch of the Thembu royal family remain ineligible to succeed to the Thembu throne, which is itself one of the several traditional seats that are still officially recognized by South Africa's government.
However, the first modern three point seat belt ( the so-called CIR-Griswold restraint ) used in most consumer vehicles today was patented in 1955 ( US Patent 2, 710, 649 ) by the Americans Roger W. Griswold and Hugh DeHaven, and developed to its modern form by Nils Bohlin for Swedish manufacturer Volvo — who introduced it in 1959 as standard equipment.
However, recent German scholarship by Holger Afflerbach and others has questioned the authenticity of this so-called " Christmas memorandum ".
However, one of the most serious criticisms of SPE is that the so-called phonological processes alleged to be part of a speaker's competence are really only the successive phonetic transformations of the original historical lexical items.
However, shortly after the second World War a ponderous industrialization effort was commenced, the so-called " Piani di Rinascita " ( Rebirth Plans ), with the initiation of major infrastructure projects on the island.
However, so-called " classic Ménière's " is considered to have the following four symptoms:

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