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However and second
However, the healthy inventory position of the textile industry lends support to the broadly expressed belief that improvement in that industry can be expected by the second half of 1961.
However, lacking requested reinforcements from McClellan, now commanding the Army of the Potomac, Pope was soundly defeated at the Second Battle of Bull Run in the summer of 1862, forcing the Army of the Potomac to defend Washington for a second time.
However, Bradman made a second ball duck, bowled by a Eric Hollies googly that sent him into retirement with a career average of 99. 94.
However, the team could not sustain its status and is now back in the second division.
However, as the main cardo ran up the western hill, and the Temple Mount blocked the eastward route of the main decumanus, a second pair of main roads was added ; the secondary cardo ran down the Tyropoeon Valley, and the secondary decumanus ran just to the north of the temple mount.
However, this design proved to be very difficult to remove from the console and was replaced by a second design.
However, the Game Gear was backed up by significantly more popular titles and consequently the market became dominated by Nintendo followed by Sega in a distant second and the Lynx in third.
However, Merkle, instead of advancing to second base, ran toward the clubhouse to avoid the spectators mobbing the field, which at that time was a common, acceptable practice.
However, Kusche's research showed that the unclassified version of the Air Force investigation report stated that the debris field defining the second " crash site " was examined by a search and rescue ship, and found to be a mass of seaweed and driftwood tangled in an old buoy.
However, in the US, grilled / barbecued meat is the second highest contributor of the mean daily intake of
However, further sieges followed in the course of attacks from the Arabs, a first from 674 to 678, and a second from 717 to 718.
However most of the colleges began in the mid-1960s as a response education and training for the then emerging baby boom generation, and to provide training to the post second World War II European immigrants and newer immigrants from around the world, that were starting to enter the country.
However, Cleveland only won a single pennant in the decade, in 1954, finishing second to the New York Yankees five times.
However, the team faded in the second half and wound up at 76 – 86, tied for fourth place in the division.
However, the majority of the important decisions are held not in the main meetings themselves, but at the informal ' retreats ': introduced at the second CHOGM, in Ottawa, by Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, but reminiscent of the excursions to Chequers or Dorneywood in the days of the Prime Ministers ' Conferences.
However, the combined HP-Compaq struggled and fell to second place behind Dell from 2003-2006.
However this is not the case for subjects who were tested for the second half of their sleep cycle, as they experience less SWS.
However, if a second failure occurs before the RAID group is completely repaired from the first failure, then data can be lost.
However, if a second failure occurs before the RAID group is completely repaired from the first failure, then data can be lost.
However the new version of the second Superman film ( known as The Richard Donner Cut ) restores as much of the original director's conception as possible, making it a considerably different picture.
However, motion may not be as smooth as interlaced video which uses 50 or 59. 94 fields per second, particularly if they employ the 24 frames per second standard of film.
However, he allowed a replacement tanker truck to continue the refueling — and a third one after that, when the second ran dry.
However, the somewhat rewritten second edition was much better received.
However, note that the estimates for the items obtained in the second experiment have errors which are correlated with each other.

However and parliamentary
However, the sovereign was not Hobbes' absolute monarch but rather the parliamentary sovereign of Austin.
However, international observers have questioned the fairness of Armenia's parliamentary and presidential elections and constitutional referendum since 1995, citing polling deficiencies, lack of cooperation by the Electoral Commission, and poor maintenance of electoral lists and polling places.
However, Canada has evolved variations: party discipline in Canada is stronger than in the United Kingdom and more parliamentary votes are considered motions of confidence, which tends to diminish the role of non-Cabinet Members of Parliament ( MPs ).
However, members were divided over key issues, only 25 had previous parliamentary experience, and although many had some legal training, there were no qualified lawyers.
However, they tend to greatly lengthen campaigns, and make dissolving the legislature ( parliamentary system ) more problematic if the date should happen to fall at time when dissolution is inconvenient ( e. g. when war breaks out ).
However, in most parliamentary systems, the head of state cannot refuse to sign a bill, and, in granting a bill their assent, indicate that it was passed in accordance with the correct procedures.
However, the central government in India has greater power in relation to its states, and its central government is patterned after the British parliamentary system.
However, in the previous parliamentary elections in 2002, Tito's opponents won major victories, and in March 2003 he was ousted in a no-confidence vote ( having served the maximum three terms, he is barred by the constitution to run for another term ).
However parliamentary delays meant it was 4 March 1756 before a special act of parliament created four battalions of 1, 000 men each to include foreigners for service in the Americas.
However, despite the recognition he enjoyed within the Christian Democrat parliamentary faction, he was passed over during various cabinet reshuffles.
However, from the mid-1970s until the parliamentary elections in 1992, civil war precluded the exercise of political rights.
However, successive electoral redistributions after 1964 indicated that the Country Party was losing ground electorally to the Liberals as the rural population declined, and the nature of some parliamentary seats on the urban / rural fringe changed.
However, stamps from Henry Archer's perforation trials had been issued the last few months of 1850, then during the 1851 parliamentary session of 1851, at the House of Commons, and finally in 1853 / 54 after the government paid Mr. Archer £ 4, 000 for his machine and the patent.
However the SLD could not avoid from suffering a huge defeat in the 2005 parliamentary election, SLD only won 11. 3 % of the vote.
However, the parishes northeast of the Helford River are in Camborne and Redruth parliamentary constituency
However, Scotland has a tradition of popular sovereignty as opposed to parliamentary sovereignty and the fact that the Scottish parliament was established following a referendum would make it politically difficult to significantly alter its powers without popular consent.
However, a series of resignations, defections to other parties, and by-elections early in the new parliamentary session reduced the Liberals to a minority position.
However, in the 2001 parliamentary elections PSL received 9 % of votes and formed a coalition with the Democratic Left Alliance, an alliance which later broke down.
However, they do not cooperate with the Global Greens or European Greens, but instead form a combined parliamentary group with the Party of the European Left, which unites communists and post-communists.
However, the Duchess of Teck was granted a parliamentary annuity of £ 5000, and received about £ 4000 a year from her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.
However, his expensive campaign, slick image, lack of parliamentary experience, and vague policy positions did not endear him to many delegates, and he was unable to build upon his base support, being overtaken by eventual winner Joe Clark on the second ballot.
However, his position was far more precarious than his parliamentary majority would suggest.
However, after the Liberals and Social Democrats secured a parliamentary majority under Staaff's successor, Nils Edén, he allowed Edén to form a new government which de facto stripped the monarchy of all virtual powers and enacted universal and equal suffrage, including for women, by 1919.
However, a parliamentary enquiry then found no evidence against Strauss.

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