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Some Related Sentences

However and referred
However, in hydrogen astatide ( HAt ) the negative charge is predicted to be on the hydrogen atom, implying that this compound should instead be referred to as astatine hydride.
However, by the Archaic and Classical periods, the term ' Achaeans ' referred to inhabitants of the much smaller region of Achaea.
However in French it is usually referred to as Chateau d ' Abbadie or Domaine d ' Abbadia, and locally it is not unusual for it to be called le Chateau d ' Antoine d ' Abbadie.
However, they often referred to nearby towns such as Joplin, Branson, Springfield, Tulsa, Silver Dollar City, all of which are in or near southwest Missouri.
However, early church documents, such as those of the First Council of Nicaea ( 325 ) had always listed the Pope of Rome first among the Ancient Patriarchs ( first four, and later five: Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem — collectively referred to as the Pentarchy ).
However, the Coes write that xicalli referred to the gourd out of which the beverage was consumed and that the use of a frothing stick ( known as a molinollo ) was a product of creolisation between the Spanish and Aztec ; the original frothing method used by the indigenous people was simply pouring the drink from a height into another vessel.
However, the stadium is sometimes still referred to as part of " Chelsea Village " or " The Village ".
However, custom gives the legislation little strength and all graduates keep their titles, and those with a doctorate are referred as Professor Doutor.
However, today, the Detroit River is rarely referred to as a strait, because bodies of water referred to as straits are typically much wider.
However, he has more recently referred to himself as an Independent due to disillusionment with both the Democratic and Republican Parties.
However, it has been argued that anti-Semitic themes continued, especially in the depiction of Tintin's enemy Rastapopoulos in the post-war Flight 714, though other writers argue against this, pointing out the way that Rastapopoulos surrounds himself with explicitly German-looking characters: Kurt, the submarine ( or u-boat ) commander of The Red Sea Sharks ; Doctor Krollspell, whom Hergé himself referred to as a former concentration camp official, and Hans Boehm, the sinister-looking navigator and co-pilot, both from Flight 714.
However, Rothbard later chose the term " anarcho-capitalism " for his philosophy and referred to himself as an anarchist.
However, it was not until 1896 that any recorded account referred to roses being draped on the Derby winner.
However, Aristotle himself did not call the subject of these books " Metaphysics ": he referred to it as " first philosophy.
However, the government is still sometimes referred to as Marxist – Leninist — or, more commonly, Stalinist — due to its political and economic structure ( see History of North Korea ).
However, the entire process is commonly referred to as northern blotting.
However, Stevenson has never claimed that he had proved the existence of reincarnation, and cautiously referred to his cases as being " of the reincarnation type " or " suggestive of reincarnation ".
However, this dating was disputed by Hypatius of Ephesus, who met the monophysite party during the 532 meeting with Emperor Justinian I ; Hypatius denied its authenticity on the grounds that none of the Fathers or Councils ever cited or referred to it.
However, almost all species of shelled mollusks are capable of producing pearls ( formally referred to as " calcareous concretions " by some sources ) of lesser shine or less spherical shape.
However, matches involving different weight divisions are often created and are never referred to as unusual or against any rules, despite large differences in height, weight or strength.
However, recent DNA analysis and the discovery of a common ancestor has supported the view that they share a common lineage, and thus rabbits and rodents are now often referred to together as members of the superclass Glires.
However, the entire group of interconnected bays is often referred to as “ San Francisco Bay ”.
However, in " The Sontaran Stratagem ", the Doctor nevertheless referred to them as " the finest soldiers in the galaxy ".

However and neither
However, neither of these two cities is on the desired July 1 to June 30 fiscal year.
However, it determined that neither this factor, nor `` the fact that all concerned in high executive posts in both companies acted honorably and fairly, each in the honest conviction that his actions were in the best interests of his own company and without any design to overreach anyone, including Du Pont's competitors '', outweighed the Government's claim for relief.
However, because this vulnerability is mutual, it is to the advantage of neither side to destroy the opponent's cities, at least so long as the opponent has nuclear weapons with which to effect reprisal.
However neither the Romans nor the Goths put up much resistance to the Arab conquest of Medina Laqant in the 8th century.
However, if neither the central object nor the surrounding ring were absolutely rigid then the parts of one or both of them would tend to fly out from the axis of rotation.
However, as to whether inductive or deductive reasoning is more valuable still remains a matter of debate, with the general conclusion being that neither is prominent.
However neither of those observations became accepted by British economists at the time.
However, neither country retains a horse-mounted unit.
However, the battle was in vain, as neither platform captured a significant share of the world computer market and only the Apple Macintosh would survive the industry-wide shift to Microsoft Windows running on PC clones.
However, if neither of these organisms is isolated, it is necessary to send stool specimens to a reference laboratory.
However, neither instrument used electricity as a sound-source.
However, neither the concept, the word, nor the symbol for enthalpy existed until well after Clapeyron's death.
However, those programs were neither egalitarian nor universal, excluding many minority groups and other people whom they felt posed a threat to the future health of the German people.
However, neither group appears to have settled permanently.
However, neither film was actually submitted to the MPAA, and it is not likely that either feature would have received an X rating.
However, the Knesset maintains that the declaration is neither a law nor an ordinary legal document.
However, neither Stephens's nor Sassetti's observations led to further scholarly inquiry.
However, neither the convention nor the subsequent protocol ever entered into force, since none of the signatories ever ratified it, and the court never came into existence.
" However, neither Muller or Cairns-Smith claimed that their ideas were evidence of something supernatural.
However, linear equations that have non-zero y-intercepts, when written in this manner, produce functions which will have neither property above and hence are not linear functions in this sense.
However, if both parents are non-citizens then the parents must take the extra step of choosing Latvian citizenship for their child — who is automatically entitled, but for whom citizenship is not automatic ( neither granted nor imposed ).
However, that the liar sentence can be shown to be true if it is false and false if it is true has led some to conclude that it is " neither true nor false ".
However, this was neither understood nor acceptable to the Australian crowds.
However, in both cases the experimental proof was neither complete nor conclusive.

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