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However and was
However, it was not of innocence in general that I was speaking, but of perhaps the frailest and surely the least important side of it which is innocence in romantic love.
However, in this case as elsewhere it was necessary to arrive at a single standard to be applied to all situations, representing an averaging of conditions, and thus to fix particular points in time which would be considered the dividing points between daytime and nighttime conditions.
However, the nonspecific staining by the Af in tumor sections was considered bright enough to be confused with the staining of small amounts of WTV antigen.
However, all admitted that the `` hindsight '' was not altogether lost.
However, she was able to relax and yield to the moment.
However, in this case the district manager was led to see the errors of his ways.
However, there was no real question of the justice of creating a strong Poland, both industrially and agriculturally, and one unplagued by large minorities of Germans or Russians.
However, the sovereign was not Hobbes' absolute monarch but rather the parliamentary sovereign of Austin.
However, a similar privilege was not specifically provided in section 168 for a person acquiring emergency facilities.
However, the Attorney General of California, at the request of the Secretary of Labor, sought to have the jurisdiction over the issue removed to the Federal District Court, on grounds that it was predominantly a Federal issue since the validity of the Secretary's Regulation was being challenged.
However, the Federal Court held that since the State had accepted the provisions of the Wagner-Peyser Act into its own Code, and presumably therefore also the regulations, it was now a State matter.
However nothing on four legs was supposed to be faster than a lion over a short distance, unless it was a cheetah.
However, it was virtually impossible to screen the mob outside, even if Bonner had manpower available for the purpose.
However likely it was, Pauling said, he couldn't limit himself to it.
However, Haney knew it was not a dream.
However, the confession, which was the only evidence against him, was retracted before the trial.
However, compared with March 1960 new car sales of 4,441, this March was off 23 per cent.
( However, there is little evidence that the late Lumumba was a Communist.
However, lacking requested reinforcements from McClellan, now commanding the Army of the Potomac, Pope was soundly defeated at the Second Battle of Bull Run in the summer of 1862, forcing the Army of the Potomac to defend Washington for a second time.
However Copperhead rhetoric argued that emancipation was a stumbling block to peace and reunification.
However, Plato reports that syntax was devised before him, by Prodicus of Ceos, who was concerned by the correct use of words.

However and advantageous
However, often it is most advantageous for the player selecting to choose to let the more expensive chains remain on the board ( and trade in their stock of the less expensive chain at the 2-to-1 ratio described below ).
However, a wall would imply the existence of a defensive ditch outside it, so an earlier wall could not be immediately adjacent to site of the tomb, which combined with the presence of the Temple Mount would make the city inside the wall quite thin ; essentially for the traditional site to have been outside the wall, the city would have had to be limited to the lower parts of the Tyropoeon Valley, rather than including the defensively advantageous western hill.
However, an outward opening door is often advantageous for cargo doors to maximise available space, and these need to be secured by hefty locking mechanisms to overcome internal pressure.
However, in evolution, something which is at first merely advantageous can later become necessary.
However, pilots and aircraft do not need to be IFR rated to fly in CVFR areas, which is highly advantageous.
However, the colonial government had the ability to amend laws and regulations according to local conditions, and thus the regulations were never enacted in the colony, on grounds that it was more disadvantageous than advantageous.
However, in some circumstances — where there is a risk of hydrogen embrittlement ), for example — this lower voltage is advantageous, as overprotection is avoided.
However, Kesselring after the war was to opine Furthermore, Alexander in his Official Despatch was to say " the actual course of events was probably the most advantageous in the end.
However, it is not necessary to ascribe the present formulation of the commandment shall have no other gods before me " to a very early stage of the tradition, nor is it advantageous to interpret the commandment as if it inculcated monotheism.
However, the features which make it useful for this purpose are advantageous in other soft lies such as thick rough, soggy ground or mud.
However right-of-way rules, which give priority to the leeward boat, can make it advantageous to be the boat without the weather gage especially just before the start or when the boat to leeward can point higher into the wind.
However, self-pollination can be advantageous, allowing plants to spread beyond the range of suitable pollinators or produce offspring in areas where pollinator populations have been greatly reduced or are naturally variable.
However, while Lunar only allowed the player to set the team's position in battle, Grandia had characters move to appropriate positions during battle and allowed the player to have them move elsewhere to avoid attacks or reach a more advantageous position.
However, by the early 1980s, Wayne came to reconsider that purpose and decided being somewhat less accessible to the public was more advantageous for his Batman activities after all and returned to Wayne Manor.
However, for purposes of extracting relationships between " outside temperature " and, say, " number of health-club applications " (), it will generally be advantageous to quantize " outside temperature " into a smaller number of intervals.
However, since states are not aware of each other's intentions, other states might interpret a defensive buildup as offensive ; if so and if offensive action against the state which is actually only building its defenses is advantageous, then those other states might prefer to take an aggressive stance.
However, Texas has a Franchise Tax based on " taxable margin ", generally defined as sales less either cost of goods sold less compensation, with complete exemption ( no tax owed ) for less than $ 1MM in annual earnings and gradually increasing to a maximum tax of 1 % based on net revenue, where net revenue can be calculated in the most advantageous of four different ways.
However, if Black is later compelled to exchange Bxd2, that is advantageous to White who thereby gains the bishop pair.
However, it was instead allowing the prisoners to experience " reeducation ," which is applied in Vietnam as Vietnam says it is the most " humanitarian " system and the most advantageous for law offenders.
However, the features which make it useful for this purpose are advantageous in other soft lies such as thick rough, soggy ground or mud.
However, recent research increasingly suggests that cricoid pressure may not be as advantageous as once thought.
However, this socially advantageous exchange left, for the baroness, much to be desired.
However, the location turned out to be so advantageous that it was decided to develop the village into a major industrial center.
However it is possible that conditions may strengthen and so sometimes keeping the ballast throughout the task may be advantageous.

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