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However and lacking
However, lacking fluency in the Japanese language, he had to limit himself to reading aloud the translation of a catechism.
However, lacking his sword, Freyr will be killed by the fire jötunn Surtr during the events of Ragnarök.
However, by the mid-19th century, environmental determinism was under attack for lacking methodological rigour associated with modern science, and later as serving to justify racism and imperialism.
However, a study of genetically modified dogs lacking orexin receptors showed that modafinil still promoted wakefulness in these animals, suggesting that orexin activation is not required for the effects of modafinil.
However, his works were criticized for lacking characteristics of true polyphonism, as pointed out by Eugène Ysaÿe.
However some have found these to be loose rather than well-defined and lacking persistent focus, there was relatively low cohesion, few shared goals and little organisational structure.
However, the model was not anatomically correct and embodied vertical and horizontal tail stabilizers that were lacking in pterosaurs.
However, due to most of the Sonic Team staff lacking the ability to speak English, there was trouble with language barriers and differences in approach to game design.
However, it is widely perceived that some aspects of the political process, civil liberties, and political and human rights are lacking.
However, some critics have dismissed these influences as lacking in intellectual credibility.
However, bacteria lacking antigen F1 are still virulent, and the V antigens are sufficiently variable, such that vaccines composed of these antigens may not be fully protective.
However many rural areas remain lacking DSL and cable modem services.
However, Bryan, lacking a seat at the start of the convention, could not be elected temporary chairman.
However, the Image Dissector camera was found to be lacking in light sensitivity, requiring excessive levels of illumination.
However, mutants resistant to heat but lacking dipicolinic acid have been isolated, suggesting other mechanisms contributing to heat resistance are at work.
However, by 1815, with the publication of physician Gilbert Blane's On the Comparative Health of the British Navy from 1779 to 1814, the efficacy of portable soup for promoting the health of sailors was found lacking.
However Harrison thought that it sounded weak, and was lacking something.
However, evidence of the actual use of the Q-over-o notation in medieval manuscripts is lacking ; if anything, medieval forms of the upper component seem to be evolving towards the q-shape rather than away from it.
However, other studies have shown that the CTR is not essential for secretion itself, but mutants lacking the CTR were much less efficient in activating downstream signaling events.
However, the French had taken heavy casualties and, lacking artillery and armor, Barré was forced to withdraw.
However, Disra was being manipulated by his aide, Major Grodin Tierce, a cloned Royal Guardsman with all of Thrawn's tactical genius but lacking his political vision.
However, ships were lacking at first and what naval forces were available were unable to prevent Britain from taking effective control of the Dutch colonies ( in the Indian Subcontinent all of the Dutch colonies were taken ).
However, the role of the immune system is not fully understood, and it has recently been reported that an animal model of psoriasis can be triggered in mice lacking T cells.
However, If Ethernet is used without EtherType field, Ethernet is considered as lacking LLC sublayer.

However and requested
However, when Constantius requested reinforcements from Julian ’ s army for the eastern campaign, the Gallic legions revolted and proclaimed Julian Augustus.
However, this all changed in 450 when Honoria, sister of the Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III, sent Attila a ring and requested his help to escape her betrothal to a senator.
However, when Gen. Robert E. Lee became commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, he requested that Stuart perform reconnaissance to determine whether the right flank of the Union army was vulnerable.
However, when Elliott asked him to sign a written statement, he hesitated and requested a delay in the interrogation.
However, in August 1974, Spain formally acknowledged the 1966 United Nations ( UN ) resolution calling for a referendum on the future status of Western Sahara and requested that a plebiscite be conducted under UN supervision.
However, IBM requested that this API be significantly changed for OS / 2.
However, after Geneviève Bujold was cast, she requested the character be renamed " Nicole Janeway ".
However, Hegemon Peter Wiggin ( Ender's brother ) recognized the writing and requested that Ender also act as ' his ' " Speaker ".
However, they had neglected to inform NBC and Castle Rock of the change, and when the season premiere aired, they were surprised and unimpressed, and requested that they return to the original style.
However, the decision by Congress to fund the ILC at only a quarter of the requested $ 60 million significantly reduces the chances that Fermilab or any other U. S. research facility will host the ILC.
However another version reports that Mulan was requested as a concubine by Emperor Yang of Sui China ( reigned 604 – 617 ).
However, Liu Chong, a member of the Later Han imperial family, established a rival Northern Han regime in Taiyuan, and requested Khitan aid to defeat the Later Zhou.
However, in 1999, the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency successfully requested that a 1940s technical report on invisible ink remained exempt from mandatory declassification, based on the claim that invisible ink was still relevant to national security.
However, Barwood thought the idea was substandard, having been declined for a reason, and requested to create an original story for the game instead.
However, after Tulane's restructuring that saw the elimination of nearly all engineering disciplines, the board requested Clark and Filo allow the funds to be used for other programs.
However the city only requested that " anyone who can smell smoke or see smoke to evacuate their homes and businesses " and did not enforce an evacuation except for a 500 homes in the nearby vicinity of the fire.
However, in July 2008, United Properties ' requested a one-year extension on the terms of the purchase agreement, citing difficulties in the credit and housing markets to acquire the necessary funds.
However the Cabinet decided that Britain must be neutral and so Palmerston requested his officials to adopt a neutral attitude towards the coup.
However he realized that the Boston riot might undermine the Franco-American alliance in France, so he requested and was given permission to return to France.
However, he reconsidered overnight and announced the following morning that he had changed the draft as requested.
However, after seeing the show's pilot, ABC, the original production company, requested a second pilot expressing dissatisfaction with both actors.
However, a Commission of Enquiry, which Parnell had requested, revealed in February 1889 after 128 sessions that the letters were a fabrication created by Richard Pigott, a disreputable anti-Parnellite rogue journalist.
However, in certain applications it may be the filter's impulse response that is explicit and the design process then aims at producing as close an approximation as possible to the requested impulse response given all other requirements.
However, the Calabrian insurrection was not suppressed until 1807, by which time Masséna had already requested permission to relinquish command.

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