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However and metabolism
However, bacteriophages are not organisms because they lack metabolism and depend on functions of the host cells for propagation.
However, once Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > signaling in the mitochondria passes a certain threshold, it stimulates the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis in part by collapsing the mitochondrial membrane potential required for metabolism.
However, because neither species can survive long in the other's ecological niche, and because they have different morphology, metabolism, social and feeding behaviors, and other phenotypic characteristics, the two bears are generally classified as separate species.
However, bone growth rates in dromaeosaurids and some early birds suggest a more moderate metabolism, compared with most modern warm-blooded mammals and birds.
However, one potential hazard is the metabolism of sorbate to geraniol which is a potent and unpleasant by-product.
However, the therapeutic effect of hypothermia does not confine itself to metabolism and membrane stability.
However, when a medication is administered via other routes ( such as orally ), its bioavailability generally decreases ( due to incomplete absorption and first-pass metabolism ) or may vary from patient to patient.
However, due to extensive first-pass metabolism, only a relatively small amount enters systemic circulation.
However, since both testosterone and estrogens are essential for normal bone metabolism, reducing the anabolic bone effects of both androgens ( which increase bone formation by stimulating osteoblasts ) and estrogens ( which reduce bone resorption by inhibiting osteoclasts ) will increase bone loss and promote osteoporosis.
However, when hormones such as epinepherine or glucagon are secreted in response to low levels of glucose, this triggers an intracellular secondary messenger cascade that phosphorylates hormone-sensitive lipase to break triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids for use in metabolism, a process called lipolysis.
However, a heterokaryon of nuclei from both of these diseases exhibits normal mucopolysaccharide metabolism, proving that the two syndromes affect different proteins and so can correct each other in the heterokaryon.
However, eventually metabolism begins to slow down to preserve the energy stores that are left in the body.
However, the more she uses adrenaline to enhance her powers, the more her metabolism is unbalanced, straining her health.
However, unlike anxiolytic compounds ( eg, benzodiazepines ) which exert their therapeutic effects through binding to GABA < sub > A </ sub >, GABA < sub > B </ sub >, and benzodiazepine receptors, pregabalin neither binds directly to these receptors nor augments GABA < small >< sub > A </ sub ></ small > currents or affects GABA metabolism ( Pfizer Inc. 2006 ).
However, the development of hepatocytes from hESC has proven to be challenging and this hinders the ability to test drug metabolism.
However, in glycolysis, the use of GAP in the subsequent steps of metabolism drives the reaction toward its production.
However, patients with significantly reduced liver function require dose reductions due to the significant slowing of metabolism of moclobemide.
However, a nuclear bone scan is a functional test, which means it measures an aspect of bone metabolism or bone remodeling, which most other imaging techniques cannot.

However and rates
However, as witnessed by the large corporate bond calendar at present, as well as the record amount of municipal bond issues approved by voters, the over-all demands for capital funds seem likely to remain high, so that any downward pressure on rates from reduced demand should not be great.
However, to the extent that the monetary authorities, in their effort to ease credit in the next several months, conduct their open market operations in longer-term Government bonds, they will certainly act to accentuate any tendency for long-term interest rates to ease as a result of market forces.
However, success rates of this therapy have not been firmly established, because only a limited number of clinical trials testing the efficacy of phage therapy have been conducted.
However, these reforms led to higher government spending which increased the fiscal deficit and public sector debt, the financing of which required higher interest rates.
However, because of the relatively small diffusion rates in solids, the corresponding chemical reactions are very slow in comparison to liquid and gas phase reactions.
However, phthalocyanine is more sensitive than cyanine to writing laser power calibration, meaning that the power level used by the writing laser has to be more accurately adjusted for the disc in order to get a good recording ; this may erode the benefits of dye stability, as marginally written discs ( with higher correctable error rates ) will lose data ( i. e. have uncorrectable errors ) after less dye degradation than well written discs ( with lower correctable error rates ).
However, because fiat money is backed by government guarantee of a certain amount of goods and services, where the value of this is in turn determined by free market currency exchange rates, similar to the case for the international market exchange values which determines the value of metals which back commodity money, in practice there is very little economic difference between the two types of money ( types of currencies ).
However there are limitations in measuring high radiation rates and in measuring the energy of incident radiation.
However, changing exchange rates doubled the cost of the engine and transmission over the life of the VL.
However, the devaluation of the Ringgit and the deepening recession caused him to create his own programme, based on protecting Malaysia from foreign investors and reinvigorating the economy through construction projects and the lowering of interest rates.
However, thanks mainly to the massive immigration of the last two decades, in recent years Italy experienced a significant growth in birth rates.
However, infection rates can be drastically reduced if the main focus is on the prevention of transmission jumps between hubs.
However, all exposures will have particular differences, which may lead to different premium rates.
However, such high refresh rates may not be actually supported by pixel response times and the result can be visual artifacts that distort the image in unpleasant ways.
However, they warned that the recycling rates of some rare metals used in applications such as mobile phones, battery packs for hybrid cars and fuel cells are so low that unless future end-of-life recycling rates are dramatically stepped up these critical metals will become unavailable for use in modern technology.
However, this study Azithromycin Failure in Mycoplasma genitalium Urethritis says that "... doxycycline and levofloxacin have substantial failure rates ..." and "... Recurrent urethral symptoms following azithromycin therapy only occurred in persons with persistent M. genitalium infection and resolved with moxifloxacin.
However, virtually any bit rate can be selected, including all standard rates, MIDI rate, as well as extremely high custom rates.
However, Krugman argued that monetary policy could also affect savings behavior, as inflation or credible promises of future inflation ( generating negative real interest rates ) would encourage less savings.
However, if too many individuals or corporations focus on saving or paying down debt rather than spending, lower interest rates have less effect on investment and consumption behavior ; the lower interest rates are like " pushing on a string.
However, whether this is due to racial profiling or the fact that different races are involved in crime in different rates, is still highly debated.

However and vary
However, only Illinois, Oregon, Louisiana and Rhode Island have a situation in which the sundry units of government vary widely in relation to fiscal uniformity.
However other alloys such as low tin bronze were also used and they vary depending on local cultural attitudes, the purpose of the metal and access to zinc, especially between the Islamic and Byzantine world.
However, the exact placement of the linkage can vary and the orientation of the linking functional groups is also important, resulting in α-and β-glycosidic bonds with numbering definitive of the linking carbons ' location in the ring.
However, different groups of birds vary greatly in their sensitivity to these chemicals.
" However, the intended application and context of the resulting works will vary greatly.
However, the implementations of EVM can vary significantly depending on the circumstances.
One consequence of this theory is a variable speed of light, where photon speed would vary with energy, and some zero-mass particles might possibly travel faster than c. However, even if this theory is accurate, it is still very unclear whether it would allow information to be communicated, and appears not in any case to allow massive particles to exceed c.
However, ingredients and dishes vary by state.
However, the time periods referenced by these terms vary with the emergence of those technologies in different parts of the world.
However, the different types and their amounts vary considerably, depending on the type of honey.
However, the clinical literature is very clear that patients whose basal insulin requirements tend not to vary throughout the day or do not require dosage precision smaller than 0. 5 IU, are much less likely to realize much significant advantage of pump therapy.
However, the timing of agrarian festivals can vary widely, given regional variations in climate.
However, there are still minimum weather conditions that must be present in order for the aircraft to take off and land ; these will vary according to the kind of operation, the type of navigation aids available, the location and height of terrain and obstructions in the vicinity of the airport, equipment on the aircraft, and the qualifications of the crew.
" However, since the retcon of the Phoenix as a separate entity from Jean Grey, depictions of these powers vary ; these include Jean being one of many hosts to the Phoenix and " borrowing " its " Phoenix powers " during this time, being a unique host to the Phoenix, and being one with the Phoenix.
However, estimates vary between around 6, 000 and 7, 000 languages in number.
However, most patients need treatment for the remainder of their lives, and their abilities vary greatly.
However, it does have rules of its own to follow, which vary with the method of invocation, usually in the form of spoken spells.
However, this number can vary considerably, depending on experience and the type of position held.
However, the adjustments made by modern Protestants to their doctrine of scripture vary widely.
However, definitions of ' orgasm ' vary and there is sentiment that consensus on how to consistently classify it is absent.
However, nations vary in their dedication to following these laws, and historically the treatment of POWs has varied greatly.
However, their modes of maternal provisioning vary greatly.
However, since rheology is concerned with fluids which do not have a fixed viscosity, but one which can vary with flow and time, calculation of the Reynolds number can be complicated.
However the race distance can and does vary from dashes or sprints, which may be 500 m long, to races of marathon or ultra-marathon length races such as the Tour du Léman in Switzerland which is 160 km, and the 2 day, 185 km Corvallis to Portland Regatta held in Oregon, USA.

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