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However and metal
Experiments have been conducted to attempt the synthesis of ununennium ( Uue ), which is likely to be the next member of the group, but they have all met with failure .< ref name =" link "> However, ununennium may not be an alkali metal due to relativistic effects, which are predicted to have a large influence on the chemical properties of superheavy elements.
However, astatine has a few metallic characteristics as well, such as plating out on a cathode, coprecipitating with metal sulfides in hydrochloric acid, and forming a cation in strong acidic solutions.
However other alloys such as low tin bronze were also used and they vary depending on local cultural attitudes, the purpose of the metal and access to zinc, especially between the Islamic and Byzantine world.
However, it does suffer from nitrogen embrittlement, reacting with nitrogen from air and forming brittle nitrides at the high temperatures necessary to work the metal parts.
However, metallic bonds are more collective in nature than other types, and so they allow metal crystals to more easily deform, because they are composed of atoms attracted to each other, but not in any particularly-oriented ways.
However, metal electrode surfaces can cause a region of the vacuum to become conductive by injecting free electrons or ions through either field electron emission or thermionic emission.
However, reduction in alkaline liquor produces the water soluble alkali metal salt of the dye, which, in this leuco form, has an affinity for the textile fibre.
However, grindcore alters the usual practices of metal or rock music in regard to song structure and tone.
However, Sharp indicates that they were more inspired by the thrash metal of Dark Angel than the British groups.
However, this metal was expensive, perhaps because of the complications of steel-making.
However, typically inductors have winding resistance from the metal wire forming the coils.
However, it is disadvantaged by it being necessary for the base metal ( or ceramic ) having to undergo some wear first to generate sufficient oxide debris.
However, a more reactive metal in the electrochemical series must be chosen for coating, especially when chipping of the coating is expected.
However the same metal can also be vulnerable to fatigue damage through repeated use or from sudden stress failure when a load capacity is exceeded.
However, neither the leaves nor paper were as durable as the metal document in the hot, humid climate.
However, as soon as charge carriers are introduced by doping the crystal with a suitable impurity, the resulting charge carriers are as mobile as in a metal, though far fewer in number.
" However, a sample of the metal was made only in 1963.
However Lenard's results were qualitative rather than quantitative because of the difficulty in performing the experiments: the experiments needed to be done on freshly cut metal so that the pure metal was observed, but it oxidised in a matter of minutes even in the partial vacuums he used.
However, if the electromagnetic radiation hitting the metal cap does not have a high enough frequency ( its frequency is below the threshold value for the cap ), then the leaf will never discharge, no matter how long one shines the low-frequency light at the cap.
However, Randi has stated that both of his recruits deceived experimenters over a period of three years with demonstrations of supposedly psychic abilities: blowing electric fuses sealed in a box, causing a lightweight paper rotor perched atop a needle to turn inside a bell jar, bending metal spoons sealed in a glass bottle, etc.
However, hardcore punk and grunge developed in part as reactions against the heavy metal music that was popular during the 1980s.
However, unbinilium may not be an alkaline earth metal due to relativistic effects, which are predicted to have a large influence on the chemical properties of superheavy elements.
However, ladder line is extremely sensitive to surrounding metal objects, which can enter the fields before they completely cancel.

However and formation
However, the formation of organically bound iodine, mainly mono-iodotyrosine, can be accomplished in cell-free systems.
However, the impact of a rising rate of household formation this decade should not be exaggerated.
However after the National Referendum that took place on the 5th of May in 2011, the proposition impulsed by the government of Mr. Correa won and now the Judiciary Council change its formation making a constitutional amendment.
However, in professional football it is common for a center to be able to practice a single " shotgun " formation thrown snap enough to keep his head up and toss it blindly.
However, consistent archaeological evidence has told another story, and the accepted view is undergoing re-evaluation, though some features are agreed: more opulent but fewer urban houses, an end to new public building and some abandonment of existing ones, with the exception of defensive structures, and the widespread formation of " black earth " deposits indicating increased horticulture within urban precincts.
However, the riots led to the first formation of trade unions, and further pressure for reform.
However, many of the physical properties of water and ice are controlled by the formation of hydrogen bonds between adjacent oxygen and hydrogen atoms.
However, buoyed by the increasing defection of the chiefs to its cause, the Polisario drew up a constitution and announced the formation of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic ( SADR ).
However, blurring is not caused by random processes, such as light scattering, but can be well defined by the optical properties of the image formation in the microscope imaging system.
However, the most significant contribution to the formation of Beijing cuisine came from Shandong cuisine, as most chefs from Shandong came to Beijing en masse during the Qing Dynasty.
However the cost to Britain of maintaining a military force in New Zealand was considerable prompting a dispatch on 24 November 1846 from Right Hon Earl Grey to advise Lieutenant Governor George Grey that ... the formation of a well-organised Militia and of a force of Natives in the service of Her Majesty, would appear to be the measures most likely to be successfully adopted.
However, these peptides frequently have posttranslational modifications, such as phosphorylation, hydroxylation, sulfonation, palmitylation, glycosylation and disulfide formation.
However, even this enormous rigidity can be overcome by the gravitational field of a massive star or by the pressure of a supernova, leading to the formation of a black hole.
However, Pteranodon specimens ( or any pterosaur specimens ) have only been found in the southern half of the formation, in Kansas, Wyoming, and South Dakota.
However, in college and high school ball, quarterbacks are eligible receivers ( by a special exemption in the high school rule books ) regardless of whether they are under center or in a shotgun formation.
However, in Plessy v. Ferguson ( 1896 ), the Supreme Court held that the states could impose segregation so long as they provided similar facilities — the formation of the “ separate but equal ” doctrine.
However, no randomized, controlled trial of oxalate restriction has yet been performed to test the hypothesis that oxalate restriction reduces the incidence of stone formation.
The nearest nebula to the Sun where massive stars are being formed is the Orion nebula, away .< ref > However, lower mass star formation is occurring about 400 – 450 light years distant in the ρ Ophiuchi cloud complex.
However, the radio emissions around the jets may also trigger star formation.
However, Bermuda is what is termed a pseudo-atoll because its general form, while resembling that of an atoll, has a very different mode of formation.
However, only two are seen with altostratus and stratus nebulosus whose uniform structures prevent the formation of a perlucidus variety.
However, soon after its formation it moved sharply to the right and became a populist conservative ( largely socially conservative ) party.
However, the formation of facultative heterochromatin is regulated, and is often associated with morphogenesis or differentiation.
However the last decades have started to see some incentive on national and local government levels to encourage formation of new " mainland " industries that are competitive internationally.

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