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However and nearly
However, even if the latent demand for demythologization is not nearly as widespread as we are claiming, at least among the cultured elements of the population there tends to be an almost complete indifference to the church and its traditional message of sin and grace.
However, using pure mass to resist the forces of a storm only works well as a permanent mooring ; a large enough rock would be nearly impossible to move to a new location.
However, the performance is nearly always subscalar ( less than one instruction per cycle ).
However, nearly all contemporary monetary systems are based on fiat money.
However, unlike the 1571, which is nearly 100 % backward-compatible with the 1541, the 1581 has limited compatibility with Commodore's earlier drives.
However, over the last hundred years or so, authorities have recognized that the dagger, in its contemporary or mature form, has come to incorporate certain definable characteristics, including a short blade with a sharply-tapered point, a central spine or fuller, and ( usually ) two cutting edges sharpened the full length of the blade, or nearly so.
However, the genetic code used by all known forms of life is nearly universal with few minor variations.
However, due to lack of intermediate elements, this process requires three helium nuclei striking each other nearly simultaneously ( see triple alpha process ).
However, nearly 20 years after its release it was praised for using ahead-of-its-time special effects and paranoia.
However, if accurate, this citation refers to an event nearly a century prior to the exploits reported by Evliyâ Çelebi.
However, in 1996, the Astros again nearly left Houston.
However, since the nucleus is much heavier than the electron, the values are nearly the same.
However, Roland Watson, a cryptozoologist and Loch Ness Monster researcher, has criticized this analysis, stating that the object in the image is very unlikely to be a bloom of algae and zooplankton, since algae needs sunlight to grow, and the waters of Loch Ness are very dark, and nearly devoid of sunlight, 75 feet down.
However, after nearly three years of raids by the Sahrawi guerrillas of the Polisario Front, Mauritania's economic and political stability began to crumble.
However, nearly every mosque assigns a muezzin for each prayer to say the adhan as it is a recommended practice or sunnah of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
However, there is substantial evidence that the meteorite known as Valera hit and killed a cow upon impact, nearly dividing the animal in two, and similar unsubstantiated reports of a horse being struck and killed by a stone of the New Concord fall also abound.
However, it does not protect the eye nearly as well as zeaxanthin, and the presence of lutein in the retina will prevent zeaxanthin uptake.
However, X-Pro peptide groups tend to have a roughly 3: 1 ratio, presumably because the symmetry between the and atoms of proline makes the cis and trans isomers nearly equal in energy ( See figure, below ).
However, its price ($ 6500 ), size, and weight made actual portability nearly impossible.
However, the nearly 78-year-old Hughes decided to let the Country Party leader, Arthur Fadden, become Prime Minister even though the Country Party was the nominal junior partner in the Coalition.
However, in 1901, she transferred $ 30 million in assets, nearly all her remaining wealth, to the university ; upon her death in 1905, she left the university nearly $ 4 million of her remaining $ 7 million.
However, in 1890, nearly all of the Giants ' stars jumped to the upstart Players ' League, whose New York franchise was also named the Giants.
However, of this metropolitan population, in 2001 nearly half lived in low-density neighborhoods, with only one in five living in a typical " urban " neighborhood.

However and half
However, the healthy inventory position of the textile industry lends support to the broadly expressed belief that improvement in that industry can be expected by the second half of 1961.
However, sometimes in the first half of the 20th century hardcopy artillery fire plans and map traces were distributed.
However, a common and well-accepted metric is the half power points ( i. e. frequency where the power goes down by half its peak value ) on the output vs. frequency curve.
" However, he also added, " Another movie ... the problem is it takes a year and half, two years, two and a half years — maybe — to do that right.
However, he finished just fifth in MVP voting, perhaps because the team finished fourth in the division and also possibly due to bias by voters because he played half of his games in hitter-friendly Coors Field.
However, the team faded in the second half and wound up at 76 – 86, tied for fourth place in the division.
However, this was considered an awkward title and the one-star flag rank was renamed a few months later to its current title of rear admiral ( lower half ), abbreviated by the U. S. Navy and U. S. Coast Guard as RDML.
However, it remained poor and neglected, particularly in contrast with its western, French neighbor Saint-Domingue, which became the wealthiest colony in the New World and had half a million inhabitants.
However this is not the case for subjects who were tested for the second half of their sleep cycle, as they experience less SWS.
However, it is considered to be a complex process because the contents in solution have to be analyzed in half reactions, whether reduced or oxidized.
However the move was to prove disastrous and was followed by a series of natural disasters including the flooding of half the city.
However, children aged between five and 10 saw their IQs increase by up to half a point a year over the three decades.
However, the metastable < sup > 166m1 </ sup > Ho has a half life of around 1200 years because of its high spin.
However, Collingridge — citing Harold Macmillan's political demise after sacking half his Cabinet — effects no changes at all.
However, in the second half of the 1980s, rising stock and real estate prices caused the Japanese economy to overheat in what was later to be known as the Japanese asset price bubble caused by the policy of low interest rate by Bank of Japan.
However, even these moves towards greater European integration met with vehement opposition from the Eurosceptic wing of the party and the Cabinet as the Government attempted to ratify the Maastricht Treaty in the first half of 1993.
However, amazingly, the Wizards did just that by scoring 2 goals in the first half, while little known Jack Jewsbury scored the deciding goal in second half stoppage time to move KC onto the conference final for the second year in a row.
However, after a famine in 1832, the Sikhs reduced the land tax to half the produce of the land and also began to offer interest-free loans to farmers ; Kashmir became the second highest revenue earner for the Sikh empire.
However, studies of ancient DNA have revealed that in prehuman times it was far more widespread up the west coast of the South Island and was present in the lower half of the North Island where it was the only kiwi species detected.
However, a Manitoba maple tree's yield is usually less than half that of a similar sugar maple tree.
However, in her book, Brando for Breakfast, she claimed that she really is half Indian and that the press incorrectly thought that her stepfather, O ' Callaghan, was her real father.

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