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Some Related Sentences

However and neither
However, neither of these two cities is on the desired July 1 to June 30 fiscal year.
However, it determined that neither this factor, nor `` the fact that all concerned in high executive posts in both companies acted honorably and fairly, each in the honest conviction that his actions were in the best interests of his own company and without any design to overreach anyone, including Du Pont's competitors '', outweighed the Government's claim for relief.
However, because this vulnerability is mutual, it is to the advantage of neither side to destroy the opponent's cities, at least so long as the opponent has nuclear weapons with which to effect reprisal.
However neither the Romans nor the Goths put up much resistance to the Arab conquest of Medina Laqant in the 8th century.
However, if neither the central object nor the surrounding ring were absolutely rigid then the parts of one or both of them would tend to fly out from the axis of rotation.
However, as to whether inductive or deductive reasoning is more valuable still remains a matter of debate, with the general conclusion being that neither is prominent.
However neither of those observations became accepted by British economists at the time.
However, neither country retains a horse-mounted unit.
However, the battle was in vain, as neither platform captured a significant share of the world computer market and only the Apple Macintosh would survive the industry-wide shift to Microsoft Windows running on PC clones.
However, if neither of these organisms is isolated, it is necessary to send stool specimens to a reference laboratory.
However, neither instrument used electricity as a sound-source.
However, neither the concept, the word, nor the symbol for enthalpy existed until well after Clapeyron's death.
However, those programs were neither egalitarian nor universal, excluding many minority groups and other people whom they felt posed a threat to the future health of the German people.
However, neither group appears to have settled permanently.
However, neither film was actually submitted to the MPAA, and it is not likely that either feature would have received an X rating.
However, the Knesset maintains that the declaration is neither a law nor an ordinary legal document.
However, neither the convention nor the subsequent protocol ever entered into force, since none of the signatories ever ratified it, and the court never came into existence.
" However, neither Muller or Cairns-Smith claimed that their ideas were evidence of something supernatural.
However, it referred neither to a date nor method of accomplishment.
However, linear equations that have non-zero y-intercepts, when written in this manner, produce functions which will have neither property above and hence are not linear functions in this sense.
However, if both parents are non-citizens then the parents must take the extra step of choosing Latvian citizenship for their child — who is automatically entitled, but for whom citizenship is not automatic ( neither granted nor imposed ).
However, that the liar sentence can be shown to be true if it is false and false if it is true has led some to conclude that it is " neither true nor false ".
However, this was neither understood nor acceptable to the Australian crowds.
However, in both cases the experimental proof was neither complete nor conclusive.

However and Stephens's
However, twelve students who graduated during Stephens's tenure are known to have done so, half of them women.

However and nor
However, the strict acrostic style of four of the five poems is not found at all in the Book of Jeremiah itself and Jeremiah's name is not found anywhere in the book itself ( nor any other name, for that matter ), so authorship of Lamentations is disputed.
" However, his looks proved to be an asset in his personal and political relationships, as his law partner William Herndon wrote, " He was not a pretty man by any means, nor was he an ugly one ; he was a homely man, careless of his looks, plain-looking and plain-acting.
However in Daoism it refers more often to a meta-physical term that describes a force that encompasses the entire universe but which cannot be described nor felt.
However it is important to note that the objects of a category need not be sets nor the arrows functions ; any way of formalising a mathematical concept such that it meets the basic conditions on the behaviour of objects and arrows is a valid category, and all the results of category theory will apply to it.
However, literary conventions that we take for granted today had not yet been inventedthere was no spacing between words, no consistency in punctuation nor in vowel elisions, no marks for breathings and accent ( guides to pronunciation and hence word recognition ), no convention to denote change of speaker and no stage directions, and verse was written straight across the page like prose.
However 1 / 3 cannot be represented exactly by either binary ( 0. 010101 ...) nor decimal ( 0. 333 ....), but in base 3 it is trivial ( 0. 1 or 1 * 3 ^- 1 ).
However, here the vowel does not match, nor does the vowel length ( contrast with inscriptional Garmangabi ( UK ) and Garma ( Alise, G-257 )).
However they did not simulate actual rowing very accurately nor measure power output.
However this did not make Reynolds happy, as he wrote to Boswell: " If I had known what a shabby miserable place it is, I would not have asked for it ; besides as things have turned out I think a certain person is not worth speaking to, nor speaking of ", presumably meaning the King.
However, al-Kamil presumably did not know of the small size of Frederick's army, nor the divisions within it caused by his excommunication, and wished to avoid defending his territories against another crusade.
However, in the extensive documents of the Templar inquisition there was never a single mention of anything like a Grail relic, let alone its possession by the Templars, nor is there any evidence that a Templar wrote a Grail Romance.
However while some animals may acquire large numbers of words and symbols, none have been able to learn as many different signs as is generally known by an average 4 year old human, nor have any acquired anything resembling the complex grammar of human language.
However, the crowd turns on the Army, and Superman orders the crowd to stop, telling them that they, not the Army, not Lex Luthor, nor himself, are meant to be Metropolis's saviors.

However and observations
However, despite the insight of many of his observations, his own conclusions are open to suspicion because of his failure to employ at all times the correct research methods.
However, spectropolarimetric observations of SN 2009dc showed it had a polarization smaller than 0. 3, making the large asphericity theory unlikely.
However, at the current level of accuracy, these observations cannot distinguish between general relativity and other theories in which the equivalence principle is valid.
However, if rotation were found, interpretation of observations in a frame tied to the Universe would have to be corrected for the fictitious forces inherent in such rotation.
However, the result of the observations was not as conclusive or accurate as had been hoped.
However, the idea of inflation ( for which this problem served as a partial motivation ) was successful in solving this problem, creating models in which monopoles existed but were rare enough to be consistent with current observations.
However, a former assistant ( and later an astronomer in his own right ), Peder Horrebow, loyally described and wrote about Rømer's observations.
However the need for reproducibility requires that observations by different observers can be comparable.
However, after a series of clinical observations by Henry Head and experiments by Max von Frey, the psychologists migrated to specificity almost en masse, and by century's end, most textbooks on physiology and psychology were presenting pain specificity as fact.
However, unlike the backstaff, the sextant allows direct observations of stars.
However, present observations cannot exclude the possibilities that the universe has more dimensions and that its spacetime may have a multiply connected global topology, in analogy with the cylindrical or toroidal topologies of two-dimensional spaces.
However, a number of observations including the discovery of cosmic acceleration in 1998 have revived the cosmological constant, and the current standard model of cosmology includes this term.
However, soon after Einstein developed his static theory, observations by Edwin Hubble indicated that the universe appears to be expanding ; this was consistent with a cosmological solution to the original general-relativity equations that had been found by the mathematician Friedmann.
However, observations do not seem to support this picture: long-time lowest-mass X-ray detection, VB 8 ( M7e V ), has shown steady emission at levels of X-ray luminosity ( L < sub > X </ sub >) ≈ 10 < sup > 26 </ sup > erg · s < sup >− 1 </ sup > ( 10 < sup > 19 </ sup > W ) and flares up to an order of magnitude higher.
However, observations conducted around the time of Halley's Comet's appearance in 1986 suggest that the Eta Aquarid meteor shower might not originate from Halley's Comet, though it might be perturbed by the comet.
However, for those hallucinations caused by mental disease, a psychologist or psychiatrist should be alerted, and treatment will be based on the observations of those doctors.
However, this theory only explained experimental observations — it did not allow the microscopic origins of the superconducting properties to be identified.
However, precise long-term observations show that the constellations change shape, albeit very slowly, and that each star has an independent motion.
However, observations of Dione, which has an even darker trailing hemisphere and similar but more prominent bright streaks, show that the streaks are actually ice cliffs resulting from extensive fracturing of the moon's surface.
However, when Cassini made targeted observations of the putative ring plane from several angles, no evidence of ring material was found, suggesting that another explanation for the earlier observations is needed.
" However, earlier examples of international scientific cooperation exist, notably the 18th-century observations of the transits of Venus.
However, a conscious observer ( according to his reasoning ) must be in either one state or the other, hence conscious observations are different, hence consciousness is not material.

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