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However and proliferation
However, maturation, activation, and some proliferation of lymphoid cells occurs in secondary lymphoid organs ( spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes ).
However, it is a major concern to those in the field of nuclear proliferation because it may be cheaper and more easily hidden than other methods of isotope separation.
However, Walker's term was also known for the proliferation of speakeasies during the Prohibition era.
However, this period also saw a proliferation of side projects, an inordinate number of which involved De Meyer.
However, the rapid growth of the Internet and the proliferation of personal computers in the workplace and in homes created the substantial burden for administrators of keeping track of assigned IP addresses and managing their address space.
However, Avenida Revolución has been known for its proliferation of nightclub shows, primarily catering to casual tourists.
However, the wave of economic globalization, which ensued in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, created a need for a subset of public policy that focuses on global governance, especially as it relates to issues that transcend national borders such as climate change, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and economic development.
However, "- osis " is commonly used in blood disorders to imply cell proliferation ( such as in " leukocytosis "), while "- penia " to imply reduced cell numbers ( as in " leukopenia "); for these reasons granulopenia is a more etymologically consistent term and as such should be preferred compared to " agranulocytosis " ( which can be misinterpreted as " agranulocyt-osis ", meaning proliferation of agranulocytes ( i. e. lymphocytes and monocytes ).
However, SS2PL is blocking and constraining ( pessimistic ), and with the proliferation of distribution and utilization of systems different from traditional database systems ( e. g., as in Cloud computing ), less constraining types of CO ( e. g., Optimistic CO ) may be needed for better performance.
However, to date all known weapons programs have used far more easily built thermal reactors to produce plutonium, and there are some designs such as the SSTAR which avoid proliferation risks by both producing low amounts of plutonium at any given time from the U-238, and by producing three different isotopes of plutonium ( Pu-239, Pu-240, and Pu-242 ) making the plutonium used infeasible for atomic bomb use.
However, broad adoption of these products and services would depend on the global proliferation of touch tone phones and mobile phone services which would not occur until the late 1980s.
However, studies of supplementation with large doses of β-carotene in smokers have shown an increase in cancer risk ( possibly because excessive β-carotene results in breakdown products that reduce plasma vitamin A and worsen the lung cell proliferation induced by smoke ).
However, the parallel processes of proliferation and devaluation of titles during the 12th century resulted in the creation of a bewildering array of often ridiculously large variations, by using the prefixes pan (" all "), hyper (" above "), prōto (" first "): examples include pansebastos, panhypersebastos, or hyperprōtopansebastohypertatos.
However, as time passes, he becomes increasingly fearful as he begins to notice the proliferation of new yellow shoes on the feet of the townsmen and the fact that everyone seems to be purchasing especially expensive items on credit.
However, he regards terrorism itself as an increasingly serious threat due to the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons and totalist ideologies.
However, calcineurin inhibitors ( tacrolimus and cyclosporine ), used as immunosuppressants in organ transplantation inhibit T cell function, and can prevent the control of the B cell proliferation.
However, the proliferation of cable television, multiple channels within cable, public-access channels, and the Internet have eroded this argument, since there are plenty of places for ordinary individuals to make public comments on controversial issues at low or no cost.
However, over time, the body's inflammatory immune response ( described below in the " Causes " section ) reacts to the stent-graft via smooth muscle proliferation, etc, which literally pushes the stent-graft back, narrowing the vessel and losing at least a percentage of what was previously gained, or late loss.
" However, a 1974 CIA proliferation assessment stated " If Shah is alive in the mid-1980s ... and if other countries India have proceeded with weapons development we have no doubt Iran will follow suit.
However, this is not the case, indicating that proliferation is balanced by cell death.
However, since the arrest of Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Government has taken concrete steps to ensure that Nuclear proliferation is not repeated and have assured the IAEA about the transparency of Pakistan's upcoming Chashma Nuclear Power Complex series of Nuclear Power Plants.
However, a feature of chapbooks is the proliferation of provincial printers, especially in Scotland and Newcastle upon Tyne.
However some of the technology used in pumps and membranes still remains top secret, and some of the materials that were used remain subject to export controls, as a part of the continuing effort to control nuclear proliferation.

However and 3D
However, there are resources available that facilitate this process by offering free instructions on how to draw a 3D beading diagram using free software available from inkscape. org, in the hopes that clearer beading diagrams will allow easier access to 3D beading patterns.
However, in addition to the 12 extruded pentominoes, 6 sets of chiral pairs and 5 pieces make total 29 pieces, resulting 145 cubes, which will not make a 3D box.
However, work was very slow on the engine, since John Carmack, the main programmer of Quake, was not only developing a full 3D engine, but also a TCP / IP networking model.
However when used for 3D the left and right frames are pulled down together, thus the standard 4-perf pulldown is retained, minimising the need for modifications to the projector or to long-play systems.
However, the initial impression of a 3D object remains even after it has been contradicted.
However, it is not known whether or not the film was animated in this fashion, and it was not released in 3D if it was.
However, the near-industry-wide switch to full 3D was very gradual and most real-time strategy titles, including the first sequels to Command & Conquer, initially used isometric 3D graphics made by pre-rendered 3D tiles.
However, this can prove inaccurate when shooting from certain distances and angles, since the calculation of angles and 3D position has a larger margin of error.
However, GDI is relatively hard to use for advanced animation, and lacks a notion for synchronizing with individual video frames in the video card, lacks hardware rasterization for 3D, etc.
However, while most of its contemporaries — Doom included — use sprites, to render enemies, Descent renders enemies in full 3D using polygon meshes, a technique employed by Quake one year later.
However, the use of fluorescence allowed FMDs to operate according to the principles of 3D optical data storage and have up to 100 data layers.
However, in the early days of the 3D graphics card, Direct3D and OpenGL implementations were either non-existent or, at minimum, substantially less mature than today, and computers were much slower and had less memory.
However, the bosses from the game appear in the 3DO version of Wolfenstein 3D.
However after the first beta release of Cosmo 3D, SGi joined with Intel and IBM ( and later DEC ) to create OpenGL ++, essentially a cleaned up version of Cosmo.
However, it is able to provide true 3D information.
However, shortly after this, 3D games started to dominate the industry, and Apogee decided to direct its focus on this style of game ; as such, " Apogee " was abandoned as a trade name in late 1996 .< ref >
" However, any of these can be changed to one of seven different angles ( Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back, or 3D ) by right-clicking anywhere in the viewing area and choosing " View Angle.
However, the group found the night-club / pub concept increasingly difficult to keep in profit, and in December 2006 created 3D Entertainment, in a £ 79m sale and leaseback deal in which it retained a 49 % share, to take over the night-club / pub brands, which were restructured into around 55 Chicago Rock Cafes with 15 other sites, including Jumpin Jaks and Mortimers pubs.
However, as manufacturing technology again progressed, video, 2D GUI acceleration, and 3D functionality were all integrated into one chip.
However, modern integrated graphics processors such as AMD's Fusion IGPs and Intel's HD Graphics are more than capable of handling 2D graphics from Adobe Flash or low stress 3D graphics, but struggle with the latest games like Battlefield 3.
However, some 3D games offer a context-sensitive perspective that is controlled by an artificial intelligence camera.
However, often traditional animation and 3D computer animation will be used together, as in Don Bluth's Titan A. E.

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