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However and regardless
However, a witness with a high level of empathic concern is likely to assume personal responsibility entirely regardless of the number of bystanders.
However, since 2001, more emphasis has been placed on Defense-Independent Pitching Statistics, including Defense-Independent ERA ( dERA ), in an attempt to evaluate a pitcher's performance regardless of the strength of the defensive players behind him.
However, a large body of work uses the term chromosome regardless of chromatin content.
However, Sam Wyche, the head coach of the Bengals in 1988, along with offensive coordinator Bruce Coslet, made the high-paced offense the standard modality for the ball club regardless of time remaining.
However, regardless of mouthpiece, any bit that operates only on direct pressure is a " snaffle " bit.
However, ILO conventions are considered international labor standards regardless of ratifications.
However, one might say that she has an external reason not to drink the poison because, even though she wants to die, one ought not kill oneself no matter what — regardless of whether one wants to die.
However, an important consideration, which King Cetshwayo appreciated, was that there was a clear difference between defending one's territory, and encroaching on another, regardless of the fact that they are at war with the holder of that land.
But when longitude at sea is lost, it cannot be found again by any watch .” However, if such a clock were built and set at noon in London at the start of a voyage, it would subsequently always tell you how far from noon it was in London at that second, regardless of where you had traveled.
However, planetocentric longitude is always measured positively to the east, regardless of which way the planet rotates.
However, after a process of assessment by the provincial regulatory bodies, registrants are all simply known as ' midwives ', ' registered midwives ' or by the French-language equivalent, ' sage femme ', regardless of their route of training.
However, natural selection is " blind " in the sense that changes in phenotype ( physical and behavioral characteristics ) can give a reproductive advantage regardless of whether or not the trait is heritable ( non heritable traits can be the result of environmental factors or the life experience of the organism ).
However, the Vienna Convention allows the receiving state to grant seniority of precedence to the papal nuncio over others of ambassadorial rank accredited to the same country, and may grant the deanship of that country's diplomatic corps to the nuncio regardless of seniority .< ref >
However, some players prefer to use a single length of mallet regardless of the height of the horse.
However, studies by the Drug Abuse Warning Network in the 1970s show that media reports of PCP-induced violence are greatly exaggerated and that incidents of violence were unusual and often ( but not always ) limited to individuals with reputations for aggression regardless of drug use.
However, it is much more common when more than two wrestlers are involved to simply go one fall, with the one scoring the fall, regardless of who they scored it against, being the winner.
However, in college and high school ball, quarterbacks are eligible receivers ( by a special exemption in the high school rule books ) regardless of whether they are under center or in a shotgun formation.
However, regardless of this study, specialists still recommend that female condoms are used only once and then discarded.
However, contracts of indefinite duration do not fall under the statute of frauds regardless of how long the performance actually takes.
However, the WTF-sanctioned events allow any person, regardless of school affiliation or martial arts style, to compete in WTF events as long as he or she is a member of the WTF Member National Association in his or her nation, which is open to anyone to join.
The use of force by states is already thoroughly regulated under international law " However, he also made clear that, " regardless of the differences between governments on the question of definition of terrorism, what is clear and what we can all agree on is any deliberate attack on innocent civilians, regardless of one's cause, is unacceptable and fits into the definition of terrorism.
However it is consumed by people in the states of Kerala and Goa regardless of the religion.
However, he stressed that for this to be a possibility man must unify regardless of race, religion, culture or gender.
However, further research has concluded that fairy tales never had a fixed form, and regardless of literary influence, the tellers constantly altered them for their own purposes.

However and whether
However, whether you arrange to have a European or American model, if you rent a car with the proper seating capacity in relation to the number of people in your party, your transportation expense will average very close to $10.00 per day per passenger.
However, by cultivating a wine dealer and accepting his advice, one will soon enough ascertain whether he has any knowledge of wines ( as opposed to what he may have been told by salesmen and promoters ) and, better yet, whether he has a taste for wine.
However, in general, the books only feature mental battles when there is some reason for mind-to-mind contact ( for example, Trump contact ) and magic or Trump is involved in all three of the above conflicts, so it is not clear whether Zelazny intended his characters to have such a power ; the combination of Brand's " living trump " powers and his high Psyche ( as presented in the roleplaying game ) would have guaranteed him victory over Corwin.
However, this division into two groups is considered by some modern scholars to be too simplistic and often it is practically impossible to know whether a lyric composition was sung or recited, or whether or not it was accompanied by musical instruments and dance.
However, the rules do not specify whether a player should hold his shares of stock face up or face down.
However, there is controversy about whether they were genuinely recorded at the time or merely ascribed to ancient rulers by posterity.
However, in the Byzantine and other Eastern rites, whether Eastern or Oriental Orthodox or Eastern Catholic, chrismation is done immediately after baptism, and thus the priest is the one who confirms, using chrism blessed by a bishop.
However, considerable debate exists as to whether Jeremiah was actually a member of the Deuteronomistc school since he does not explicitly mention Deuteronomy or Josiah's religious reform.
< cite id = disputedinjunction > The Vatican archives contain an unsigned copy of a more strongly worded formal injunction purporting to have been served on Galileo shortly after Bellarmine's admonition, ordering him " not to hold, teach, or defend " the condemned doctrine " in any way whatever, either orally or in writing ", and threatening him with imprisonment if he refused to obey .</ cite > However, whether this injunction was ever properly served on Galileo is a subject of much scholarly disagreement.
However, historians are unclear as to whether Cabot first visited Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island.
However, current research cannot ascertain whether the extinctions occurred prior to or during the boundary interval itself.
However, the details of the story are at best uncertain ( see for discussion of the original Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen source and the changes in other versions ); some authors, such as Joseph Rotman in his book A first course in Abstract Algebra, question whether it ever happened.
However, as to whether inductive or deductive reasoning is more valuable still remains a matter of debate, with the general conclusion being that neither is prominent.
However, they note " since A. graveolens grows wild in these areas, it is hard to decide whether these remains represent wild or cultivated forms.
However, it is not known whether they are speaking figuratively or literally.
" However, and Williams questioned whether the smallpox " is not one of the strange works of God ; and whether inoculation of it be not a fighting with the most High.
However, other observers ( like Minxin Pei ) question whether these steps are genuine efforts towards democratic reform or disingenuous measures by the CPC to retain power.
However, information provided by former members casts doubts as to whether these investigations actually uncovered the truth.
However, whether this is possible depends on how the field of complex numbers is derived in the first place: it may not be possible to distinguish a complex number from its conjugate ( say, 3 + i from 3-i ), since it is impossible to find a property of one that is not also a property of the other, without falling back on the underlying set-theoretic definition.
However, it is considered to be a complex process because the contents in solution have to be analyzed in half reactions, whether reduced or oxidized.
However, there is an ongoing debate over whether H. floresiensis is indeed a separate species.
However, if there is no " obvious " Euclidean function, then determining whether R is a PID is generally a much easier problem than determining whether it is a Euclidean domain.

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